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Generator Enclosure: How to Pick the Best and Find Which One You Need

A generator is likely a very strong system server that is unfortunately pretty weak and not resistant towards the weather. At most points, the generator is easily broken down because of the weather. To prevent the generator from being exposed to the weather thus stopping the durability, an enclosure shall help do the job. But, do you know how to choose and pick up the best generator enclosure? Or are you completely zero about the lore?

Generator Enclosure

What Is A Generator Enclosure?

An enclosure for a generator, as being said, is a protector for a generator to expand its durability during use, especially when it works in the industrial environment. It started when factories were starting to move their generators outside the building to expand the space but soon found out that the generator could not handle the weather, dust, and other pollution pretty well after a few days.

But now, since the existence of enclosure fabric, box, or other material made, a generator can live up longer. If you are planning to have a generator then you will need an enclosure as well. In addition to not only to prevent it from pollution but to reduce the sound it makes during the job. Generators tend to make loud noises, therefore a closure box shall very much help prevent noise pollution.

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How to Choose the Best Enclosure for Your Generator

Now that you have decided to get yourself a generator and the protector, this is what you should watch for picking one enclosure you need best. Keep in mind that we are looking for something that can shield the generator from pollution, and something to drop the noise. This ‘something’ must be worth the money you are going to spend. Because an enclosure for a generator shall work for months, even a couple of years.

Make Sure You Find Weatherproof Enclosure

This is what you should look up first. The enclosure should be weatherproof to avoid the generator from being exposed to the rain or a very dusty day. Better if it was not made by woods, since termites like to live in woods. Especially if it is a damp wood. Wooden made enclosure is not only unresistant towards termites but also living a shorter life unless it is a very expensive and high-quality kind of wood such as original teak wood.

The Enclosure Box Should be Bigger than the Generator

It is important to find a bigger enclosure for a generator. Find the biggest one you can afford. Your generator should be easy to go in and also out and find as few problems as possible to reduce minor breakdowns. The enclosure also should have sufficient space for the generator to fit inside, along with cables that are connected to the generator.

Find Box That Is Lockable and Secure

It is really important to find a generator proof box that is lockable. Generators can be really dangerous for kids; thus, you will not want your children to have access to the generator. Generators also lately have been thieves’ targets. Therefore, you might want to make better security for your generator.

Lockable and aluminum made enclosure boxes shall do the job. But, make sure that aluminum is inflammable and also will not rust. Some experts also recommend you to have a concrete pad as better security.

Make Sure It has Great Ventilation

Your enclosure box should have large ventilation openings. Ventilation shall help reduce exhaust heat that will lead to an overheated generator because it will dissipate your engine.

Talking about overheated conditions, it is also important to keep out any bad temperature that comes from the weather or season outside. Better ventilation should be equipped with hoods to prevent insects, birds, termites, and raindrops from the generator.

Easy Access

The next criterion of a good enclosure box is that it is accessible by adults. It can have a large top that can be opened by lifting-up. A door on the front side of the box is also needed for easier access just in case your generator needs maintenance.

Also, make sure that you have a fan guard, such as a cage shape. It will help you reduce any injury possibilities if you tend your generator.

Types of Portable Enclosures for Generator

There are at least two types of enclosure boxes for generators. A portable enclosure is much better, for its flexibility and functions. In case you will have to move your generator somewhere else, this type of enclosure will not be a problem at all.

First Type: Solid Storage Sheds

The first enclosure can be just an easy, simple storage shed that you usually keep your garden tools or mini-warehouse outside the house. There is nothing wrong with using it as an enclosure box, for you will not have to buy a new one, and yet it has good security for your generator. Only a few adjustments are needed. Such as enough ventilation for air circulation. You can make some holes, for instance, like ventilation.

Not only is it weatherproof, but it is also safer from thieves since you can easily lock it up. And what kind of thieves would look up to a warehouse of gardening tools? Not that they want to steal your compos. Last but not least, a warehouse was always made soundproof. Voila!

Second Type: Generator Tent

A generator tent is not a box, for it is only a cover. But, do not hesitate too quickly, because this enclosure can be a good shelter.

You will have to put the tent around your generator and zip it. Generator tent is very weatherproof, yet still has enough ventilation and air circulation inside it. It is very recommended for those who are bringing generators for trips or short occasions.

And, that it is! Tips on how to choose the right generator enclosure, and two types of enclosure or protector for a generator you can use daily or occasionally.

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