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7 Tips on How to Quiet a Generator and Why You Need to Do It

There are so many people out there who are asking how to quiet a generator. Having a generator is indeed great, but sometimes you own the old-fashioned generator with no inverter technology. As the result, the generator buzzes too loudly, and it will put the people around you at the end of the nerves. This is how you make the generator quieter and more bearable for the ears.

The Reasons to Quiet a Generator

how to quiet a generator

Before getting to the tips on how to quiet a generator, you need to know why generator does need to be silenced at some points. There are so many reasons for the owner of the generator to keep this device at the low point of noise. These are several reasons why, and you will understand its importance after reading this explanation.

1. Avoid Noise Pollution

Buzzing sound is considered as noise pollution. You do not want the neighborhood to get noise pollution. This is the reason why keeping the noise down is pretty much mandatory.

2. Keeping the Generator from Being Too Noticeable

Generator is quite expensive sometimes and some people out there with bad intention can snatch the generator, if they will. When the generator is too loud, it will be easy for them to locate the generator and take them away.

3. Prevent Kids and Pets from Approaching the Generator

Generators are full of dangerous electricity that can put kids and pets in danger. This is why they need to be kept as far away as possible from the generator. It won’t work that well if the generator is buzzing so loudly.

4. Keeping the Engine Running for Longer Time

The louder the buzzing sound indicating that the engine is working harder. You do not want to overheat the engine and keep them burning. This is why you need to make the generator quieter and spare the engine.

The Tips to Quiet a Generator

Now, here comes the part where you learn how to quiet a generator. There are so many tricks on doing this, starting from logically placing the generator in the perfect spot to use incredible hacks like placing the generator on soundproof cage. The full list of the tricks can be seen below so that you can easily help the generator to work more quietly.

1. Use Generator Silencer

The first thing that you can do is using generator silencer. Some generators these days are completed by its own silencer. However, old-fashioned generators generally do not have one and you have to install them separately. It does help in muffling the sound and keep the generator working silently.

2. Build a Soundproof Cage

One of the greatest tricks to keep your generator quiet is to build a soundproof cage. The cage is like the one used to muffle noises inside a studio or something. The cage is then placed around the generator and it will reduce the noise produced by the generator quite significantly.

3. Place the Generator Far Away

If you use the generator for camping or outdoor jobsite, you can use the longest connector or wires you can possibly find and then place the generator as far away as possible. This is impractical but reduces the noise for sure.

4. The Water Bucket Trick

Take a little risk and use the water bucket trick. This trick is done using a hose connected to the exhaust of the generator. The other end of the hose is placed inside a bucket full of water. This is said to reduce the noise and keep the generator works quietly.

5. Use Sound Deflector

Sound deflector is a good idea for muffling the sound. It is as simple as placing a few pieces of dry wall or soft wooden panel around the generator. The sound will be absorbed and deflected by the panel so that they won’t be heard too loud.

6. Place the Generator on Softer Surface

Choose the right spot to place the generator. Softer surface tend to absorb the noise more effectively. This is why placing the generator over a soft layer of sponge-like bed or on a soft ground will be a great idea.

7. Add the Rubber Feet/Sole on the Generator

Adding rubber sole or rubber feet on the generator will help reducing the noise. It is the same thing as placing the generator on a softer ground. They do help absorbing the noise and let the generator works quietly all the time.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you soundproof a generator?

Yes, you can soundproof a generator. The methods are including: adding rubber sole to the generator, building soundproof cage, and placing the generator inside a sound deflector.

Why are inverter generators so quiet?

People do asking about how to quiet a generator because they cannot get it together why their generator cannot work as quietly as the inverter one. Well, inverter generator is completed by specific designs to keep the movement of the engine parts at low. This is why the generator can run constantly on certain level of point without producing noises and vibrating or buzzing too frantically.

How do I reduce the sound of my portable generator?

In fact, most portable generators are already using inverter technology, which is generally quieter. However, you can always reduce the sound of the generator by installing a silencer.

How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping?

You can make the generator quieter for camping by placing them on the right spot. It can be placed far away from your tent, and you should choose a softer ground to place it.

Now, you know exactly how to use your generator quietly. Since there are so many types of hack you can try to keep the generator down, you can choose any of them. Just pick the suitable one that you think will work the best and can work for longer time and more quietly. The explanation about how to quiet a generator above should help you, a lot.

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