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7 Best 12000 Watt Generators Review and Buying Guide

With the extreme weather escalating, generator is not only a convenience device, yet it’s a necessity for many homeowners. Buying generator that perfectly fits the needs can sometimes be very difficult, even more when you have no idea which type of models, size, and power output levels you need. If you are looking for a device to perform many heavy-duty works without a hitch, generators with this power will make an ideal option. Finding the best 12000 watt generators available in the market can be difficult, but the following discussions will make it easier for you.

What Can a 12000-Watt Generator Run?

In order to find the right generator that serves the needs, it is really important to know what type of appliances a power-generating device is able to run.For this, you ought to measure the power consumption of all your home equipment and appliances.

List out all the appliances you wish to power and identify the running and starting power of every item on the list. This way, you will know what type of generator you need to purchase. If you opt for a generator with 12000-watt power, you will make a good investment since this device can produce huge starting power.

With one of the best 12000 watt generators, you will be able to keep the lights, fans, fridges, TVs, computers, heaters, and nearly all the appliances during a power outage without having to turn off any of them. The good thing is it can also power the industrial equipment that generally requires a huge amount of power. 

Will a 12000 Watt Generator Run a House?

As previously mentioned, an electric generator is able to produce 12000 watts of starting power. It’s not hard to keep a whole house running during a power cut with this much starting capacity. If you have any major appliances, including a freezer or fridge, heating and cooling system, ovens, microwave, and even pool pump, it should be understood that you can power all of them at the same time.

Even with some of the best generators, you should shut off some of those appliances that consume a lot of electricity, such as a 4-ton air conditioner system. You can use this device to keep 3 to 4 home appliances simultaneously.

If you happen to live in a rural area where the main water source is from a well, purchasing the best 12000 watt generators has proven to be highly beneficial since this unit can keep the water pump operating without missing a beat. This machine is attached directly to the electrical installation: some are propane powered, and others are gas-operated generators. Also, in order to prevent any incident, this device should be installed by a professional electrician only.

How Long Will a 12000 Watt Generator Run?

First of all, never overlook the fact that all generators are merely utilized as a backup device to keep the power on during an emergency. Even the devices which produce this huge power are a mere temporary alternative that’s not supposed to substitute the utility provider.

In general, the majority of 12000-watt generators are able to run for around 8 to 12 hours with only 50 percent load. However, it is best to not keep the unit running for an extended amount of time. But some of the best 12000 watt generators come with an advanced feature that will shut the device off to prevent some damage that can hardly be repaired.

The operating time is influenced by many different factors, including the types of fuel, the tank size, and even the environmental factors such as air humidity. This generator’s starting capacity is usually powered by propane or natural gas. They typically come with more efficient engines that are primarily manufactured for long-term application.

Cost of 12000 Watt Generator

The amount of budget for a generator is depending on how much output you will require to power all your appliances and what kind of features you choose to add. For this generator, it typically ranges from $800 to $1300. There is a vast selection, and besides the power, model, and size, their prices are dependent on several factors, such as follows:

How the Device Starts

A fuel-powered generator can start in three different ways: with a push start button, electric or pull start, and even some models can be switched on with a wireless remote. The more advanced, the higher the price of the generator is.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel is another major factor that greatly influences the price of every generator. An electric generator that is powered by gasoline is the most popular and affordable option. There are also some models that are powered by propane, gasoline and oil mix, diesel, and even solar energy. Some devices are hybrids, which mean they can be powered by more than one type of source energy, and these models are typically higher-priced.


The generator’s brand name also affects its initial price. Given the various dangers related to the devices, it is obviously not something you would like to waste money on. Therefore, it is best to opt for a qualified and reliable power-generating device manufacturer.

The 7 Best 12000 Watt Generators

If you are on the lookout for this generator, you possibly would need it for backup power, RV, or an industrial site. These are the common situations where you are going to need it the most, even though the electric generator can be used for many different purposes.

The generator with this capacity can power a wide array of equipment and appliances under any circumstances. Today, you’re going to look at 7 best 12000 watt generators widely available in the market and see which model has the right features that fit your needs.

A-iPower SUA12000E

A-iPower SUA12000E - 12000 Watt Generators

With 12000-watt starting power and 9000 watts of running capacity, this A-iPower generator is a powerful and one of the best 12000 watt generators you are always able to rely upon. It comes with an electric start option that makes you able to turn on the device in a matter of time. The unit is equipped with a fuel tank of 7.0 gallons which makes it able to last very long. At 50 percent load, the device can run up to 9 hours.

Although the unit has a huge body, it features wide, never-flat tires that can help you to move the device with ease, even on the most uneven surfaces. This will even be particularly useful if you intend to use it at your workplace.

This generator also features GFCI-protected sockets to provide additional protection and ensure your safety even when it’s used in wet conditions. The integrated DC connector can be either utilized along with a USB adapter or to charge the battery. The unit comes with its own charging cables, so you don’t need to purchase it separately. Also, all the wires are protected so that the device is safe and easy to use. 

DuroMax XP12000EH Portable Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH - 12000 Watt Generators

As mentioned earlier, there are some generator models that can operate on two types of fuel. If you want convenience, the DuroMax generator is one of the best 12000 watt generators that you need.

The unit is specifically designed to run on gas and propane. It has the powerful, seamless motor that will run under any circumstances. On gas, the device can produce 12000 running power and 9500 of starting capacity. This is sufficient to keep more than one huge appliance running at the same time.

As when you use liquid propane, the device offers much lower but still adequate power, 11400 starting, and 9025 running capacity. With this much power, the unit is able to accommodate heavy appliances, including fridges, lights, and air conditioners.

Champion 100111 Portable Generator with Electric Start

Champion 100111 - 12000 Watt Generators

This is one of the best 12000 watt generators that will not disappoint you as it offers 12000 continuous and 15000 surge watts that will be adequate both for emergencies and recreational purposes. At a half load, the unit is able to run up to 9 hours with much lower noise levels at 78 dBA.

This generator also comes with electric starting system that is relatively easy to use. With the integrated Cold Start Advanced Technology, the unit can start with no hassle. Another plus point is that the device has multiple covered sockets.

It is also equipped with an integrated Vold Guard to prevent overloads. This way, your equipment, and appliances will be safe. In addition, the unit is equipped with Intelligauge that will monitor the runtime, hertz, and voltage, enabling you to control the power output and track maintenance cycles.

Pulsar G12KBN

Pulsar G12KBN - 12000 Watt Generators

Some of the best 12000 watt generators in the market come with a dual-fuel feature, just like this Pulsar generator. The unit is able to run on both gasoline and liquid propane. This way, you will be able to keep the device running even when one particular fuel is running low.

This power-generating machine is also completed by powerful OHV motor that can produce a maximum power with a running capacity of 9500 watts when operating on gasoline. With liquid propane, the device is still able to put out a continuous capacity of 8550 watts with a starting power of 10800 watts.

In addition, the generator from Pulsar comes in a portable design along with a set of wheels that can tackle uneven surfaces. A wide range of socket types with 240V and 120V adapters and outlets are also included in this device as well.

DuroStar DS12000EH

DuroStar DS12000EH

This DuroStar generator has been one of the best 12000 watt generators, thanks to its robust build and a number of great features, such as the dual-fuel option. The unit is has OHV motor that is able to put out 9500 continuous and 12000 surge watts. With this power, the device can be used to power heavy-duty industrial equipment, to power a whole house, and also RV power.

Since the unit doesn’t come with socket protective covers, it is best to make sure that any debris and dirt don’t get into the sockets. With a fuel tank of 8.3 gallons, it can run up to 8 hours at only 50 percent load on gas.

This generator also has much lesser noise levels at 74 dBA and ideal for residential applications. It also comes with versatile handles and wheels, much like any other model of this size. The good thing is that it features never-flat rubber tires that can handle any type of surface.

Westinghouse WPro12000 Generator (15000 Peak Watts)

Westinghouse WPro12000

The next type of the best 12000 watt generators is Westinghouse electric generator. It is also the most exclusive unit in its class. This gasoline-powered device has OHV motor that provides 12000 watts of running power and 15000 watts of starting capacity.

The device is also equipped with a technology that will automatically shut the device down when the fuel is running low. It comes with both DC and AC sockets that give you very clean output that is generally safe for sensitive devices, such as laptops.

Compared to the other generators in the same class, this one has the longest operating time. At 50 percent load, it can run up to 11 hours, thanks to the large stainless steel fuel tank and a Smart Idle mode.

Powermate PM0601258 Portable Generator

Powermate PM0601258

In comparison to the other best 12000 watt generators in this review, the Powermate generator definitely offers higher surge wattage. The unit is designed with OHV Subaru motor, and it is a gasoline-powered that’s able to produce 15625 watts of starting power and 12500 watts of running capacity.

Must like the Westinghouse generator, this device is also equipped with a system that will automatically switch the unit off when the fuel is running low. While the unit comes with smart idle control, it only can run up to 6 hours at a 50 percent load due to its smaller gas tank.

Now, you have already explored 7 of the best 12000 watt generators. You ought to know which model will work best for your needs. Whether you are in need of home electricity back up, for your RV, or for job purposes, this generator will suit your needs well.

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