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4000 Watt Generators: Tips to Choose And the Best 8

Choosing the best 4000 watt portable generators is not something easy to do, especially when you have never done that before. Generator is an essential addition in every household today. You cannot just rely on the general electricity as it can black out anytime. Generator will have the ability to produce backup power. Here is what you need to know about purchasing generator, especially the one with large wattage.

How to Choose the Best 4000-Watt Portable Generators

Below is the generator buying guide that you should consider reading before getting any generator for your house or RV. There are several points to consider here so that you will definitely end up with the best 4000 watt portable generators available at the store. Make sure you have think about the considerations below thoroughly before making the decision.

1. Consider the Brand

One of the biggest considerations to make you end up with the best 4000 watt portable generators is the brand. Of course, brand can be bias but sometimes it is true that a bigger brand has more experience in producing more reliable products. This is why you should always buy a generator from a well-known brand since there are so many of them in stores.

2. Tank Capacity and Run Time

To make sure that you can have the best out of the 4,000 watt of generator, you need to choose one with large tank capacity (3 gallon min) and it will provide you with a longer run time. This way, you should be able to enjoy the power longer, even overnight.

3. The Portability and Transportation

The generator should have a feature that makes moving it easier for you. Yes, you need to choose a generator with the wheels, handles and brakes, so you can push the generator around to any points of parking and then using the generator from there. It should help you operating the generator easier as well.

4. Noise Block Feature/ Quiet Operation

There is no way that you want to get a noisy generator. The best 4000 watt portable generators should operate quietly as they have been using the inverter technology to reduce the noise. Choose generator with low noise level (70 dBA at max) to prevent noise pollution for the surrounding area and to keep the neighborhood quiet.

5. Warning Sensor

The best 4000 watt portable generators should provide you with warning sensor. The sensors can be in the form of beeping sound, blinking lights or others. The sensors are incredibly important in keeping the generator working properly. One of the most mandatory warning sensors is the low oil sensor. It is definitely needed for the operation of generator as well.

6. Warranty

Last but not least, you should never forget about warranty. Warranty is incredibly important as you can use them as protection. Whenever the generator is not working right, you can claim the warranty and get them fixed (or even replaced) for free. Buy a generator with 3 years warranty coverage and use them peacefully.

Appliances to Run on 4000 Watt Portable Generators

If you have ever wondered about the kind of appliances that will be eligible for the generator, the list will be shown below. The best 4000 watt portable generators should be able to power numerous types of appliances, even the sensitive ones. Here is the list, so you can see what types of appliances perfect for the generator.

  • Microwave Oven
  • Small Window AC Unit
  • VCR/DVD Player
  • PC
  • Regular Fridge (with Freezer)
  • Small Well Pump
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Laptop
  • Toaster Oven
  • Coffee Maker
  • Electric Grill
  • Mobile Phone Charging Station

4000 Watt Portable Generators Run Time Information

Many people ask about the run time of generator. The best 4000 watt portable generators should have a longer run and time that is for sure. However, it totally depends on the gallon fuel tank apparently. The larger the capacity, the longer the generator will run. The further information about that will be shown below so that you can learn about it more.

1. Run Time for 1-2 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity

If the generator has 1-2 gallon of tank for the fuel, the general or average run time is between 8-10 hours. However, it can be longer, of course when the generator has power-saving technology. For 4,000 watts, though, this run time is considered short because generator of this capacity should be able to get used for longer time.

2. Run Time for 3-4 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity

Most product of 4,000 watt generator has 3-4 gallon fuel tank capacity. This will prevent the run time between 12-19 hours. This is the kind of run time you are looking for as the generator can be used overnight, which is great for RV users or campers. You should consider buying the generator with at least 12 hours of run time.

3. How to Enhance the Run Time?

The best way to enhance the run time of the generator is to buy one with the eco mode or the feature to automatically adjust the usage of fuel and alter the run time. This feature will help saving a lot of money and keep the generator running for a long time.

List of the Best 4000 Watt Portable Generators Today

Of course you will need a list of suggestion. There are eight different generators below from different brands and types. However, they are all 4,000 watts and they are capable to power a lot of things around you. This is the list to read and you can choose which product is perfect for your need, whether you need them for camping, RV operation or other things.

1. Westinghouse iGen4500

Westinghouse iGen4500

The first generator here is one of the best 4000 watt portable generators. It comes from Westinghouse, and it has numerous features to get you the best benefit of a generators. The features include OHV engine, quiet operation, and ergonomic design with the latest style of telescoping handle.

This device operates at 53 dbA, very quiet for the surrounding environment with long run time (up to 18 hours at 1/4 tank capacity), and large fuel tank capacity (3.4 gal). It also has LED data display for easier data center, as well as OHV engine to produce the safer, cleaner and more stable power for sensitive electronic and appliances. The RV outlet is available, perfect for campers and travelers. In addition, it is made in ergonomic design with telescoping handles for better portability. However, this generator is considerably heavy.

2. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S

When it comes to the best 4000 watt portable generators, surely you cannot forget about the one from DuroStar. This one is DS4000S. With the 4,000 wattage (peak), the generator is great to power up large electronics and appliances. The full-metal generator has considerably long run time as well.

This generator has 3.9 gallon fuel tank for longer run time available and completely built of metal for better durability and sturdiness. It is designed with the twist lock outlet, low noise level (operates at 68 dbA only), and OHV engine for producing more stable power. Moreover, the surge arrest technology is also available.

3. Pulsar PG4000iSR – 4000W Remote Start Generator

Pulsar PG4000iSR

The next one is from Pulsar. This generator is notorious for having remote control to help it starts. Yes, using this generator, you do not have to start the generator with heavy difficulty and all you have to do is pushing the remote control.

The generator has 12 hours run time at 1/2 gas load, perfect for long-time, overnight usage. Moreover, it is completed with stable power produced (safer for sensitive electronic), and air cooled technology on the engine. It has easy start by using remote, as well as easy to transport with an integrated retractable handle. Furthermore, the inverter technology allows the generator to operate quietly at 63 dbA only, completed by outlet covers and parallel features for double power available. However, it only has one USB port.

4. Sportsman GEN4000DF

Sportsman GEN4000DF

The next entrance on this list of the best 4000 watt portable generators is the one from Sportsman. This generator is called the Sportsman GEN4000DF. This generator is perfect for RV and trailers. It has low noise as not to bother the surrounding environment and it has a lot of features, including the overload protection.

The generator is completely lightweight (90 lbs only), built specifically for RV users and campers with TT receptacle outlet available. It has low noise (operates at 69 dbA only), 10 hours long run time (at half load), low oil notification, and overload protection. However, this device doesn’t have electric start.

5. Champion 3500-Watt Portable Generator

Champion 3500-Watt

This generator from Champion has double power. It can run either on gas or propane. You can choose which one more available for you. It has longer run time and it should be able to power a lot of types of appliances, including the sensitive ones.

This generator is considerably heavy (over 100 lbs) since the double source of power (gasoline and propane) is available with long run time (9 hours on gas, 10,5 hours on propane). It is perfect for RV with travel trailer outlets. In addition, it gas Volt Guard feature to protect against power surges, one-push start for easier operation, digimeter display, and protective metal cage.

6. WEN GN400i

WEN GN400i - 4000 Watt Generators

WEN GN400i is the one generator you should buy when you own a RV and plan to use generator to power it. It has numerous types of outlets, OHV engine and compact design to help you transport the generator from one place to another.

This generator uses the OHV engine for cleaner and more stable power production, hence safer for a lot more appliances. Moreover, the travel trailer (TT-30R) outlet is available. The design is compact and lightweight to bring on outdoor locations. In addition, the eco mode feature is available to automatically adjust the fuel consumption. However, for the cons, this device has small fuel tank capacity (1.85 gal) and low run time (only 7 hours, at half load).

7. Yamaha EF4500iSE

Yamaha EF4500iSE - 4000 Watt Generators

Of course you cannot have the list of the best 4000 watt portable generators without mentioning Yamaha. This is a Japanese brand that has been around for decades. The generator here is the EF4500iSE. This generator is definitely the best as it has long run time, parking brake and other types of features to enhance the performance of the generator.

This one is completed by 3 year warranty (can be extended to 6 years). Moreover, the electric starter is available, and it has long run time (19 hours at quarter load). It also operates quietly (58 dbA) with its noise block sound reduction system. The other features are Oil Watch Warning System, and wheels and parking brake for the easier transportation. For the weight, it is considerably heavy (194 lbs).

8. DuroMax XP4400

DuroMax XP4400 - 4000 Watt Generators

The last one on this list of the best 4000 watt portable generators is the one from DuroMax. This generator is completed by a lot of helpful features. They are including the all metal construction so that the generator will definitely last longer that you think. It has wheels and foldable handles, too, for easier transportation.

This product works quietly at 69 dbA only. It is designed with all metal construction and metal cage for longer durability. The low oil sensor is available with volt meter for better control. Furthermore, it is completed with travel trailer outlet, as well as all copper windings for more power and longer lifespan. This device is easy to transport with foldable handle.

Those are things that you need to know about the generator with 4,000 watts wattage. Choose the one with the best features and with the best deal so that you can end up with a great generator to use and you won’t spend too much money on it. By following the suggestions above, surely you will understand about purchasing the best 4000 watt portable generators the right way.

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