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Best 10000 Watt Generators: Things to Know before Purchasing

There are many reasons why people are looking for generators with big wattage to offer, and one of them is cost-efficiency. By purchasing a generator with big wattage, you will not have to worry to light up your appliances all at once. In this article, you will find information about 7 best 10000 watt generators and some related information.

What You Can Run on 10000 Watt Generators?

What to expect from a 10000 watt generator? First, let’s talk about it according to the place where you’re using it.

Houses or RVs

What You Can Run on 10000 Watt Generators

The short answer for that headline question is: it can run many things and you can even light up your entire house lighting circuit (given that your lamps are not that power-hungry), and some other appliances such as washing machine, AC, TV, game console, microwave, etc. Although it may not cover all appliances all at once, at least you can use it to power your essential appliances.

As for RVs, if you choose to pick any generator from the best 10000 watt generators list, the generator may be too big for your RV need. If you decide to pick a 10000 watt generator as your power generating machine, then you can share it with people nearby.


Power-hungry appliances are filling in worksites, and it’s not a secret anymore. That is why a generator whose wattage is as big as 10,000-watt is produced and introduced publicly. One of the power-consuming stuffs is welder. Although a 5,000-7,000 watts generator can already cover it, it’s safe to get a large generator so that you can use other equipment as well.

To know what you can run with the best 10000 watt generators, you should understand how to count the wattage need first. There are two considerations you need to note while counting it: starting and rated wattage. Once you know about these two considerations, the next thing is to know the wattage need per appliance. Here are the common wattage amounts for mostly appliances.

  • Laptop: Don’t let a power outage be the reason to neglect your tasks. Common laptop requires around 20-75 watts depending on the brands and size.
  • Desktop PC: Connect your generator to light your PC up and provide a generous 300 watts.
  • Refrigerator: Coming with two kinds of wattage: surging and running one, your chilling box needs a big sum of wattage. Its starting wattage is 1,800-2,200 watts, while the running one is 500-750 watts. These numbers vary from one brand to another.
  • Washing machine: Your washing machine is ready to serve. Supply it with a decent 300-1,000 watts for its running wattage, and up to 2,200 watts for its surging wattage.
  • Microwave oven 750-watt: As implied on the name itself, microwave oven 750-watt requires 750 watts for its running wattage and 800-1,000 watts to turn it on. You won’t need to worry about having no meal during a power outage.
  • TV: Plug in your TV to the power outlet and let the best 10000 watt generators work the rest. Your TV will need around up to 500 watts to run it.
  • Mobile phone chargers: As important as the mobile phone itself, you need to consider the wattage of the chargers as well. Luckily, typical chargers take only 10-15 watts to fill the battery.

Once you know the essential appliances and its wattage, sum it up. Make sure it won’t surpass 10,000-surging wattage, and 8,000-9,500 watts for running wattage.

How noisy are 10000 Watt Generators?

Despite its huge wattage size, the 10,000-watt generators are not as noisy as they seem. In general, the noise level is around 70-80 dBA, depending on the brands you’re using. Within the best 10000 watt generators list, it’s shown the generators are within that mentioned noise level, which is more than 70 dBA yet less than 80.

Generators which support heavy-duty appliances like these have their noise levels resemble the noise level of alarm clock. Moreover, if it’s placed in the worksites, it may not be much noisy as it’s common for a worksite to be full of noise.

It’s not impossible that you buy these generators to be your house’s power back-up machine. Maybe you plan of having it in order to be able to support your RVs. If these are the cases, chances are your 10,000-watt generators will disturb you as it starts to work.

In general, common generators for houses and RVs own lower noise level, which is around 50-60 dBA depending on its brand and the number of loads.  That noise level quite resembles to the level of people’s voice while talking on a general condition.

However, the best 10000 watt generators still have upsides to offer. It’s the huge wattage that makes it beneficial to run many appliances all at once. You know, even a 5,000 or 7,000-watt generator has been considered as a huge machine supporting houses, let alone for RVs which tend to need less wattage.

Therefore, to say that a 10,000-watt generator is noisy isn’t always right. It depends much to in what kind of place you’re going to use it. Have you planned it to be used in worksites, concerts, or big events, 70-80 dBA may not be a huge problem. Contradicting that, it feels not right to have any of the best 10000 watt generators be used in a dense housing complex, or in a campground where only several people are gathering to have an event be held there.

When is a 10000 Watt Generator Really Needed?

You may think why bother purchasing a generator within the list of the best 10000 watt generators. The possible reason is as listed below.

You’re running some appliances with big wattage

Let’s say you need to turn on several appliances all at once. Then it’s the best time to have your generator come in handy. A 10,000-watt generator will be enough to power power-hungry machines. For example, several ACs, washing machines, microwaves, and many other else.

You’re on-duty for an outdoor job that requires you to have a portable power generating machine

Are you working in an outdoor worksite? Or maybe you’re having a food truck to power? Then a generator with huge wattage will help you much. Get a generator that owns a wheel kit and handle, start it up, and let it provide your equipment the much-needed wattage.

Your needed wattage is around 8,000-9,000 watts with several motor-powered appliances

If motor-powered appliances are what you’re going to power, then having some excess capacity for its surging wattage is a must. Then, the smartest trick is to get one of the best 10000 watt generators for your house, RV, worksites, or tailgate.

7 Best 10000 Watt Generators Recommended for You

Have you decided to choose any generators that fit your preferences? If you haven’t got one ideal for you, then you’re on the right page. We’ll show you seven recommended, best 10000 watt generators to fix your need for watts.

Pulsar PG10000B16

Pulsar PG10000B16 - 10000 Watt Generators

On the first place of this best 10000 watt generators is a generator from Pulsar, one of the best motor machine manufacturers. This generator has an open frame type which can be connected to your breaker box during a power outage.

On its good side, this generator has two fuel types, which are propane and gasoline. Hence, this black and blue portable generator has extended running hours. At half load, its 6.6-gallon fuel tank is ready to accommodate your need for 12 hours, and 9 hours have you fed your generator with 20-lbs of propane tank.

Running as quiet as 76 dBA, you can expect a surging wattage as high as 10,000 watt (gasoline) and 9,000 watts (propane); while its running wattage is ranging from 7,000-8,000 watts with gasoline and propane, respectively.

DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator

DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator - 10000 Watt Generators

This DuroMax generator is also colored in black and blue, but this one only uses gasoline to support the power generating processes. With its easy wheel and handle, get as long as 10.4 hours with its 8.3-gallon fuel tank in a 50% load.

In addition, this generator is ready to provide a back-up power for your power-consuming equipment as it has a special outlet for big amperage appliances. Working outdoors in the forest area will not be a problem as the generator is EPA and CARB compliant.

Honda EB10000

Honda EB10000 - 10000 Watt Generators

Turns out the next place in this best 10000 watt generators list is occupied by a generator from Honda. Giving out 10,000 and 9,000 watts as its surging and rated wattage, this exclusive generator produces the lowest noise level in the class, which is 71 dBA for half-load, and only 73 dBA for full-load.

Although this ‘hot-looking’ generator only runs on gasoline, that doesn’t stop this generator to become one of the best generators in its class. Its 8.2-gallon is ready to serve you as long as 7.9 hours for half load, and 5.4 hours while being 100% on duty. To bring it outdoor should not be a problem as it’s already EPA and CARB-compliant, similar to the earlier mentioned DuroMax.

Durostar DS10000E

Durostar DS10000E - 10000 Watt Generators

With its 10,000/8,000 starting/running wattage, Durostar DS10000E is ready to help you generate the watts needed. Running with only gasoline, this Durostar generator is capable to produce a powerful 18 HP, making it ideal for heavy loads. Its running hours can be considered as long enough, which is 10.4 hours at half load.

With a traditional recoil as the complementary starting methods (it has an electric start as well), the noise it produces is quite low, which is 72 dBA. Hence, for a worksite that tends to be ‘deafening’, this Durostar generator can be one of the best choices for you.

Adding up its feature is its idle control. This feature will enable the generator to lower its RPM once it has lower to no load to work for, including EPA and CARB compliant as well. Moreover, you don’t have to worry much while working on your forestry projects.

All Power America APG3590CN

All Power America APG3590CN - 10000 Watt Generators

All Power America needs to be one of the recommended and best 10000 watt generators as well. Coming up with wheel kit to ease its portability, the black-and-green generator is ready to accommodate your need of power. With surging and rated wattage of 10,000 and 7,500 watts, it can run for 8.5 hours with a full tank and half-load.

What about its noise level? The noise level for this generator is 77 dBA, slightly larger than the aforementioned generators. Six outlets are ready to fit your preferences while looking for the greatest power-generating machine.

Briggs & Stratton 30679

Briggs & Stratton 30679

If you find this generator as one of the most recommended generators, this series of Briggs & Stratton has been discontinued and replaced with Briggs & Stratton 30792. Its folding handle and wheel kit are ready to help you move the generator which weighs around 246 lbs. It has dual starting up methods, and 10,000/8,000 as its surging/rated wattage.

This Briggs & Stratton generator has two starting up methods and is transfer switch ready. It means that the generator is ready to be connected with your breaker box once a power outage happens. Although it’s fueled only by gasoline, on full-tank condition, the generator is ready to light you up to 9 hours at half-load.

Westinghouse WGen9500

Westinghouse WGen9500

Surging the biggest wattage in this list, which is 12,500 watt, and it has 9,500 as its rated wattage makes this Westinghouse generator to be put in this list as well. It runs as long as 12 hours for a half-load with 6.6-gallon fuel tank, and has an average noise level of 74 dBA. The feature has dual starting methods which will ease you while igniting the machine.

Well, that is the list of the best 10000 watt generators. Which one gets your attention? To pick the generator which fits your preferences, it will take time. You should not be attracted just because the price is low. In fact, buying a generator is a long-term investment, after all. Hence, don’t rush, and take it slow to decide better.

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