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Ford FG7750PBE Dual Fuel, the Generator with Switch-and-Go Smart Innovation

Although Ford is well-known for being a manufacturer of cars, it seems like the trademarks had expanded to various products, including water pumps, pressure washers, and power equipment. Ford sells relatively cheap power-providing equipment which carries out positive sides and even some revolutionary innovations on the product. Ford FG7750PBE is perfect for those looking for dual-fueled generators, with a pretty decent price and some innovations to be proud of. This article will be reviewing Ford’s dual fuel generator, including the description, features, specifications, price, and also pros-cons.

Ford FG7750PBE Dual Fuel Description

Over a hundred years, Ford has been proving themselves to be one of the prominent manufacturers specializing in the motorized transportation industry, varying from cars to aerospace. The business did expand with now Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator becomes one great choices of generator. Now, let’s zoom in to this generator. Shortly described, Ford’s generator is perfectly matching users who are:

  • Residents in dire need of power back-up provider machines for their essential electrical appliances.
  • Business owners who need power supply for their far from indoor business endeavors.
  • Food truck owners who got limitation access to decent electricity supply.
  • Forestry workers.

Ford FG7750PBE Dual Fuel Features

1. Voltage Output, Wattages, and Running Hours

With this generator, a voltage output of 120/240V can be gained. You can also say that this generator has a good versatility especially for those users previously mentioned. With gasoline as its fuel, Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator produces running wattages of 6,250 watts with its starting wattage of 7,750 watts. Once it is running with liquid propane, the wattage is slightly different, 6,000 running watts with 7,500 as its starting watts.

The running hours of this generator are also dependable on the fuel. With a half-full tank of gasoline, the generator can supply electricity up to 10.5 hours; while it lasts for around eight hours if the machine is running with propane fuel.

2. Switch-and-Go Innovation

Some of you maybe start to ask how one could choose to use specific fuel for the generator. The Switch-and-Go innovation is invented by Ford as its manufacturer allows you to do that. Therefore, choosing a type of fuel will be easily done.

3. Turning on mechanisms

The generator can be started through two mechanisms: the traditional pull-start recoil mechanism, and battery-powered convenient electric starter.

4. Outlets

The Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator provides its users with four outlets. The specification is given as follows:

2 GFCI outlets of 120V 20A; GFCI outlets exist to avoid users from the electrical shock.

1 outlet of 120V 30A Twist-lock, and

1 outlet 120/240V 30 A Twist-lock

5. Portability

This dual fuel generator with an output voltage of 120/240V is portable; the weight is considered average for a generator producing 5,500-6,500 running watts. But as the weight owned by this generator is around 200 lbs, lifting the generator all by yourself will be quite heavy. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides handles and also never-flat 10-inches wheel kit to make its mobility made easy.

6. Designs and dimensions

The generator is suitable to be used in such rough and outdoor environments. With a typical, open-frame design, the size of this machine is 31x23x22 inches. A digital hour meter is also installed to provide its users with information about its running hours. A built-in gauge allows you to take a check on the fuel availability. 

7. Extras

Along with the purchase, the owner’s manual is provided and it can be the users’ aid to operate the Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator properly. It is also stated that funnel, oil, toolkit, and a propane hose are included as well.

8. Emissions

Even though the device is EPA-approved, the generator is equipped with spark arrester. Spark arrester is a feature that helps the device to diminish any particles expelled from the process of internal engine combustion. Hence, this generator can prevent fires from its use, which makes it eligible to be used in forest areas.

9. Price

The price of Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator is ranging in many places, but its average price is around US$899. The price is considered as the average price for generator producing wattage at its range.

Ford FG7750PBE Dual Fuel Specifications

To make it simple, this is the specification of this generator.

  • Frame material                    : Steel
  • Color                                  : Blue
  • Horsepower (hp)                 : 15
  • Engine displacement           : 420 cc
  • Fuel type                            : dual fuel; gasoline and liquid propane (LP)
  • Low oil sensor                     : available
  • Starting type                       : electric (battery-powered) and pull-start mechanism
  • Running/rated wattage         : 6,000-6,250 W depending on the fuel
  • Surged/starting wattage       : 7,500-7,750 W depending on the fuel
  • Warranty                             : 2 years

Pros and Cons


Ford FG7750OBE dual fuel generator has the following features:

  1. Switch-and-go feature
  2. Dual fuel
  3. Electric start
  4. GFCI outlets
  5. Extra accessories included per purchase


  • Its weight

If weight becomes your ultimate consideration while choosing your generator, then 200 lbs generator like this product isn’t your goal. There are lighter generators that produce similar power, with the lightest weight of 140 lbs only.

  • Noise

This Ford generator emits 76 dBA lowest possible noises. This is noisier than its comparable peers with similar running wattage, while the quietest device can run with only 52 dBA noises to emit.

  • Fuel efficiency

Although its efficiency is quite decent, there are products with lower GPH hence making the machine not fuel-consuming. For your information, this generator runs with 0.63 GPH (gallons per hour) at 50% load, while another product can run with 0.38 fuel consumption only.

  • Running hours

The 10.5 running hours become the lower-tier for this generator. With a comparable output, there are generators out there with longer hours of autonomy, and one of them can run for 15 hours.


Does Ford FG7750PBE dual fuel generator fulfill your need? This generator can be your good choice of power-supplying device suitable for domestic or outdoor use. The price also falls into the lower end category for generators. If you decided to choose this generator, ensure yourself that the features and specifications will meet your need. Moreover, kindly read the user’s manual before using it to avoid misapplication.

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