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5000 Watt Generators: Best 7 And Reviews

Are you dreaming of getting a tough generator that fills the need for wattage? Then, getting a 5000-watt generator should be a good option to make. If you plan to get a power backup machine for your house, you must have started to search which brands are suitable to be nominated as the best 5000 watt portable generators. Indeed, there are some considerations you need to do before getting yourself the best one to supply your need for electricity during a power outage. If you are still looking for the tricks of how to get the best generators, this article will help you. Let’s reveal 7 best recommended generators. Check the details and further information below.

Tips on Choosing the Best 5000-Watt Generators and the Main Things to Consider

Who says picking the perfect power back-up machine is easy thing to do? Well, it is easy, but a bit difficult at the same time. You may need some time to consider this and that things, since buying generators will require you a decent sum of money. Therefore, you should not miss the chance to get the best product ever. These are the things you need to consider before purchasing the best 5000 watt portable generators of your choice.

1. Budgeting

Why does budgeting come first as the thing to consider? It is because without enough money, you will not be able to purchase the right generator. Focus on the specs you need then adjust it with your budget. In fact, it is easy to get allured with a cheap-priced generator in the market, but wait until you see the next point to consider.

2. The total wattage needed

You may have known that you are going to pick one from the best 5000 watt portable generators, but the answer for ‘which one’ may still be vague. Therefore, you will need to clarify your basic need for wattage. Are you going to use it to give power for ten air conditioners in your house? Or, maybe light up 20 50-watt lamps and some fridges to keep your ice creams chilled? Don’t purchase unless you know the total need of wattage you will back up.

3. Where to store it after use

Generators cannot say for themselves not to abandon them after use, so it is your responsibility to store it in a safe place. Although you will go for portable generators, which is relatively light and compact-sized, it’s never wrong to think about it. It is also advised to store your generator in a clean and dry place, because humidity and dirt build-up may ruin the machine as well.

4. Fuel type

Thinking about fuel type is an advanced consideration, since it is related on how you are going to ‘feed’ your generator with. Most generators these days are gasoline or propane powered; hence you should pick one which fuel is easy to get in your area.

5. The noisiness level

As we know, the 5000-watt generators are considered as generators with medium wattage to produce. However, that does not stop them to hum louder than the larger power-generating machines. If you are living in a dense suburban, then you may think of getting a quiet generator. For this, you should get one generator with low decibels.

Well, aside from these five aspects to consider, you may think of getting one of the best 5000 watt generators according to people’s reviews. That way, you may know what experience people are having with the generator in question.

What Appliances You Can Power with the 5000-Watt Generators?

If you are asking what appliances you can power up with a 5000-watt generator, the answers will vary. Although it may not be suitable for power-hungry equipment as available in worksites, any of best 5000 watt portable generators will be suitable for home and RV use.

You might ask us why it is perfect for home and RV use. First of all, it is a portable generator, which is oftentimes light-weighted and less bulky to store in your house. The next reason is related to the wattage itself. A 5000-watt generator can be considered big for common city and suburban houses. It may not light up all appliances all at once, but the running wattage may light the important equipment you need.

To know the wattage need for your appliances, you can look it up on its manual book. Or, if you are too lazy to dig your warehouse once again – then it is best to look for it in the appliances’ body. That will be much easier to do. However, if you can’t find it still, do not worry. Listed below are some examples of common appliances wattage.

  • TV: In general, TV only takes around 50-300 watts. So, if you have several TVs at home, the best 5000 watt portable generators may help you to watch favorite TV series.
  • Laptop computer: Your power generating machine will help to light up the PC when you need it. The laptop computer takes only around 20-75 watts. However, if you own a MacBook, it is better to prepare a slot for more wattage.
  • AC: It is best to have a generator that fulfills the need of AC’s wattage. It can be such a power-hungry equipment as it needs 2,200-5,000 watts (starting wattage) and 500-1,500 watts as its running wattage. With the best 5000 watt portable generators, you should be rest-assured.
  • Household fan: In contrast from AC, household fan takes lower wattage. In general, fan will only take up to 120 watts.
  • Mobile phone chargers: Everyone needs this little, crucial stuff to fill their phones with a decent amount of power. Luckily, chargers require only 10-15 watts. It may take more or less, depending on which phone you use.
  • Refrigerator: The best 5000 watt portable generators should be able to give a decent 500-750 watts of back up for this treasure box. Yours may need less than that.
  • Microwave: Microwaves with 600-1000 cooking power will take up to 2000 watts. It is quite power-hungry.

Can a 5000-Watt Generator Run a House?

Well, the answer depends on what appliances you are using after all. If you plan to give a power back up for your house lighting circuits only, it may be enough for your best 5000 watt generators. However, if you plan to use any other appliances, such as AC, microwave, fridge, TV, rice cooker, washing machine all at once, you may need to rethink about that.

A 5,000-watt portable generator does not mean the generator will give you exactly 5,000 watts. There are two kinds of wattage in a generator: surging (starting), and rated (running) wattage. In order for a generator to be able to cover the total wattage needed, your appliance(s) should not surpass the generators’ starting wattage and running wattage.

Also, there are these thumb rules of using a generator: it’s best to leave free watts while your generator is working. Why so, your best 5000 watt generators may stop working immediately if you do the otherwise. Plus, if the overloading happens frequently, then the machine can be broken quickly.

Can a 5,000-Watt Generator Run a Welder?

If you are running a welder – let’s say it is for your job – then it is safe to run the welder with a 5,000-watt power back-up machine. However, you need to underline this rule: a 5,000-watt generator is perfect for 120V welders which are running using 40 amps at its start. If your welder uses 20 amps for starting the machine, then most often than not, it will not fit for generators with 5,000-watt output.

But, if we are not talking about the specifics, it feels fine to say that most 5,000-watt generators are capable to provide power for average welders. Unless you are using your welders along with another appliance to power, then you can use the generator to power your welders confidently for hours without causing your generator to crush whatsoever.

7 Best 5000-Watt Portable Generator for Your Needs

Wondering what brands are put into this best 5000 watt portable generators list? Check out our recommended brands for 5,000-watt generators.

1. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500

Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500

They claim to be a quiet generator, so it is an ideal generator to pick if you are living somewhere dense. Moreover, its 6,500-watt starting wattage, and 5,000-watt running watts will give you a long 14-hour run time on a quarter loads. Have it for the family RV, and your family holiday will offer you more fun. It is light-weighted with good portability, such the best combo for your needs!

2. Westinghouse WGen5500 Generator

Westinghouse WGen5500 Generator

Elegantly looking in black and blue, the next place for the best 5000 watt portable generators list is given to Westinghouse WGen5500. With an ample 5,500 watts as its running wattage (6,850 for its peak watts), you can expect to run several fridges to keep your fruits and veggies fresh. In addition, its noise level is not that high, so it is ideal for housing complex residents.

3. Champion 5,000 Watt

Champion 5000 Watt generators

Being reliable to provide 5,500 watts for its running wattage, this Champion generator is perfect for your house electric power back-up. Its 50% load has a long running time of 9 hours, and with a low noise level at 74dBA, you will be less worrying for having stuck without any entertainment source.

4. Champion 6,250-Watt Inverter Open Frame

Champion 6,250-Watt Inverter Open Frame

Coming from the same manufacturer, this Champion generator is more sophisticated than its traditional version as shown in point (3). With its inverter feature, the Champion 6250-watt generator will be right for your commonly-used house appliances. The good thing is, it is 20% lighter and quieter than the traditional 5,000-watt Champion generator, given that the noise level is only 69 dBA. Furthermore, the longer play time with your console is possible to do as well since the running time is 13.5 hours at a quarter loads.

5. Generac 5939 GP5500 Portable Generator

Generac 5939 GP5500 - 5000-Watt Portable Generator

This generator comes with a gleeful black and orange design. Well, it runs with 6,875 starting watts and 5,500 watts. It is taking the generator in next place of the best 5000 watt portable generators list. With 10-hour running time, you can expect a long-term use while using this generator at half load. In addition, it has less loads turned on, and you will have longer running time. Its lightweight body is more supported by the easy handle, making it be an ideal generator for any needs.

6. WEN 56500 5,000-watt Portable Generator

WEN 56500 5000 watt Generators

WEN’s generator has a similar color as Generac, and nothing it does to take away itself from this best seven list. It may generate lower starting and running watts (5,000 and 4,500 respectively), but it has a compact design and wheel to maximize its portability. With a 7.5-hour on half-load, do not worry too much and enjoy the outage with your favorite TV series.

7. DuroMax XP5500EH Portable Generator

DuroMax XP5500EH

For your information, this one is a hybrid generator, so you can run it on both propane and gasoline. With a decent 4,500 running watts on gasoline, and 4,275 on propane, this generator running on two types of fuel will be able to provide you doubled running hours. On 50% load, the run time with gasoline is 9 hours, while with propane, it is 8 hours. Imagine if you are able to have it that will be a longer fun for your RV/house.

So, after read the details above, which one from the best 5000 watt portable generators list that you think will suit your preferences? To sum it up, there are several aspects you need to consider prior to purchase the best generator for the daily need. It is best to take time to think which one is the best, and do not hesitate to read people’s review on the internet to help you decide. It is also important to know about your dream generator’s specifications, for example its wattage, running hours, and its fuel type.

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