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Best 7000 Watt Generators: Here is 7 Recommended Brands to Choose

Are you thinking about getting a 7,000-watt generator for your house, RV, or (probably) worksite? This machine can come in handy when you are facing a power outage, or if you want to enjoy watching TV while having an outdoor holiday. Well, whatever your purpose is, before purchasing the machine, it is best to conduct a small research and getting some references to get an insight what aspects to consider. Here are seven best 7000 watt generators, as well as the related information you may need later.

How to Choose the Best 7000 Watt Generators

It is unfortunate that there is no such championship to determine which one is the best generator. However, there are aspects we can put into consideration which will help to consider the right generator to choose.

One of the most crucial aspects to think of is budgeting. Why? Even if you dream to own the best 7000 watt generators, which we are going to show later, that dream will remain a dream if your wallet refuses to fund it.

Are there other aspects to think about when it comes to purchasing your dream 7,000-watt generators? Check out the information below.

What appliances you are going to back up

You may need hair dryer, while your spouse isn’t but a fridge and microwave. Your son will dwell over a long power outage as he wants to watch his football championship. What about your daughter? Oh, it is time to have an online conference with her classmates for a science project. Therefore, it is a need to recharge the laptop PC.

To fulfill everyone’s needs, your generator should suffice all of your wattage needs. It means you are required to know the appliances’ wattage, and sum it up to know how many you will need. Therefore, pick a generator which the starting and running wattages are suitable for all your appliance needs.

The fuel type

Fuel type should also be considered as another aspect to determine the right generator to choose. These days, there are two common kinds of fuel which can light up your best 7000 watt generators, gasoline and propane. Well, these fuel features are contradicting each other, but both can be used to generate power for your house appliances.

If you decide to choose gasoline-powered best 7000 watt generators, then cheap fuel price and longer running hours are the upsides. But, it will be a bit harder to expect a clean emission as the end result of combustion. Hence, you can get a tank of propane if you wish to have a cleaner emission gas. But you know what drawbacks that may occur: it’s pricey and has shorter running hours.


You might dream of the generator of your choice of this best 7000 watt generator to be lightweight, but in most cases, a 7,000-watt generator weighs more than 100 pounds. Hence, in order to get a generator that fulfills your dream to light up the camp, or giving you a huge help to work in a worksite, the generator should be portable. Wheels kit may help, handles may alleviate the burden, and being light-weighted is what people are looking for.

What Appliances Will a 7000 Watt Generator Run?

What appliances can run with this generator? Well, the answer may vary since the wattage of every appliance is different. For example, a 7000-10000 BTU air conditioner will take around 2,200-5,000 starting watts, and 1,000-1,500 running watts. Hence, it is important to know how much wattage your appliance will take. To help you know the wattage of common appliances, here are some of the mostly used appliances.

  1. Vacuum cleaner: Need a helping hand to clean all the dust? Vacuum cleaner takes around 300-1500 running watts to run.
  2. Washing machine: With the best 7000 watt generators, expect nothing than a quick help for the piling dirty clothes. Various washing machines own different wattage, varying from 300-1000 watts in common.
  3. TV: This device takes around 50-300 watts depending on the size and brand.
  4. Refrigerator: Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh by powering up your fridge on during a power outage. Allocate at least 200 watts to support your generator. Or, to play it safe, keep 500-750 watts free to back up the refrigerator.
  5. Laptop PC: Don’t neglect your work due to a power outage. Typical laptop PCs take no more than 100 watts to work.
  6. Microwave: Don’t ruin Meal time even during an outage. Fill in your microwave’s need for electricity by getting 1000-2000 watts, depending on which brand you are using.
  7. Household fan: Don’t worry as your generator will fix your need of cool air. Plug in your fan to the generator, and let it provide 50-125 watts the fan needs.

Do you know what’s more important to light during a power outage? It’s your house lighting circuit. Take a moment to unwind from other complementary appliances, and light up your house first. Your house won’t take more than 500 watts from your best 7000 watt generators, depending on what lamp you are using.

How Many Hours Can I Run My 7000 Watt Generator?

To answer it briefly, it really depends on several aspects, just like our previous explanation. The three aspects impacting how many hours your generator can run are: the fuel type, the total wattage used, and your generators’ condition.

Fuel type and its combustion level

You may think this aspect doesn’t really affecting the running time. But the fact is, it really affects the running hours. Propane-powered generators are running fewer hours if compared to the gasoline ones. However, the number of GPH in a generator also influences how long your generator can run. The bigger the GPH is, then the quicker your fuel be used up. You know what happens next – your generator will need fuel more and more frequent.

Total wattage used

The more watts you are using, the quicker the fuel will run out. It is because your best 7000 watt generators will work harder to fulfill the need of wattage, which will result in more combustion to turn the fuel into electricity. That’s why, more loads mean shorter running hours.

Your generators’ condition

Your generators’ condition affects the running hours itself. It means the running wattage of your generator works as the upper limit of the generator. Once it surpasses this number, it will stop immediately.

7 Best 7000-Watt Portable Generators Recommended for You

Champion 7500-Watt Generator

Champion 7500-Watt Generator

It’s a generator by Champion – and that’s not a weird thing to see this generator be included into this best 7000 watt generators list. Why so? Thanks to its impressive starting wattage at 9,350 watts for gasoline and 8,400 watts for propane fuel, this generator can help you fix your electricity need. With recoil and electric starting methods, you can get the very best service from this generator for long hours.

With its full 6.0-gallon fuel tank and half load to work for, expect an eight-hour long running generator. If you connect the generator with a 20 lbs propane tank with the same amount of load, then you can get a 5.5-hour long working generator. Also, get a relatively quiet generator with only 74 dBA noise level. Traditional recoil and electric start methods are available.

Briggs & Stratton 30663 generator

Briggs & Stratton 30663 generator

Unlike Champion 7,500-watt, this Briggs & Stratton generator only works on gasoline. But that doesn’t mean it deserves to be dismissed from this list. With its starting wattage reaching up to 8,750 watts and 7,000 as its running (rated) wattage, lighting up your house appliances will not burden this power generating machine.

In addition, the running hour for this machine is 9 hours; given that the 7.5-gallon fuel tank is full and the generator is used to give a power back-up for around 3,500 watts. Despite its 221 lbs weight, its 12-inch never-flat wheels and an easy handle will ease you to move the machine here and there. Remote choke is perfect for turning the machine on even from afar.

DuroMax XP8500E

DuroMax XP8500E

Along with its elegant black and blue, DuroMax brags their huge, varying starting wattage – which is 8,500 and 8,075 watts for gasoline and propane fuel respectively. This hybrid generator is equipped with a huge 7.9-gallon fuel tank, and is advised to be connected with a 40-lbs propane tank to obtain its optimum 11.5+8 running hours (gasoline and propane, correspondingly).

The next reason why this DuroMax type of generator wins a place in this best 7000 watt generators list is because it has a relatively quiet noise. Seventy-two decibel is its noise level; and with two methods to ignite the machine, what’s left to complain?

Westinghouse WH7500 Generator

Westinghouse WH7500 Generator - 7000 Watt Generators

Although it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, its replacement, Westinghouse WGen7500 comes with similar features and bits of improvement here and there. One of the biggest flex of this generator is its starting wattage, which reaches 9,500 watts. Following the huge surging wattage is its rated one, which is 7,500 watts.

Its claim to be a quiet generator is clarified with its 72 dBA noise level. It also has a wheeling kit and handle system; hence you should not worry about moving it somewhere. At 50% load, you can light up any appliances you want, or even binge-watching TV series for 11 hours! That means the generator keeps turned on almost half a day, right?

WEN Model 56877

WEN Model 56877 - 7000 Watt Generators

What’s special from this WEN generator is its maintenance indicator. It notifies you when to change the oil, when to change the oil and do an air-filter cleaning, or those two combos plus cleaning the fuel strainer. You won’t need to spend more time troubleshooting like you did with your old generator.

This generator produces 9,000 surging wattage and 7,000 running wattage with gasoline as its fuel. Two methods of starting up the machine: recoil and electric start, will not burden you when you need a back-up ASAP. In addition, you should remember WEN if you want to bring a power machine for outdoor use as it is easy to bring along. Why so, it has a wheel kit to maximize its portability.

Honda EU7000iS

Honda EU7000iS - 7000 Watt Generators

Ferocious in red and black, this luxury generator is the greatest pick from this best 7000 watt generators list if you want a gigantic running hour with a quiet machine noise. It produces much lower noise: 52-58 decibels; hence it’s why it can be considered as a super quiet generator. It has a huge starting wattage of 7,000 watts and rated wattage of 5,500 watts.

What’s more from this soon-to-launch generator is, with a quarter loads, you can expect 16 running hours. It has a lot to offer, such as monitoring LCD to show you the wattage use and running hours; availability to set it parallel, easy portability with a handle and wheel kit, and also two methods of starting: recoil and electric.

Sportsman Gen7500DF

Sportsman Gen7500DF - 7000 Watt Generators

Placed last on this best 7000 watt generators list is Sportsman Gen7500DF. This generator is a hybrid one, meaning that it is powered by two types of fuel, propane and gasoline. As it comes with two kinds of fuel, it means this Sportsman generator also has two distinct running hours at half load: nine hours for gasoline, and 5 hours with a full, 20-lbs propane tank.

It may be a bit louder than the aforementioned generators as it produces 80 dBA, but if you want to purchase a generator that owns a decent amount of wattage, Sportsman Gen7500DF is also recommended. Its maximum surging wattage, 7,500 watts (gasoline) and 6,700 watts (propane), is ready to take up several TVs or at least two washing machines to operate all at once.

To wrap this up, aside from thinking about choosing one from the best 7000 watt generators, you should also consider several other things. These will include the specifications of the generator itself and also your budget. You may think of getting the best one in the market, but if your bank account says no, what can you expect? So, this is why these two should be in your upmost list of consideration before purchasing a generator.

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