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Duromax Generators with Powerful Engine and High-Tech Features

You can get more electricity to power your appliances and tools at home with Duromax generators. Before buying, you should consider the power and capacity you need. The lineup has various capacities from small to the biggest one that can supply the entire building even residential area. However, the product is still considered portable because you may move it around in stationary dock, and place it where you need it.

Who makes Duromax generators?

Duromax generators are available in store as the top product. You can purchase and get it easily. Manufacturer provides warranty and support. Moreover, customers also receive extra package to ensure the generator will run properly.

Duromax generators

The principal manufacturer is Duromax Power Systems. The company has the headquarter office in Ontario and California. In general, the product is intended for USA and Canada markets. On the other side, others from abroad, especially Europe and Asia are also capable to place an order. They will send generators directly to the intended location.

Is Duromax a good generator brand?

The generator is not product that people buy every day. Moreover, it is dedicated for specific purpose and only certain customers will purchase it. It does not mean you cannot get the best product. In fact, Duromax is considered the top brand. More people who buy is the solid proof that Duromax generators are capable to fulfill more functions.

The brand represents the product and company. In general, most people do not care much about the brand as long as the product is excellent. After seeing the quality and capability of Duromax, you will consider this is the best thing you can get. Therefore, Duromax generators are more than a brand, but the quality and ultimate product.

Why Buy a Duromax Generator?

The next section will explain why you need the generator from Duromax. Check the following list for more explanation.

Power backup

Duromax is the right choice when you need the power backup at home. It is reliable to support most of your appliances. Moreover, you may add it to extend the electricity capacity. When the main source is not enough, the home must get it from alternative. This is when you utilize Duromax generators.


Camping is enjoyable and exciting activity. In general, people go camping without carrying too much stuff, including electrical appliances. However, you may do another type of camping where you and friends want to enjoy nature, but still feel like at home. In this case, you can bring camping vehicle and the generator will supply the electricity.

Outdoor event

Outdoor events always use generators to get more power. The tools, appliances, stages, and more things must receive the power immediately. Without them, your event cannot run properly. You may use generators with more capacity to handle the entire event from beginning until the end of session.

Emergency power source

The most common reason why you buy generator is for emergency power source. The function is quite similar to power backup. On the other side, it is only applicable when the main power is down, and your situation is completely off the grid.

Building and offices

More buildings use power and prepare generators as backup. Some offices cannot afford to lose the power even only one second. The obvious example is in the hospital where most of devices must be ready anytime without losing the power. Hospital can use Duromax generators with various capacities.


Another place which utilizes generator is in the workshop. As similar to office and building, you may have workshop that replies too much on electricity. When the power is off, the activity is completely stopped.

Construction project

Some projects require additional power, such as construction. This kind of project includes machinery and devices that must receive the power constantly. With portable generator from Duromax, you do not need to worry about the power sources anymore.

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Features of Duromax Generators

People buy Duromax generators because they get more features and capabilities. To know more about them, check the following list

Various capacity

Duromax produces several models with various capacities. Customers can get the smallest one that’s enough for home power backup. It is reliable for small need of power. If you want more electricity, Duromax also has more capacity, such as 5,000 watt, and the biggest one is 15,000 watt. That’s more than enough to power a building.

Powerful engine

Each model has powerful engine. The company conducts extensive research to find the most reliable engine for generators. The result is what you can see from Duromax generators.

Power surge arrest

The next feature is the power surge arrest. It is safety measure to protect the engine and connection from power surge. For you information, this one is applied automatically. When the surge arise, the generator will perform the protection measure.

Hybrid fuel

The old generator still relies on diesel as fuel. Duromax realizes that such engines has more issues and cannot last longer. As solution, the new generator will use the fuel from gasoline and propane gas. If you do not know which one is the best, the company provides solution. The generators have hybrid fuel. You can use either propane or gasoline to generate the power.

Digital control and panel

The product has digital control and panel. With this feature, you can operate and manage the engine effectively. It is a part of advanced support. Users may control almost anything, including the power level, capacity, fuel indicator, etc.

Solid built and metal construction

From exterior, you can see that Duromax generators have solid built. The company also utilizes metal construction to support engine. It is strong and durable, especially when you use it for outdoor. Moreover, the product has dock and wheeler where you can attach on the towing part in the back of vehicle.

Eco-friendly emission

The last thing why you pick this generator is eco-friendly emission. It does not exhaust excessive smoke since the fuel is considered much efficient. Moreover, the noise is low and you do not need to worry about sound. If you want the quiet one, add external cover.

More about Duromax Generators

From above sections, you know why more people decide to buy Duromax generators. You can put it in the good use during any situation. Furthermore, the product is durable and easy to clean. You just buy one, and it will last longer.

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