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Champion Generators: Why Is It a Good Deal?

Champion Generator – Their yellow and black appearance may look like a honey bee. However, their powerful performance doesn’t suit to be equalized as the little animal. Meet Champion generators – established in 2003 under the company of Champion Power Equipment, these generators do not only stand out because of its unique looks. They also come with outstanding features, given that the generators are portable generators which are equipped with dual fuel engines. What else make these generators stand out? Let’s check out the review below.

Who Makes Champion Generators?

As mentioned earlier, Champion generators are designed and manufactured by the Champion Power Equipment Inc. Not only that, the company is also self-distributing their products. The company has been on business since 2003 and is a California-based one.

Besides generators, Champion Power Equipment also creates and sells transfer pumps, winches, engines, pressure washers, log splitters – including all their spare parts and accessories. Since their establishment, the company has been establishing several branch offices in other states, like in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Jackson (Tennessee) nationwide. Foreign offices are found in Toronto and Zhejiang (PRC).

Where Are Champion Generator Built?

Champion generators have been known mostly in USA, but their popularity does not stop there. Many households rely their electricity power back-up on these generators. No wonder, their generators are considered as one of the best generators.

Some of their users may wonder from where their favorite generators come from. Champion generators are manufactured and built in China, but the concept is originally from the team in Milwaukee and Jackson. This means, China is only the place where the parts are assembled.

Despite the common stigma that China products are low in both price and quality, the team ensures that every product coming out is on their prime condition and quality. So, people don’t have to worry about that. Isn’t it already proven that Champion generators are not a bad brand despite of it being made in China?

Is Champion a Good Generator Brand?

Champion Power Equipment lets their product speaks for themselves. With the similar features, Champion does not play lazily when it comes to rivalry. More affordable price is one of their extra points. Besides, its maintenance, as well as the cost of ownership cost a fraction than those with larger names.

Despite being relatively new in the industry, Champion generators don’t go short of customers. Most of them are the ones who are after a short investment of generators (2 or 3 years) with dependable performance.

champion generator

Talking about this, then you may need to see people’s review on the product. Take a look at one type of their generators, let’s say – the Champion 3000-watt portable generator. The product itself has been scored globally as 4.6 out of 5. Doesn’t it sound assuring enough?

Why Buy a Champion Generator?

Are you still unsure about its performance? Below is the reason why you should buy Champion generators. The choice of type is all yours to be made, but there are several aspects you might need to know in general.

Cheap price

Champion Power Equipment’s generator is one of the cheapest among all generators. This means a lower-end household is the target market of it.

Hybrid generators

Their generators are hybrid ones, meaning that they are dual-fueled. This will account to the generator’s efficiency as well as cost reducing. Although not all type of their generators are hybrid, their hybrid options make it easy to cut the expenses while providing the electricity back up for your house.

Compact size

Some of them come in a compact size. If you are a solo homeowner who doesn’t like to go ‘weightlifting’ a generator, their compact-sized generators are your best pick. Some of them are hybrid as well; making you filled enough with two options of fuel: gasoline or propane. Choose whichever benefits you (and your pocket of course).

Inverter generators

High decibel count (read: noisy) generators are not your only problem – many generator users are facing this problem. That’s why the company comes up with an idea to make inverter generators. The special thing about this is their capability to reduce the machine sound the generator creates.

Wattage variation

Ranging from 2000 watt to 7000 watt, the generators come with broad variation of wattage. This allows its users to choose whichever suits their use. A household with minimum number of things needed to be electricized, or probably an outdoor-based project with heavy duties? Champion generators can be your choice.

Stringent QC

Despite the product being manufactured in China, the team takes it very seriously when it comes to quality checking. Once it passes the QC, then the following is the shipment – one step closer to you.

Customer support

Whatever the problem is, as long as it is related to the Champion generator, the customer service will stand by 24/7 for you. Feel free to knock them via email, chat, or phone – the team will be ready to help.

Features of Champion Generators

There are many types of Champion generators, so below you will see 3 types of their generators chosen merely based on its wattage.

1. Champion 4000W Inverter

Wattage                        : 4000 watts

Voltage                         : 120 V (AC)

Starting type                 : manual (recoil)

Fuel                              : gasoline only

25% run hour                : 17 hours (this is one of the best type in terms of running hour)

Weight                          : 81.6 lbs (relatively lighter than the ones with lower wattage)

2. Champion 7500W Portable Dual-Fuel Generator

Wattage                        : 7500 watts

Voltage                         : 120/240V

Weight                          : 202.4 lbs (portable, equipped with two wheels)

Starting type                 : recoil and electric

Fuel                              : gasoline and propane (LPG); propane hose is included

Run time                       : 5.5 hours (propane, 0.5 load), 8.0 hours (gasoline, 0.5 load)

3. Champion 2000W Stackable Generator (inverter, portable)

Wattage                        : 2000 watts

Voltage                         : 12V DC

Weight                          : 48.5 lbs

Starting type                 : manual (recoil)

Fuel                              : gasoline

25% run time                 : 9.5 hours

Noise level                    : 53.0 dBA (one of the lowest noise level among all generators by Champion)

Well, that’s a little information you might need to know about Champion generators. The product can be a good deal as a power-supplying device – especially for domestic use. As mentioned earlier, their price is cheaper than many other generators, making it perfect for lower-end users.

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