A Complete Review of Predator Generator 3500

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Looking for a portable generator you can rely on during your trip? Take a look at Predator generator 3500. This generator can produce surging wattage of 3500 watts and is very versatile to serve you in any occasions, from a fun tailgating or living up your nomad style while being in a RV. This Predator generator is not only designed for outdoor activities enthusiasts, but also for homeowners who need back up power generating machine for their essentials.

With its inverter technology, the generator can help you to cut off those fuel expenses. It also has a long run time (at quarter load), ensuring its users not to worry about losing power during their work or joyful moment. Moreover, with low decibel emitted, the generator won’t be making any disturbances to any of your neighbors.

Product Overview

Predator generator 3500

Just like what you can derive from its name, Predator generator 3500 is a generator that produces 3,500 watts as its surging wattage. Its rated watts, which mean the continuous watts needed to set items running, is 3,000 watts. With these amounts of surging and running wattage, the generator comes as the perfect generator for small outdoor events. Some include camping, tailgating, or maybe working your projects on-the-go. Let’s not forget about its usability to light up your house during a power outage.

With such wattage to produce, counting on this product isn’t a wrong choice to make. Thanks to its low noise level (57 dB), shush that worry of disturbing your neighbors away. As a comparison, within the same wattage class, usually generators produce around 60-70 dB noise level.

To combine it with the same generator (read: paralleling), it is doable as well. Hence, get that maximum power of 7,000 watts, perfect to run any appliances you love while being outdoor or chilling at home during a power outage. Another plus point is its excellent portability.  Predator generator 3500 has its wheel kit and a pulling handle – though it is not a fold-down one. Light weighted product complements the good side of this generator.

Along with it comes the electric start feature, easing users to use the machine. However, the generator also offers recoil pull start as an alternative starting method. This Predator generator is fueled with gasoline only. Although it may not be dual-fueled, its big fuel tank benefits users with more usability hours.

What about its price? This product may not be the one with competitive price, but its features are well-fit with the price offered. With many to offer, no wonder this Predator generator can be one of your ultimate options of portable generators for various use.

Key Features

What makes Predator generator 3500 special from the other? Before purchasing, you should know the product’s key features as listed below.

  1. Lightweight – It is considered to be light-weighted within its wattage class (2500-3500W generators). Following that, as aforementioned earlier, the generator is easily portable with wheels and a pull handle.
  2. Inverter technology – It makes the machine adapts its fuel use according to the load attached to it. Therefore, it means less fuel consumption to use while having fewer loads.
  3. Long quarter-load running hours – It means with the load of 600-700 watts, Predator generator 3500 can stay up for 11 hours.
  4. Digital data center – It is available to help you monitor the generator’s activity, lifetime run hours, power output as well as its voltage.
  5. Low noise level – With only 57 dB produced, this is considered to be noiseless within its wattage category (2500-3500W).
  6. CARB-compliant and EPA-approved – Built-in spark arrestor makes the generator perfect to use for forestry works.
  7. Accessories – Along with the package, there are several accessories included, like RV adapter, tool kit, funnel, and charging cables.
  8. Double starting methods – They are electric start and the classic recoil pull start.

Product Specification

To better understand how good Predator generator 3500 is, listed below is the generator’s specs. These data will help you to compare it with another generator you want to purchase.

  • Dimensions (l x w x h)                : 22.75” x 17.3” x 20”
  • Weight                                      : 99.2 lbs (~45 kg)
  • Starting model                          : recoil pull start and electric start
  • Fuel type                                  : gasoline only
  • Fuel tank capacity                     : 2.6 gal (~9.85 ltrs)
  • Fuel consumption                     : 0.24 GPH
  • Running time at quarter load      : 11 hours
  • Noise level                                : 57 dB
  • AC rated voltage                       : 120 V
  • DC voltage                               : 12V (8A)
  • Rated 120 V amperage              : 29.2 A (peak), 25 (running)
  • Peak / surging wattage              : 3,500 watts
  • Running wattage                       : 3,000 watts
  • Engine type                              : OHV 4-stroke
  • Usage                                       : domestic and outdoor use like camping or tailgating
  • Handle                                      : yes
  • Wheels                                     : yes
  • Parallel ready                            : yes, but the kit is not included
  • Low-oil level shutdown               : yes

Pros and Cons

Aside from the advantages, just like any other products, Predator generator 3500 also has its downsides.


  • It has decent portability with dry weight, mobility-supporting wheels and pull handle.
  • Inverter technology makes it possible to avoid excessive fuel expense
  • It comes with quarter load long running time
  • It is definitely a super quiet generator
  • Low oil shutdown and indicator are available, as well as overload indicator
  • Parallel use is possible to do


  • With such output of 3000-3500 watts, 11 hours are still considered as low-end autonomy for quarter loads.
  • Although there is an inverter technology, if compared to other generators, Predator generator 3500 has a soaring value of fuel consumption with 0.24 GPH. In average, generators with 2500-3500 W output apply 0.19 GPH only.
  • The distributor, which is Harbor Freight Corp only provides 90-day warranty. Obviously, some may find this as unsupportive.


If you are looking a quiet generator that outputs up to 3,500 watts, then Predator generator 3500 can be one in your list to check out. With many features that the generator offers, its price ($799.99) is worth-spending enough.

Purchasing Predator generator 3500 isn’t a bad decision if you are considering the generator’s upsides. After all, it is a versatile generator with decent features to count on. Whatever your purpose is, make sure to check in detail this product’s specs beforehand to ensure that this generator is what you are looking for.

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