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Complete Buying Guide to Powermate Generators

Powermate has already been a leading name in its respective industry for about half a century for now. It provides both the professional and household needs for water pumps, generators, air tools, power equipment, compressors, and so many more. Powermate generators, specifically, have been bringing quality products and innovation to the customers.

History of Powermate Generators

First of all, it must be understood that Powermate is not a stand-alone company. Instead, it’s actually a massive lineup that comprised of power products, which the owner of license is Pramac. Pramac is a company that produced a wide range of products. In fact, its parent company is actually from Europe and is based on Italy. However, their registration is still on Illinois, USA.

powermate generators

Pramac has long history and plenty of experiences under its belt, that allow them to develop exclusive product lineups that can match up, even surpass the standard of this industry. The happening of This crucial point of collaboration was in 2009. Now they have achieved a wider market by expanding to Europe, instead of available only in the region of North America.

So, where are the manufacture of these Powermate generators actually? The company actually gets their components by using sources from other best generators manufacturers across the world, such as Honda, Yamaha, and many others. The generator engineers and designers from Powermate use the top engine makers to create a reliable and durable outcome.

One of the biggest advantages upon the fact that Powermate uses several different manufacturers as their source is that their customers can find spare parts and components to replace without any difficulty – especially as huge name like Honda and Yamaha has spread on practically all countries in the world.

Reasons to Buy Powermate Generators

Powermate generators have a broad range of electric capability from 1,000W to 12,000W. The meaning of full range of model is to offer customers with different requirement for self-sufficient source of power in times of emergency circumstances or recreational situations.

All of the generator models come with advanced technology features, such as automatic transfer switch. This feature works by consistently monitoring utility power supply. It gives command to start generator engine and send energy whenever there’s a sags, surge, spike, or blackout happen. A transition power is implanted on the generator as well. This is to halt the unit’s operation whenever the utility power comes back. Other beneficial feature is Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). It is a feature that controls voltage electronically, to prevent the risk of your unit from damaged.

Besides these great features that come with the units, here are several more reasons to purchase Powermate generators:

  1. There are four lineups of generator types according to their usability to suit with your needs.
  2. The design and manufacture of this unit is exclusively to comply with environmental regulations in the United States.
  3. Most of the models has two convenient starting mechanisms, manual recoil starter and electric system.
  4. The manufacturing of these units uses quality components from top companies such as Yamaha, Honda, Subaru and Mitsubishi.
  5. For safety purpose, Powermate generators have iconic bright red design so the generators are easy to spot.

Powermate Generators Product Types

There are different models of Powermate generators, which you may choose depending on your usage purpose, locations, and the amount of power that you need. The company presents everything that you want in a generator unit and anything in-between.

The generators that are created by Powermate differ in power, phase types (single, three, or single/three phase types), and starting mechanism (conventional, electrical, conventional/electrical starter). Here are some of their independent power-supply products types:

1. Portable Generators

These portable Powermate generators have high output, so you are able to rely on them in times that you require power backup source. They are also built by using engines and parts from respected brands. Portable units are perfect for both household and jobsite purposes. The activation of this unit is electrically by using key. There’s also portability kit available that contains double-fold handles and pneumatic tires.

2. Home Standby Generators

Even though these units have the largest built compared to the rest of Powermate generators, the home standby generators still have compact body with quality components that cater even to the highest standard. The units use world-leading engines so they sure are designed to be durable for as long as possible.

3. Inverter Generators

Being the latest advance in the industry, the units bring inverter technology to produce more stable power. They generate clean power to supply sensitive devices such as laptop or smartphones through USB ports. Powermate offers eco-mode, in which the engine speed can be adjusted to save more fuel while lessen the noise level. With compact and lightweight body frame, these inverter generators are easy to bring anywhere, even to the places where high level of noise is not allowed.

4. Dual-fuel Generators

As the name implied, the units with dual fuel Powermate generators have capability to operate on gasoline and propane. The series of dual fuel models from Powermate allows you to prefer the fuel source according to your current conditions and needs. These generators are able to run longer than their counterparts due to this advantage and give better user experience. That’s why they are ideal as well to bring on outdoor events or as emergency backup in household.

Are Powermate Generators Worth to Purchase?

The fact that Powermate has been a household name in USA for a long time is one of the reasons why the brand becomes a popular choice for so many. The design of their products are to bring convenient power supply for diverse purposes such as recreation, residential, industrial, and commercial uses.

Another benefit the customers get from the generator units are easy maintenance. Powermate produces equipment with good money value, fuel efficiency, great safety and reliability, practicality, and high portability compared to other brands.

All of the Powermate generators have been tested extensively. They also backed up by years of warranty, so in case you find any issue with your unit, you’d be able to easily visit service centers all across the country. Just visit official website of Powermate by Pramac to find further information about service center locations.

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