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Atima Generators as Affordable Portable Machines with Yamaha Engine

Atima Portable Generator – One of the main concerns in buying a portable generator from well-acclaimed brands like Yamaha or Honda is the price. Both brands cost about the same amount and are typically more than $1,000. At a more affordable price range, Atima generators give the same performance as Yamaha engines. Nearly all the Atima portable generators run on Yamaha engine power, yet have their own distinctive features.

Who Makes Atima Generators?

The Atima generator is a product of the Shanghai Cosmo manufacturer, which was recently established in 2010. Even though this company is a newcomer to the power inverter market, they produce generators with distinctive features that make them easily noticeable.

Atima Generators

Each Atima portable generator comes in a black and white color in its design. This makes them become one of the generators with the best design over the years. Also, there is one hidden gem within each model—an authentic Yamaha engine.

Unlike several manufacturers, Shanghai Cosmo only focuses on manufacturing power inverter generators. They aren’t secretive regarding their roots, which is in China. Apart from that, each Atima generators come with a 30-day refund policy and a two-year warranty to make sure the customers always get the best service.

Is Atima a Good Generator Brand?

To know whether Atima generators are the ideal power inverters or not, we are going to look specifically at two different models, AY2000i and AY3000i. Both models use Yamaha engines but come with different designs.

Atima AY2000i: Portable Generator with Yamaha Engine

  1. Authentic Yamaha Engine

As a small power generator, Atima AY2000i doesn’t really have distinctive features compared to the other brands in its class. Since there is a genuine Yamaha engine within this portable generator, its interior parts are almost identical to other generators manufactured by a major brand—Yamaha.

  1. Parallel Capability

Atima AY2000i comes with parallel capability. This makes it possible to connect this unit to larger Atima generators to produce more power output. It’s a feature that can’t be accommodated by units manufactured by Honda. Since It is possible to connect this model to any larger generators, this reason itself makes any Atima power generators suitable for any purpose.

  1. Ergonomic and Impeccable Design

Shanghai Cosmo manufacturer believes that any industrial design should be considered carefully. That reason itself makes AY2000i becomes one of the best-looking power inverters to use. This unit is also supposed to be easy to use and is lasting way longer than other propane or battery-powered generators.

  1. Suitable to Any Demanding Lifestyle

Atima AY2000i fits any household appliances such as a computer, AC, TV, automatic garage door, and many more. It’s not only great for home appliances, but also for camping.

Why Buy Atima AY2000i Power Generator?

Some might be wondering why some people want to purchase two power generators just to run an air conditioner. Still, it all comes back to the cost of the generators. Rather than buying one Yamaha generator, you could buy two units of Atima generators at a slightly different price.

In addition to the budget-friendly, Atima AY2000i is ultra-lightweight as it only weighs 47.5 lbs. Even more, this model produces clean energy, which is essential when the unit runs to power sensitive devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

AY2000i is, of course, one of the most ideal generators for everyone who wants to purchase a power generator at the most affordable price with reliable features.

Atima AY3000i Versatile Power Generator

  1. Authentic Engine

Atima generators are famous for their affordable units but with the same quality as the well-known brand—Yamaha. It’s because there is an authentic Yamaha engine within every model, including the AY3000i.

  1. Capability

Nearly all portable Atima generators are able to be connected to the other Atima units in order to increase power output. However, its parallel cables are sold separately.

  1. Ergonomic Design

Atima AY3000i comes with an ergonomic design and a body frame made of aluminum alloyed. In addition to this design, AY3000i also comes with a set of wheels that makes this unit is easy to pull on a harsh surface.

Unlike other Atima power generators, Atima AY3000i has an LED screen to show power, run time, voltage, etc. Since it also comes with LED light, it’s very convenient to use at night. This design itself makes AY3000i received a Canton Fair Design Award.

  1. Fits Any Demanding Electronic Devices

Atima AY3000i produces high power output that is able to run any appliances such as the majority of 13500 BTU air conditioners and oil or gas fans. It can support a number of household appliances such as TV, laptops, regular oven, refrigerator, and so on. It’s also great for camping.

Why Buy Atima AY3000i Portable Generator?

In comparison to the other generators with the same output watts, the Atima AY3000i is the ideal choice for those who want to make a smart investment. Generally, nearly all branded inverter generators are costly; making people have difficulty deciding which generators should be purchased.

Getting Atima generators will make sure that everyone will have a power generator for decades ahead. The AY3000i is one of the most ideal Atima portable generators to have for household appliances, outdoor purposes, or a travel van.

Besides having an ergonomic design and sleek frame, the AY3000i doesn’t produce too many noises when it’s operating. After all, the noise level becomes one of the primary considerations before deciding which power generators to buy.

Verdict on the Atima Generators

The Atima AY2000i is the best choice for an investment. Although this unit is budget-friendly, the internal specifications are worth buying since they use a worthy name-brand engine. It’s suitable for any household appliances. It also doesn’t produce harmful output, which is dangerous for sensitive devices such as phones and laptops.

If you want a generator with a low noise level, then the Atima AY3000i is the right choice. Apart from having larger power output than the AY2000i, the Atima AY3000i has a nice-looking built and easy maintenance. Regarding the price, the AY3000i is like any other Atima generators that are more affordable than the other brands in the same class.

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