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3000 Watt Generators: Best 7 and How to Pick the Best One for Your Need

Generators are like life savior. It turns on light when it comes to power outage. It gives back the light when it goes away. Well, it may sound too literal, but it’s the reality, right? There are various kinds of generators, which one to pick may leave you with thousands of questions. It is not that hard to know which generator you need once you know the trick: get the one that fills your need of wattage. To get an insight which generators will suit your preferences, in this article we will show you how to choose the best 3000 watt portable generators, including some brands which are good for you.

How You Choose the Best 3000 Watt Generators?

3000-Watt Generators

Picking out your generators of choice can be an easy yet tricky thing, as it needs much time to put on consideration. To choose the best 3000 watt portable generators, you need to consider these things below:

1. What appliances you are going to back up

This is related to which generators you are going to choose, but if you stick with the 3000-watt generator, then you probably have known what you are going to light up.

– Budgeting

Budgeting always comes as the primary consideration when you are picking on something to buy. You may have known what brand the best one is, but if your pocket doesn’t suit the price, you should search for the other one, right? So, this is why in order to get the best 3000 watt portable generators, consider about your budget as well.

– Where are you going to store that after use

Although it is a portable generator, you may find it too bulky to be put inside your house. So, go with a generator that is easy to save it after use. Therefore, you won’t end up giving in your bed space for a mere generator. In addition, your generator needs a proper place to rest so that the humidity, dirt, and other ‘contaminants’ may not ruin the machine.

2. What Can You Power with 3000-Watt Generators?

With a 3000-watt generator, there are many possibilities you can do. A 3000-watt generator may be considered as a kind of generator with little wattage if compared to one which is often used in a worksite. But if you just use it at home or with an RV, you can do many things with your generator.

Lighting circuits are what the things you need to light up first, especially at night. Then, for entertainment purpose, you can also give a power back up to your TV, active speakers, or even a radio. Considering you want to have some chilling air in your house, then powering the air conditioning can also be done with your best 3000 watt portable generators.

Don’t let your cans of cola or grams of bacon be rotten, left not chilled. Getting your fridge comes back to life can also be done with your 3000-watt generator.

Listed below are some examples of common house appliances wattage.

  • Microwave: The estimated wattage for microwave (with 600-1000 cooking power) is around 1000-2000 watts.
  • Vacuum cleaner: This dust-sucking appliance is perfect for your best 3000 watt portable generators as it only needs 300-1500 watts per hour.
  • Refrigerator: Get your own treasure box lit once again with your 3000-watt generator. In general, your refrigerator requires 500-750 watts to work.
  • Washing machine: Washing machine takes up to 1000 watt for its use. It usually has different wattage for washing and drying function. Washing takes more watts compared to drying function.
  • Household fan: Feed your household fan with generous 50-120 watts.
  • TV: The bigger your TV is, it will take more wattage as well. But don’t worry, it won’t surpass 3000 watt. It only takes around 50-300 watts, depending on the brand itself. Check for the watt number in your appliance product box/appliances body.
  • Air conditioner: Air conditioner is taking much wattage, especially when it comes to starting the machine. For an air conditioner that uses 7,000-10,000 BTU, the starting wattage for it is 2,200-5,000. Pretty much a consuming appliance for your best 3000 watt portable generators, right? But don’t worry, it only lasts for a while – the running wattage for it is lower by then, which is 1,000-1,500 watts.
  • Mobile phone chargers: As important as other appliances (or even much more important!), mobile phone chargers are what makes yourself feel safe by getting your phone stay turned on. What’s more important is: mobile phone chargers don’t take much power to make it work. Only 10-15 watts and it may be larger or smaller, depending on which phone you are using.
  • Laptop computer: Piling works wait while having a power outage? Start the engine, and you’ll be OK with your best 3000 watt portable generators! Your laptop computer only charges you somewhere around 20-75 watts. Of course, this depends on which brand you are using. For MacBook users, you may need to allocate a little bit more wattage to recharge your computer.
  • Inkjet printer: Even printer can be much needed during a power outage. What’s good about it? It only takes around 15-75 watts. Now you can print your works at ease, no need to worry about the overloaded generator.

3. How Many Hours Can You Run Your 3,000-Watt Generator?

The simple answer for that is it depends on what appliances you are turning on and the rated running hours of the generator you are using. Aside from that, the running hours also depend on the type of fuel used. We’ll explain it a bit below.

What appliances you are turning on

If you are using appliances that use a lot of wattage, then it may come to an end-result of shorter running hours of your generator. Let’s take an example for that: if you are using a fridge (170 watts), air conditioner (500 watts), and a laptop computer (45 watts), then your total need is 715 watts. Compared to that, turning on the whole house’s light circuit (500 watts), will save more fuel despite the number of lamps turned on.

Your generators’ rated wattage

If we are talking about best 3000 watt portable generators running wattage, then in most cases, your generator will have around 2,400-2,800 watts as its rated wattage (again, it depends on your generator!). 

You may have known that the more wattage you are using, then the shorter your generator will run. It is because the more fuel your generator is taking to bear out the needs. That’s why, despite the 3,000 watts, people are cutting down their electricity use because they don’t want to refuel their generator much often.

Types of fuel used

There are two kinds of fuel commonly used in generators: gasoline and propane. It puts your mind at ease when you are using a hybrid generator, which can work with both kinds of fuel. What if you are using that kind of generator that only works with one type of fuel? How many hours can you use your best 3000 watt portable generators?

  • Gasoline

Generators that work with gasoline will have limited running time, if compared to generators working with propane. However, the upside is it’s way cheaper than getting propane to refuel the generator. In general, the rated runtime of generator with this type of fuel is around a few hours to 12 hours, or even more.

You may think that you can refuel the generator directly when it is working. But hey, it’s a big no! Don’t refuel your gasoline generator when the generator is still running. It’s tempting to refuel it, isn’t it? But this is a dangerous thing to do as it may cause an unexpected bursting flame.

  • Propane

As aforementioned, the portable generator with propane can run longer. Why so, you can ‘link’ two tanks of propane to one gas line through a changeover regulator. As a result, you can turn on one tank while leaving the other still connected, yet closed. No need to be busy while switching between two tanks. Simply twist the valve, and you’re good to go.

7 Best 3000 Watt Portable Generators

Thinking of purchasing one of the best 3000 watt portable generators for your house or RV? We list up seven best brands of 3,000-watt generators. Find out which one suits your style below.

1. Champion 3400-watt

3000-Watt Portable Generators

With a running wattage of 3,100 watts, you can get this yellow and black generator on your hand. With only 59 decibels emerged, this generator can be considered as a low-noise generator running on gasoline. On 25% load, meaning that only a quarter of running watts used, the running time is 7.5 hours. With recoil type of start and 1.6 gallons tank, this generator is recommended by many as a house power back-up and electrical source of RVs.

2. Briggs & Stratton P3000 Portable Generator

3000-Watt Generators

Briggs & Stratton takes the next place in this best 3000 watt portable generators list, and that is reasonable to have it here. With a quiet operation (59dB), 7 power outlets with different servings, 2,600 rated watts and 3,100 surging watts will be enough for your house and holiday camping purposes. Its 10-hour running time at 25% load is very tempting to be owned.

3. Yamaha EF3000iSEB Portable Generator

Best 3000-Watt Generators

Turns out Yamaha also have generators as their products! It’s not a hesitation that this generator be categorized as one of the best 3000 watt portable generators, given that this generator is running for a longer hours. For 25% load, the continuous running hours is 19 hours once the special feature is activated. Even the noise level is lower, which is 53dB for ¼ load and 60dB for full-load.

4. Honda EU3000iS

3000-Watt Generators: Honda EU3000iS

Honda offers a generator with two-type start: recoil and electric. With a tank capacity of 3.4 gallons, you can count on this power back-up machine for an overnight source of electricity. Moreover, it can be set up as parallel power source. So, you can have it as your additional power source. What about the surging and rated wattage? The surging wattage is 3,000 watts, while the running one is 2,800 watts.

5. Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

3000-Watt Generators: Sportsman GEN4000DF

It’s a duel-fuel generator and that’s why it suits to be put into the best 3000 watt portable generators. With 4,000 surging and 3,500 running wattage (gasoline) and 3,600 surging and 3,100 running wattage, you can do many things with this generator. At 50% load, expecting for more than 10 running hours is possible. Grab a tank of propane, and you will get a 12-hour running hours.

6. Generac GP3000i

3000-Watt Generators: SGenerac GP3000i

Bright appearance with a cheerful orange color will not stop Generac GP3000i from being your generator to trust on. Have it as your emergency power bank, use it to support your work, or get it loaded for your holiday – the choice is all yours. This Generac generator owns a 3,000 starting wattage and 2,300 running watts, with running hours of 5.8 with 25% load. Not only it is a light-weighted option to pick on, its price is as tempting as an iced Frappuccino on a hot day!

7. WEN 56310i

3000-Watt Generators: WEN 56310i

Claiming to be super-quiet, expect 3,100 surging watts and 2,800 running watts to count on while powering up your appliances. With 7.5 hours of half-load running time, it is also light-weighted, easy to bring everywhere, and CARB-compliant. Hence, it makes this generator to be nominated in our best 3000 watt portable generators list. Not to mention, it’s a possible thing to combine it with another generator to use altogether.


As the conclusion, there are several brands of generators that fit the category of the best 3000 watt portable generators. Just like earlier said, a smart consideration is much-needed before you decide on picking up one. It is also important to know well about its specifications, especially the ones related to wattage, fuel type, and running hours. If needed, conducting a small research will help you to decide better.

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