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Generac GP3600 – 3600 Watt Portable Generator Features And Specifications

Are you looking for a powerful generator for domestic use? Then, Generac GP3600 Portable Generator should be in your list. Generac generators are manufactured by Generac Holdings Inc. or way more well-known as just Generac. The company is popular as one of the longest companies as a generator manufacturer – it was established in 1959. Aside from it being one of the oldest manufacturers, the brand also comes its way as one top brand, thanks mostly for its popularity and people’s trust toward the brand.

Generac GP3600 Description

This black and orange generator is not your ordinary home generator. It can be used for many projects, such as providing electrical power for house appliances during a power outage. It is a portable generator coming with wheels, easing you to mobilize it without much effort.

generac gp3600

Generac GP3600 Portable Generator is also a perfect generator for outdoor use. So, RV (recreational vehicles) travelers who are in dire need of power generating machine can benefit from this generator. Again, thanks to its built-in wheels as well as its lightweight, small events like competitions and concerts may also benefit from this generator.

Generac GP3600 portable generator safety protection system

Generac GP3600 Portable Generator also has fuel gauge. This will enable you to conveniently check the fuel level, so that you can avoid power outage again due to the low fuel level. Its low-oil automatic shut-off will also help protecting your machine from damage.

Another special feature about this generator is its CARB-compliant certification. The certification, which stands for California Air Resources Board compliant, is a certification that ensures that the internal combustion emissions from an equipment’s machine doesn’t go over the track from the CARB’s standard.

Without being CARB-compliant, the machine cannot be sold in California. Now that Generac GP3600 Portable Generator is CARB-compliant, California residents can get this amazing generator for their home use or any outdoor activities which needs power generating machine. Moreover, since this generator provides a spark arrestor, you can keep this machine outdoor without worrying your mind too much – away from the thought of an accident flame.

Generac GP3600 Key Features

Generac GP3600

Features are what make a product special. Talking about Generac GP3600 Portable Generator, there are several points that make this product special from the other.

  • CARB-compliant product – With spark arrestor built in, RV and outdoor generator users may use the product in ease.
  • Steel tube handle – The handle is provided for easy mobilization. Steel material used will make the handle strong enough to carry the generator as a whole. The handle can also be fold-down.
  • OHV engine – This engine features splash lubrication to ensure a lengthy engine life.
  • Never-flat wheels – They are perfect for heavy duty and portability.
  • Automatic shutdown – it can be used in case of low oil detection. This will protect your power-generating machine from any damage caused from low oil.

Generac GP3600 Specification Details


Let’s start the spec talk with knowing the Generac GP3600 weight and dimension. The machine comes with around 105 lbs as its weight, which equals to 48 kg. If you buy the generator online, you might think about its shipping weight. The shipping weight is 7 lbs more, or equals to 112 lbs. As for the length, width, and height, the measurement is 24 x 22.5 x 21.3, all in inches. There is a handle to help you mobilize the machine, so there is also this extended length of 36.5 inches.


Generac GP3600 Portable Generator comes with three models. From those three models, one of them is CSA certified. This generator is running only with gasoline, with the starting wattage of 4500 Watts. As for the running wattage, it comes up to 3600 watts. For ones who hasn’t been used to electric starter, this generator is your good choice. This Generac generator has a starting method of using recoil pull start.

Fuel Tank Capacity

With the fuel tank capacity of 14 L (3.7 gal), you can expect half-tank run time for 9.3 hours. The voltage is 120 VAC with maximum amperage of 30 A. Generac GP3600 Portable Generator also has an OHV (Overhead valve engine) which features splash lubrication. Such splash lubrication will ensure a longer engine life.

Control Panel

Now let’s move on to the machine’s control panel. There’s on/off switch and an hour meter on the left top side of the panel. Adjacent to it, there are two 120V 20A outlets located center. There is another outlet placed right to it, with higher amperage: 30A 120V twist lock outlet. To protect your machine from damage, there are 3 poles of circuit breaker just like the number of its outlets.

Reading a machine’s specification in such text may be difficult for some. So, to sum it up, you can read it below the specification of this Generac GP3600 Portable Generator.

Generac GP3600 Generator Specifications:

  • Starting wattage            : 4500 W
  • Running wattage           : 3600 W
  • Fuel type                      : gasoline only
  • Starting type                 : recoil pull start
  • Noise level                    : no official information – but often it is compared to a lawn mower, which runs at around 90 dB. This generator has a slightly lower than that.
  • Voltage                         : 120 V
  • Amperage                     : 20-30 A
  • Outlet                           : 2 outlets 120 V 20 A, 1 outlet 120 V 30 A, located on the control panel
  • Circuit breaker pole       : available
  • 50% run time                 : 9.3 hours

Weights and Dimensions:

  • Length                          : 24 inches (36.5 inches in extended handle)
  • Width                            : 22.5 inches
  • Height                           : 21.3 inches
  • Weight                          : 105 lbs (unit only), 112 (shipping weight).

Pros and Cons


  • It features the CARB-compliant
  • The device is considered as cheap for its class ($459)
  • It has lightweight design
  • Several kits and accessories are included


  • It has low running hours on 50% fuel. The average is 12 hours but Generac GP3600 Portable Generator runs for only 9.3 hours.
  • It has slightly higher GPH (fuel consumption). This generator consumes 0.4 GPH while the average is 0.37.
  • It is quite noisy for such a low-wattage generator.
  • There’s no electric start, so it may not come in handy for some.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a budget generator, yet still considered as one with good quality, you can expect it from Generac GP3600 Portable Generator. It offers you a plethora of features and good specifications. But still, there are some drawbacks. So, it’s advised to think well before purchasing the product.

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