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Why Should You DIY Solar Generator and What To Prepare?

Currently, people are starting to use a solar power generator for its more efficient use, investment, and other reasons. But, we all know how much it costs to buy a solar generator, especially when you cannot buy only a smaller size. It is unnecessary when you are not using the generator a lot. To prevent spending too much money on something you do not need, why not consider making your DIY solar generator?

DIY solar generator

7 Reasons Why You Need to Make Your DIY Solar Generator

There are at least 7 reasons why people are choosing solar generators rather than gas generators. Maybe, you want to check this out.

1. Solar Generator is not only safer but also better for the earth than a gas generator

Currently, eco-friendly has been a massive lifestyle around the world for its various advantages for the earth. Then, if you are planning to follow this healthy lifestyle, you might want to start looking for an eco-friendly and safer generator rather than gas, which is a solar generator.

Solar generators are an easy to use yet also renewable energy option because the source of the energy comes from the sun. Also, because they are solar energy, they are safer for you, both indoor or outdoor use for a year. Meanwhile, gas generators which were made from fossils, are likely causing fires or leaks and will cause dangers.

2. Faster charging than other generators

The next reason why you should use a solar generator instead of another generator is that it is faster in charging. It only needs 12 hours or less to fully charge while the other generator needs more.

But, if you are DIY your solar generator, the charging time will increase dramatically therefore it is very efficient for emergencies or even standard use.

3. It is worth the lifetime

When you first find out how much a solar generator costs, you will likely think how much it costs, compared to a gas generator. But, once you know that the solar panels can live up for years, at least over 2 decades with very less maintenance cost, you will realize it will save you lots of money.

The only maintenance you need is to check the panels after heave weather changes, clean them annually, only checking the sunlight obstruct towards the photovoltaic cells. Those do not cost a lot of money, compared to gas generators. Yet, it lasts longer.

4. You will know how to repair it if needed

Buying yourself a solar generator is easier, yes. But when you have to repair it, you will have no idea how to do it. Otherwise, if you make it all yourself. You know how it works, how wires and cables connected, how it produces electricity, etc.

Not that solar generators need a lot of repairs, but let’s say this is the worst scenario situation. This will make you save lots of money rather than spend it on something you do not need.

5. Generator sold on the store does not fit your needs

When you make your generator, you can calculate how much power you need. While if you make yourself a generator, you can make a generator that fits what you need exactly, rather than just an “average” power.

6. It gives satisfaction

When you make your generator and it works, you will be very satisfied that your hard work is paid off and now you can enjoy it as much as you want. It is a reward that will make you happy and proud of yourself. While making it, you can also spend some quality time with your spouse and kids, as a team.

7. At some point, it is less expensive

A solar generator that you build all by yourself sometimes can cost less money if you even create the pieces and the components all by yourself. You can calculate how many components you need and arrange it all together to make something you are going to use.

Now, what should you prepare to make your solar generator?

Prepare This to Make You a Solar Generator

There are brief, easy, basic steps to make your solar generator. These steps are pretty handy and handleable for beginners.

1. Calculate how much energy do you need

First of all, is to take a deep look at how much energy you need for your home. You can either follow the energy bill you usually pay or calculate all the energy you usually need manually and decide then.

2. Choosing supplies carefully and invest in quality

If you are truly planning to have solar energy that lasts for at least 2 decades, make sure you choose the supply of the components carefully. Find the best supply that fits your solar generator project and invest more in the quality.

Pay attention to ratings, wattage, warranty of the components, and try to gather all the best you can afford. Do not settle for less.

3. Check on the parts of the components

Before setting it all together, you might want to check every component per one, to make sure you know which one works properly, or which one you should be aware of for its instability. Doing this also will make you construct the generator safely.

4. Make blueprints if possible

If you want to make your solar generator more delicate, you can try to make a blueprint first as the main plan.

5. Connecting the wire

If you are done, you will next connect all the wire. Be careful about doing this. If you fail on any attempt, a bad result will only be an unworking device. Worse is it can strike you a bit.

6. Plug the device in

When your kit is pretty set up, you can test your solar generator. If it works properly the way you want it to be, you can next put it into the shelter or on the rooftop and use it for the next two decades!

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