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A Guide to Know Generac Generators before You Make Buying Decision

Generac generators are produced by Generac Holdings Inc., a renowned company from America that manufactured power back-up products for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The company has the headquarter located in Wisconsin and Waukesha, as well as having manufacturing facilities in several points in Wisconsin. The power system output of their overall products is ranging from 800W to 9MW, which are sold through various wholesalers, retailers, and independent dealers.

generac generators

Generac is founded back in 1959 by Robert Kern, by manufacturing portable generators for Sears, Roebuck and Company as initial products. It began to expand around 1970s by providing recreational and portable vehicles. On 1980s, it finally entered industrial and commercial market by creating system of support power generation system. Then at the end of the same decade, it produced generators for residential, commercial and industrial uses. It presented the first automatic system of home standby generator using gas fuel.

Where Are The Manufacture Of Generac Generators?

As a prominent brand name in the industry of power generator, in the year of 2013, Generac exceeded a million products of home back-up generators. All of these Generac generators are designed, built, and engineered in USA until now.

It also has built a customer service facility in Wisconsin, just in near area of its corporate headquarters. They provide full 24/7 service throughout the year, in order to be ready anytime their customers need any assistance and answer about problems related to their generator.

What Are Reasons to Choose Generac Generators?

Read four reasons below why Generac generators deserve its title to be leading models in the industry:

1. Wide variations of generators

There are a broad range of generator types that offered by Generac for different purposes. They all designed to cater specific requirements of different customers, including for industrial, commercial, and residential. With the wide variety, you can get the best specs according to your need. It can be the generator with more power or just with less noise. It can be said this brand provides the best products that can be chosen based on your budget.

2. Constant back-up power automatically

The home stand-by generators from Generac are permanently installed, and they operate automatically when required. Take an example of power outage, the engine will begin to work by supplying power in a matter of seconds by sensing the outage and beginning its operation. Short later more, it demands the auto transfer switch to break the connection of utility lines and use power from generator instead.

When the electricity returns, the Generac generators will connect the utility back to your home and then automatically shuts off. The activation of This process is by itself even when there’s no one at home.

3. Optimum reliability and safety

There is no doubt when it comes to the fact that generators manufactured by Generac are reliable and safe. All of the models have met with all the safety codes from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Generac generators’ electrical connections has panel of circuit breaker, so besides automatically operating with air conditioning and heating system in the house, they also eliminate any risk of hazard.

4. No concern about refueling

In order to work, generators require fuel – a lot of it. Medium sized portable generators, for example, typically consume up to 20-gallons of gasoline each day when running on 50 loads. That’s similar to two household circuits in 15A.

However, this is not exactly an issue of Generac generators. They can be running by propane gas of your personal tank or natural gas lines. The supply is practically limitless when it comes to natural gas, while you can expect 24/7 operation for one or two weeks when it runs on propane.

Top 7 Generac Generators

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What Are the Top Features of Generac Generators?

Generac loyal consumers choose the brand not solely because its reliability, but for their advanced features as well. Here are some of those best features:

1. Engine

The company produces both standby and portable power back-up generators. They are using custom engines on Generac that specifically have good durability in design and great resistance under different circumstances. The portable generators are also able to operate on gasoline or propane.

2. Enclosing frame

Besides Generac generators function well, they also have proper protections from children, animals, or endangering elements. The engines are housed by protective steel coated by powder and aluminum with powder that resist well to corrosion.

3. Eco-friendly

Almost all of these generators have options to use cleaner fuel energy such as natural gas or liquid propane. Besides, the manufacturer implemented advanced technology called “G-Flex” that lets the engine to operate based on power demand in order to save energy.

4. Noise level

Generac is popular with its quiet products. Even the portable generators, which tend to be louder than their standby counterparts, yields noise level around 73 to 75 dBA – more or less equal to kitchen blender or garage disposal. The standalone Generac generators are significantly more silent, generating around 66 dBA of noise level – just as quiet as neighborhood lawnmower or condenser in the air conditioner.

5. Warranty

The standby generator comes with 3-year warranty, while portable generators are only 2-year warranty.

Are Generac Generators Worth to Buy?

Generac generators are coming with reliably handle heavy requirements, while still able to maintain deliverance of quality and clean electrical power. You’d be able to feel secure when relying on the equipment to operate effortlessly for days or weeks under extreme circumstances such as hot climate, harsh weather, or below zero temperature.

The company is giving service as best as possible to their customers. This commitment is clearly visible by looking from their website, in which you can find support-related contents, such as tutorial videos, manuals for products, or twenty-four hours customer care service. If you ever find any issue with Generac generators, feel free to head off to their official website and reach the team of customer service to answer your question and provide assistance upon your needs.

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