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DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator With Optimum Power Performance

It is rare to find portable generators with construction that comes hand in hand with power. Most manufacturers choose to take shortcuts in terms of materials or motors used in order to limit the expense and the size. However, that doesn’t mean it is entirely possible to find a device with optimum power performance and robust working frame. DuroMax XP10000E is a movable electric generator that can provide both.

DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000E Overview

DuroMax XP10000E is an ideal unit to use both for residential and commercial purposes. It excels at supplying 8,000W of constant power with peak ability to deliver 10,000W by its air cooled 18 horsepower OHV engine. This gasoline-powered engine allows the users to use manual and electric start. It also equipped with capability to suppress spark and exhaust – which already EPA approved and suited with requirements of US National Park.

Aiming for versatility, it features five different sockets at the front panels. There are two 20-amp, 120V, 3-prong; one 30-amp 120V twist-lock; one 30-amp 120/240V twist-lock; one 50-amp 120/240V heavy duty; and one 10-amp, 12V utility. That means you’d be able to choose to operate it at 120V or 120/240V by using voltage regulator or DuroMax RV Switch. The batteries have automatic starter system, and you can use recoil pull cable if you want to start it up when it’s not fully charged.

Given its powerful ability, you might expect this generator unit to be big, heavy, and loud. Even though it is quite huge and heavy for a standard of portable machine, it is absolutely not loud when operating. The sound it produces is comparable to lawnmower, so there is no need to worry about contributing to noise pollution to your surroundings even if you take it along on outdoor trip or inside your RV.

DuroMax implemented a safety shut-off switch, to prevent this generator from operating after using too much fuel. It will automatically stop running in case there’s not enough fuel available inside the tank. It also has options of manual or electric starter system.

This unit is such a perfect setup if you want to have power backup supply in your home, but is not sure enough on investing a standby generator. It also ideal to use on areas that are prone to disaster as there is a higher chance of facing power blackout. Another example of great usage placement is on large construction site to activate circular saws, air compressors, drills, and welders.

DuroMax XP10000E Specifications

Here are the specifications of DuroMax XP10000E:

  1. Running watts               : 8,000W
  2. Starting watts                : 10,000W
  3. Engine horsepower        : 18 hp
  4. Fuel tank capacity         : 8.3 gallons
  5. Run time                       : 10 hours at 50% Load
  6. Dimensions                   : 30 x 29 x 26 inches
  7. Weight                          : 218 pounds
  8. Starting methods           : Manual and electric
  9. Outlets                          : 120V two 20-amp, 3-prong; 120V one 30-amp twist-lock; 120/240V one 30-amp twist-lock; one 50-amp 120/240V heavy duty; and one 10-amp, 12V utility
  10. Warranty                       : A Year Limited Warranty

DuroMax XP10000E Features

Below the several key features of DuroMax XP10000E:

  • Well-built engine from DuroMax manufacturer – this unit is powered by 18 hp and 440cc OHV DuroMax engine. 
  • Advanced MX2 Technology – this exclusive technology from DuroMax ensures that you get optimum power from all the available outlets by allowing you to switch between 120V and 120/240V power requirements when operating generator.
  • High generated power – due to 8,000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts, it is capable to supply lights to heavy loads appliances, from lamps, air conditioner, refrigerator, and many other.
  • Automatic low oil shut-off – get safety protections for your investment by utilize the self-deactivating system when the generator senses that it has low amount of oil.
  • Idle control – ability of lowering its revolutions per minute (RPM) when the unit is not in use, resulting in reducing noise and saving fuel, making it highly efficient to use on  job sites with intermittent power usage.

Pros and cons


  1. It is one of the most powerful machines in its class, considering it has 8.0000 running wattage and 18 horsepower.
  2. It has 5 different power outlets, making it a highly versatile portable generator unit.
  3. The starting methods are very user-friendly, because it allows choosing between manual recoil mechanism or electrical start-up.
  4. It has long operating time, with 10 hours runtime at 50% on full tank so you will have more than enough time to get any type of task that stored done.


  1. Compared to other portable generators, it is much larger in size and heavier in weight.
  2. The placement of negative battery terminal is difficult to reach; you have to remove the clamp side panel and slides out the battery.


This portable unit is a heavy-duty generator than can deliver a maximum performance in terms of power. It also carries top-notch versatility and usability, so there are no way you will be disappointed if you decided to purchase it. The excellent range of outlets lets you to make it suitable for whichever types of power supplying it has to perform. 

Right from the start, you’d appreciate by the simplicity of operation procedure and maintenance requirement that this generator has. The electric start comes handy, but not without recoil start for backup scenarios. Considering its capability to muster out up to 10,000 surge watts, it doesn’t operate noisily at all. The 10 hours runtime combined with its 8.3 gallons full tank capacity gives plenty time to rest between tank refills. DuroMax XP10000E is the best example when it comes to conventional generator if you were compared it with other newer models. It is able to generate more electricity that can support an entire home, so no wonder it has gotten heaps of great rating and reviews from users that have purchased and tried it. The quality beneficial features are ideal whether you use it for home or job-site usage. In short, it is a product with great money value that worth each of the dollar.

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