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DuroMax XP2200EH: Specs, Features and More

DuroMax XP2200EH is one of the best products from this brand. As we all know, generator is now something everyone needs. It works as a power source when you are not having any access to regular electricity power source. This works as well as backup power source, just in case there is a blackout in your area. For more information about this DuroMax product, you can read them down below,

DuroMax XP2200EH Basic Information

These are some of the basic explanations about the generator. You can read everything that you need to know about this DuroMax XP2200EH on the information down below. It will give you the opportunity to get to know the product even better. Find out the product specs at a glance right now before making any moves on purchasing them.

DuroMax XP2200EH

Well, this generator is a portable generator. It is very lightweight for its kind but it can produce tons of power as well. Many people consider this generator as the digital inverter portable generator. About the power, the generator has the ability to produce massive power. The highest power that can be produced by the generator is around 2,200 watts, and it is massive enough to power up tons of things in the household.

The best usage of this generator is for portable purposes. If you have RV or any moving vehicle that needs electricity, this generator is going to be great for power up the whole thing. The portability allows the generator to be used for camping, tail gating and more. Moreover, for the type of fuel, DuroMax is prominent for its dual fuel technology. This product is completed by that features as well. It is completed by the ability to run on both gasoline and propane. You can switch between two sources of power easily.

Key Features

DuroMax XP2200EH

For the features, DuroMax XP2200EH has a lot of features. You will have to read every single one of them down below. It will help everyone to understand how good this product is. It is surely completed by tons of useful features to make sure that the generator can work well every time you need them. Here they are.

  1. Power on the Go – The portability of this generator is quite massive. You can rely on the power and bring them with you all the time. The design of the product is also ergonomic, making the fact that carrying them around is very easy.
  2. Inverter Technology – Surely, one of the best features owned by the DuroMax XP2200EH is the inverter technology. The power produced by the generator is clearer and safer for small gadgets and sensitive appliances in the household.
  3. Noise Reducing Technology – The generator has noise reducing technology. It eliminates buzzing noise and any disturbing noise and it won’t bother your surroundings.
  4. Automatic Shutting Technology – When the oil is low, the generator is going to activate the automatic shutting technology. You won’t damage the machine by doing so. It will also remind you to fill up the oil and to maintain the generator to work well all the time.
  5. 3 Year Warranty – Do not worry when the generator is broken before 3 years of purchasing as this product is protected by 3 years limited warranty. You can claim the warranty easily when the product does not work well.

Specs Information

For the spec information, you can read them right here. It is including the specs on the power for each type of fuel and the information about the product specification. For those who need to buy a generator and considering this DuroMax XP2200EH for the option, here is the summary of the specs that you need to know.

1. Power Specifications (Using Gasoline)

As you can tell, the DuroMax XP2200EH generator can run on the gasoline and on propane. When they run on gasoline, here is the power spec about it.

  • Peak Watts = 2,000 watts
  • Running Watts = 1,800 watts

2. Power Specifications (Using Propane)

Propane is also the source of power that can be used on this DuroMax XP2200EH generator. If you tend to use propane, here is the power spec:

  • Peak Watts= 2,090 watts
  • Running Watts = 1,710 watts

3. Product Specifications

Before getting the product, it is better for you to understand the product specs. Some of the most essential specs are included on the information down below.

  • Voltage = 120V
  • Start Type = Electric start
  • Horsepower = 3 HP
  • Engine Type and Size = 80 cc 4-cycle air-cooled spark-ignition
  • Product Weight= approximately 20 lbs
  • Fuel Type = dual fuel (gasoline and propane)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity= 1,2 gallons

Pros and Cons

There must be pros and cons for every product. You should be able to figure out the pros and the cons of the DuroMax XP2200EH on the information down below. Use the information to consider your decision about purchasing or not purchasing the generator.


Thankfully, a lot of people find that there are tons of pros about this DuroMax XP2200EH generator. Some of them are:

  • It has inverter technology, producing clean power
  • The weight is less than 46 lbs, perfect for portable usage (camping etc)
  • It comes with big power, producing 2,200 watts
  • It has very quiet operation
  • Ergonomic design is completed by handle on the top
  • It has 7 hours runtime on full tank
  • It comes with 3 years warranty included
  • Paralleling feature is available


According to several reviews, the cons of the products are so few. Here is one of them:

  • Only have 1 type of outlet (120 V 20A GFCI outlet)

Final Conclusion

The review is done for now. It has tons of things for you to understand and if you have read them, you will easily figure out that there are a lot of good things about this generator that may bring benefits for the owner. This is the reason why you should be able to get the DuroMax XP2200EH if you want to buy a generator anytime soon.

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