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Durostar DS4000S Features and Qualities Review

Durostar DS4000S Overview         

Durostar is one of the best value and high purchasing power in the market because it has a lot of power as well as great performance. It has a very affordable price and a powerful generator that can help you to keep important devices running in the event of a power loss. Also, it can be a useful tool to be used in locations where there is no power source.

This Durostar has components that are strong and built solidly. This generator has a steel frame that is strong and tough and can handle anything and makes this generator the right choice for easy transport to various workplaces. DS4000S also has an optional wheel kit which is very easy to install. The Durostar DS4000S wheel kit includes tires, braces, screws, and also a pull handle which is very easy to put together in only about 15 minutes.

Durostar DS4000S features

Durostar DS4000S review

Durostar DS4000S uses ordinary gasoline which can be inserted into a 4-gallon tank. In a fully loaded state, you can easily use the operating time for approximately 8 hours which has a 50% load, and burn it cleanly and efficiently. It features an EZ-pull start reverse system which makes it easy to crank if you are not strong.

DS4000S generator can also operate at 3,300 watts constantly running and has 2 areas for you to connect 120V, 2-amp, 3 forked items and has one 120V, 30-amp rotary key. Apart from that, one of the features of the Durostar DS4000S is the safety of the generator which has an automatic low oil stop which can be used to protect the motor from damage and it is also air-cooled so you won’t feel worried about causing it to overheat.

Durostar DS4000S is made by using a strong steel frame to surround and also hold the motor which is located at four different points of contact. The mount of the bike is also properly insulated which can provide quiet running capability and exhaust that can muffle the engine sound.

Durostar DS4000S specifications

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 23 x 18 x 17.5 inc
  • Weight: 94 Lb 
  • Engine: 208 cc DuroStar OHV 4-tak
  • Starting system: Recoil
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 4 Gall
  • Voltage: AC:120 Volt 60 Hz
  • Running watts: 3300 W
  • Starting watts: 4000 W
  • Run time @50 load: 12 hour
  • Accessories included: Tool kit and funnel
  • Warranty : 3 years

Pros & Cons of Durostar DS4000S


  • Durostar has the convenience of being gas-powered and has 8 hours of run time. 
  • Also, it has ample outlets for the generator and has wheels that can be added for easy portability, has a strong steel frame for durability. 
  • This Durostar has a limited warranty of 1 year, apart from that it has gas that can be drained easily just by removing the petcock which is near the carburetor as well as quiet operation with most expectations. 


  • The problem that can occur is that it will not produce as much power as other generators and is certainly effective. 
  • Incompatible with carbohydrates and there are no splash arrestors. Requires frequent oil changes and is not recommended for electronics.


For those of you who don’t know about the Durostar DS4000S, maybe the explanation above can help you to increase your knowledge. This Durostar brand is a product from DuroMax which has been established in 2003. DuroStar DS4000S has a 3-year warranty, so this helps you if there is a problem with the generator.

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