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Generator for Camping: Best 10 And Tips to Buy

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Buying generator for camping is something a must when you do camping a lot. There are tons of benefits that you can get from bringing a generator to the camp ground. Here, you will learn everything about the backup power source. Everything, starting from the list of its best products today to how to use it on the camp ground will be explained to you down below.

generator for camping

10 Top Options of Generator for Camping Everyone Should Buy

When you are looking for the best generator for camping products, you can find the list down below. Here are best 10 generator for camping. Some of them are using gas as power source but some of them use propane and even battery, too. Here is the list for you to take a look and to eventually choose.

1. Honda EU2200i 2200-watt

Generator for camping

The first generator for camping on this list is from Honda. Without a doubt, a lot of people around the world trust Honda as the brand of a generator. This Japanese manufacturer has been producing tons of equipment for decades and their generator products, including this Honda EU2200i, are just perfect to use.

This product is capable in powering 2,200 Watt to the camp site. The shape is really compact and easy to carry. The product is also very lightweight. Moving the generator around won’t be any problem as they are less than 40lbs in weight. The generator is also very quiet. It works at 48dBA. It won’t bother your neighbor or your surroundings. The product also has parallel feature to let two of these Honda generators to get fused into one and power up together.


  • It generous 2,200 Watts on its power
  • It has small and compact design (16’x20’x11′)
  • Inverter technology is available.
  • It’s very quiet and operates at 48 dBA only.
  • Parallel feature is available and provides power up to 4,400 Watts.
  • It can run for more than 9 hours on a single tank
  • It is lightweight (only 40 lbs) and easy to carry


  • Warranty is not discussed

2. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt

camping generator for camping

If you have been around in generator world for some times, you must be familiar with the brand WEN. Yes, this WEN brand is one of the most famous of all. It has everything you need in a good generator for camping. This WEN 56200i should be your option. This is the perfect generator to bring to on the camp ground.

The generator has numerous amazing features. It is capable to be paralleled with a special kit from WEN. It has long hours for running the power, like more than 9 hours. The wattage is around 2000 Watts and it is all clean inverter energy that is being produced by this generator. This WEN product is also quiet, lightweight and completed by versatile control panel.


  • It has sufficient surge wattage (2000 Watts)
  • Clean inverter energy is safe for electronic
  • It comes with quiet operation, 53 dB only at operation
  • It has lightweight design, less than 50 lbs.
  • Versatile panel makes the operation easier
  • WEN Parallel Kit is available
  • It has long Runtime (9+ hours)


  • It is only available in one casing color (orange)

3. Yamaha EF2400iSHC

Generator for camping

Besides Honda, Yamaha is also one of the best Japanese manufacturers to bring dashing generator product. In average, the Yamaha generators can provide huge power and they are generally completed by a lot of advanced technologies. One of the best options of generator for camping products surely is this Yamaha EF2400iSHC generator.

The product has the ability to power up to 2,400 Watts on its peak. The power it produces is only a clean power so that they will be safer for your delicate gadget and electronics. If you use this product, you won’t be let down by low oil as there is low oil reminder here as well as fuel gauge that will let you see the fuel level.


  • It provides 2,000-2,400 Watts of Power
  • Run time is 8.6 hours
  • It has compact design (21’x17’18’)
  • Low oil reminder is available
  • It produces clean power
  • Fuel gauge is available to see fuel level


  • It is generally heavier (75lbs)

4. Generac 7117 GP2200i

generator for camping

For those who are fans of Generac products, you will have to get one of their generators. Generac is indeed famous for their generator products. One of the best that you can buy is surely the Generac 7117 GP 2200i. This is a stunning product that can easily get labeled as the best generator for camping.

The maximum output for this Generac generator is 2,200 Watts. The generator is completed by Truepower technology which means that the power it produces cleaner and more stable. The run hours are long and more than 10 hours in average. The design is compact and it is extremely lightweight. This product is also completed by noise reduction feature.


  • It has 2,200 Watts maximum output.
  • Truepower technology is available, providing cleaner, more stable power.
  • It has 10+ hours run time at 25% load
  • Noise reduction feature is available
  • It is compact (19′ x 11′ x 17′) and easy-to-carry (with built-in handle)
  • It’s lightweight (46 lbs only)
  • Generator status lights are available
  • Parallel feature is ready.


  • Some buyers consider the noise reduction doesn’t work

5. Westinghouse iGen1200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 

generator for camping

Westinghouse is one of the prominent brands when it comes to generator for camping. The brand has been around for quite sometimes and they do have great customer service and warranty for their products. One of the best products of the generator is the Westinghouse iGen1200. It is like the most sufficient generator to bring to the camp site.

This product is completed by a lot of great things, such as full 3 years warranty, USB port and parallel feature to double up the power. Besides of that, the generator is also very lightweight and easy to transport. The weight is less than 33 lbs. The design is also compact. It has built-in-handle which allows you to have firm grip while transporting the generator.


  • It is extremely quiet, and works at 52 dBA only
  • It is lightweight, less than 33 lbs.
  • 9 hours running time is perfect for camping
  • It is backed by 3 years warranty
  • Parallel feature is ready
  • USB port is available
  • It has compact design (18′ x 8.5′ x 15.5′) with build-in handle


  • It comes with only 1,200 peak Watts

6. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000

generator for camping

The next product on this list comes from Briggs & Stratton. This brand is indeed one of the best and the most famous of all. You can tell by their stunning products, including when it comes to the generator for camping. The product to get reviewed here is the Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 one.

This product has massive power of 2,600 watts running wattage. Even though the power is massive, this product is very quiet in the operation. It also has LCD display on the product to make sure that all indicators can be read easily. The generator has USB port and 2 years limited warranty, which is very important to have today.


  • It has massive power 3,000 peak watts, 2,600 running watts
  • Quiet Power Technology is available and operated at 59 dbA
  • It is easy to transport and carry with handles and wheels available.
  • Sophisticated LCD display is ready to read and operate
  • Parallel capabilities are available
  • It comes with 10+ Run time
  • Inverter technology is ready.
  • USB Port is available
  • There is maintenance reminder on the display
  • It comes with 2 years limited warranty


  • It is quite large (26′ x 14′ x 21′)
  • It is quite heavy (95 lbs)

7. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV 

generator for camping

There will be two Campion products that will be on this list. It is just understandable as Champion is such a marvelous brand, especially when it comes to heavy machinery such as generator. This first Champion product is the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV. It is the most common generator for camping product to get purchased today.

To start this generator, you do not have to pull anything vigorously. All you have to do is pressing one button and that’s it. Yes, it is very easy and convenient. You can also enjoy smart charger for this generator. This generator has the capability of generating 3,400 Watts of clean power. It is also very quiet in its operation and it has fuel saving technology as well.


  • It has large power (3400 watts)
  • Parallel system is ready
  • It’s designed with dual fuel (gas and propane)
  • It has easy touch-start button
  • Smart charger is available
  • Clean power is safe for electronics
  • It can run up to 7,5 hours
  • There is fuel saving technology
  • Quick touch panel is available
  • It has quiet operation, 59 dBA only.


  • It is generally heavier (99lbs)
  • It is a bit larger on size (25.1′ x 17.3′ x 18.3′)

8. Champion 3500-Watt RV

generator for camping

The next Champion product is the “upgraded version” of the 3400 W generator explained previously on the list. This one is the Champion 3500 Watt RV generator. You can tell by the name that this generator for camping has a slightly bigger power than its predecessor up there. Yes, this one is going to provide even bigger power to the camp ground.

The wattage is slightly bigger, which is the 3500 wattage. It has longer run time (9 hours). The best thing about this generator is the fact that, same to the previous version, It is dual fuel technology. It will run on gas and on propane, which is very versatile during the camping trips. It also has automatic shutdown mode when the oil becomes low.


  • It has 3500-watt, massive power source
  • There is Dual Fuel Technology (gas and propane)
  • It has 9 hours run time (gas), 10,5 hours run time (propane)
  • There is easy-to-read control panel.
  • It comes in compact design (23.2′ x 19.1′ x 20′)
  • It’s generally quiet (68 dBA)
  • It has automatic shutdown mode when oil is low


  • The device is heavy (105 lbs)

9. SUAOKI Portable Power Station

This product right here is from SUAOKI. The brand is not that well-known outside of the USA but the products are just marvelous. They have list of products for heavy machinery with amazing qualities. The products are including generator for sure. The generator for camping over here is the SUAOKI Portable Power Station.

This product is generally the best for outdoor usage as it is very small, very compact and easy to carry. It is just like a small hand bag from the outside. It has battery as the power source and to charge the battery you can use a lot of ways, including using solar panel, using power outlet on the wall as well as using car charger. This product is surely useful as it has sufficient power for its size.


  • It is very compact and small in size (7.26′ x 4.31′ x 4.67′)
  • Solar panel is available
  • It is extremely lightweight, less than 5 lbs.
  • There are multi charging ports for all types gadget
  • It comes with built-in emergency flashlight
  • LED indicators are available
  • There are multiple ways to charge (solar panel, wall charger, car charger)


  • It has generally small power (150 Wh)

10. Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator

Generator for camping

If you are looking for the most compact, sophisticated-looking generator with high portability, the product to buy is surely this one from Renogy Phoenix. This generator for camping is just the perfect everything. It is like very advanced and you are going to have a blast on the camp ground with the help of this Renogy Phoenix 246Wh/150Wh Portable Generator.

This product is just very sophisticated with all the lightweight and easy to carry feature. It is like carrying a light suitcase. The generator has backup LED flashlight and extended solar power as well. Charging its battery can be done during the day under the sunlight for sure. The LCD display is also there to give you clean indicators about the generator. Even though the power is not that massive, this generator is more than enough to power up your camping trips.


  • The device is lightweight, 12 lbs only
  • It is easy to carry with suitcase-like design (13.8′ x 13.1′ x 3.9′)
  • The LED flashlight is available
  • Advanced display shows all indicators
  • There are three ways to charge
  • It comes in built-in solar panel


  • It has small power (246 Wh)

Those are some of the best products of generator for camping that you can buy today. Their price ranges from the $400 to more than $1,000. You can adjust with your budget and choose the one with the price that matches the best with your budget. After this, you can read all about generator and its usage while camping. That way, you won’t take generator for granted anymore.

Why You Need Generator When Camping?

Generator for camping is surely something that you are going to need. Camping is supposed to be done outdoor; sometimes it is in remote area that does not even have access at all to electricity. Campers in the right mind will consider generator as one of the most essential things to pack up. However, if you have still doubts on it, here are some reasons why you need the generator:

1. It Comes Handy Outdoor

Everyone knows that the sole purpose of generator for camping is to generate electricity when they are not available. Well, camping is mostly done outdoor and by that situation, electricity could be something scarce. It makes perfect sense that the generator will come handy because they can be the emergency source of electricity that you desperately need.

2. It Helps Providing Power Source

Numerous camping tools and equipment need electricity for sure. This is why when you do camp in a remote area where electricity or power source is nowhere to be found, you can conveniently get them by using the generator for camping. They have the capability to generate 2200 Watt or more and will surely run for hours.

3. It Can Be Useful When Cooking

Back in the old days, campers can cook and prepare the meal by using the campfire. However, today’s campers are not considered as technophobe and they do like using modern cooking equipment, such as electric portable stove or small microwave. They do need electricity to run, though, and this is where generator can really help you on the camp site.

4. It Keeps the Essential Running

There is no way that you can live without essential gadget these days. You do need your phone and stuff. Even when you go camping, you need them on. To charge the battery, you do need electricity and when they are not available, generator is the only thing that can provide that for you.

Now you see that generators are quite important in camping, especially when you do the camping for quite an extensive time. There is no way that campers can survive for that long without the help of electricity. This is why the generator for camping is really essential. Next, we are going to discuss how to tell if a generator is a reliable one.

Indicators of Reliable Camping Generator

reliable generator for camping

There are so many products of generator out there sold under the label of “camping generator”. However, picking up the right generator for camping is not that easy. You will have to figure out first about the indicators that make a generator reliable and that they are sufficient enough to be brought to the camp site. There are some indicators and they will be explained down below:

The Generator Must Be Portable

There is no way to carry a massive generator around. This is why one of the most mandatory indicators of a reliable generator for camping is that they are portable. Portable generator has inverter technology and relatively smaller, making them easy to carry around.

The Generator Must Be Lightweight

Campers are usually bringing tons of stuff already. You do not want to carry extra burden by tagging along a huge, heavy generator. The suitable generator for camping should be lightweight. The weight of the generator should be less than 50 lbs.

The Wattage Must Be Sufficient

Usually, generator is used for backup power source. However, in the camp site where electricity is not available, it becomes the main power source. This is the reason why the generator’s wattage must be sufficient to make it runs for hours. The sufficient wattage for camping generator is around 2000 to 2200 watts.

The Casing Must Be Waterproof

Camping means you are being exposed to the nature. When the weather is quite unpredictable, you cannot take the risk of letting the generator soaked in rain. For this particular reason, you need waterproof generator for camping purpose. Choose a generator with waterproof casing so the inside of the machine remains safe, even under the rain.

The Generator Must Be Quiet

The ultimate technology that the generator must have is the inverter. It makes the generator produce as little noise as possible. You do not want loud, buzzing sound from the generator to bother your fellow campers or to attract something else from the wilderness. This is why choosing a quiet generator is the best decision here.

When you go around the store, do not get fooled by the label only. You will always have to consider the portability of the generator as well as its weight and wattage. Do not forget that the generator will be helpful when they produce as little noise as possible. Last but not least, the generator for camping has to be waterproof for the sake of its durability.

Tips to Pick the Right Generator for Camping

Now, let’s say that you are positive in buying a generator for camping purpose in the near future. What should you do first? Well, there are several tips down below about picking up the right generator to be brought to the camp site. These are some tips for you. By following them, you will end up with the best generator for camping available.

1. Do Extensive Research

Since there are so many types of generator out there and some of them are suitable for camping, you need to do some extensive research first. Make sure you know exactly the type of generator for camping that you need. Say for example, if you often camp on seaside or somewhere with damp weather around, you better need to find a 100% waterproof generator.

2. Know Your Budget

Generator can be brought home in various prices. In average, the price to bring home generator for camping is around $500 to $900. That is the price to get standard, well-featured generator. For extra bucks, you can surely bring home the more exclusive models and types. This is why understanding the budget you have is important to do beforehand.

3. Rely on Well-Established Brands

Brands are not going to lie. Sometimes, well-established brands do have better quality products. Japanese manufacturers like Yamaha or Honda are well-known for their good-quality generator products. You can also rely on other big brand such as Westinghouse, Champion and Generac.

4. Consider Buying at Store

With the availability of internet these days, online shopping becomes more and more convenient. However, in buying such an expensive and important machine like generator, it is better to shop, physically, at store. Not only that you can lay eyes on the actual thing, you can also try them all first before deciding which one to buy.

Based on the explanation up above, you can tell that buying a generator is something that you cannot take for granted. It is not just your last-minute decision and there are so many things that you will have to prepare beforehand. Those tips above will keep your head on and make sure that you won’t end up getting bad, insufficient generator for camping.

Things That Will Happen When You Don’t Get Generator When Camping

If to this point you still do not want to acknowledge the fact that generator is really, like really, important for campers, you need to read the explanations down below. These are several things that will most likely to happen when you ignore bringing generator for camping on the next trip. Yes, awful things can happen and some of them are written down below.

It Will Be Hard to Keep Your Gadget Running

Imagine that you are in an environment where electricity is nonexistent. Yes, there will be quite hard to power up everything, including your gadget. Probably you can bring some backup power banks and sun-generating charging station but still, electricity is surely need, and without generator for camping, you won’t be able to get that.

There Won’t Be Electricity to Illuminate the Surrounding

With no electricity, the only thing you can do to illuminate the your surrounding is by using fire-based light, such as with candle sticks, with torch or with the campfire itself. It may be not too convenient and you can always use portable lamp as long as there is electricity. Well, generator for camping is exactly the thing to use in this case.

The Camping Site Will Be Too Dark

Camping in remote area is sometimes risky as the entire campsite will be pitch black without any lights. The inside of the tent won’t be easy to look through in that pitch black situation. If you do not bring the generator, you won’t be able to light up the portable lamps and everything in that campsite won’t be visible easily.

You Won’t Be Able to Cook

Cooking will be something impossible to be done without electricity although when camping campfire can be some sort of heat source. However, if you are camping inside of an RV or you are keen of using electric stove and other appliances, you are going to need the generator. Without them, you won’t be able to use those appliances and cook.

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that generator is pretty important. Even when you do not camp outside that frequent, the generator is still coming handy as a backup power source for your house and other building. This is why when you do have the hobby of camping and you sometimes need backup power source, buying generator for camping is a must.

Generator for Camping Buying Guide

There are four mandatory things that you will have to do when buying a generator for camping. The extensive explanations will be written down below. They will keep you out of troubles and make sure that only the best type of generator will be purchased. This is called a buying guide and here they are for you to read:

Read the Features:

Once you are in the store and lay eyes on the generator for camping, the first thing that you have to do is reading the features. The features should be briefly displayed on the box or the label. Make sure that the generator has all the necessary features you are looking for. For camping, they are such as parallel feature and inverter technology.

Check the Price:

Flip the back of the box and go look for the price tag. The price should be a huge consideration here. Even the best generator won’t exceed the limit of $1,000. If you have to pay that much money for a generator, make sure that the machine does have everything, starting from huge amount of wattage to at least 3 years warranty.

Consider the Warranty:

Talking about warranty, a good generator for camping should be completed by warranty. Surely it is the one that keep the users of the generator feel safe when using the machine. They do not have to get worried all the time and afraid that the generator will break easily. This is the reason why warranty is a must. Choose a generator with exclusive warranty (replacing the broken one with a brand new machine) or at least a machine warranty (applies only on the damage of the machine).

Read Some Reviews:

It should have been done beforehand but if you have your phone it can be done at the store. Read some reviews about the particular product you are about to use. It should be easy to find, like on the online shopping site or on a product review site. If the review is mostly filled with negative tones, consider getting other product. On the contrary, positive reviews show that the product is really good and considered satisfying by its previous buyers.

As a power source in the wilderness, generator for camping is surely essential. This is why buying one is going to be happening soon, especially during the summer when campers are just out there enjoying their hobbies. Use the buying guide up above to make sure that the generator won’t let you down and will definitely work properly.

Camping Generator Maintenance

There is no point of being capable of buying generator for camping but cannot maintain it properly. If that happens, the generator will be down in a few usages, let alone being frequently brought to camping trips. This is why you need to know how to maintain those things. Follow the suggestions down below and your generator will be just all right.

Always Clean it up after Camping

Camping, especially in outdoor area, is going to expose your generator to debris as well as to dust. This is the reason why cleaning is a must. Always clean your generator after the camping trip is done. Remove any trace of dirt by wiping dry cloth all over the casing. Make sure the generator for camping is totally cooled down before storing one in a safe place.

Don’t Let it Sit for Too Long

If the generator is purchased for the purpose of being a power source at a camping trip only, and you do not even go to frequent camping trips, what is mostly to happen is that the generator will be stored for a long time. If this is the case, take out the machine every once in a while (two to three times a month) to start its machine. It will maintain the inside of the generator and make sure they are still properly walking.

Keep it Away from Children

Children should not be allowed near the generator for camping. They can truly be a problem as they will find the generator interesting. The machine indeed looks like something fun to play with. They look like small suitcases and have tons of buttons to press. For this reason, keep the generator as far away as possible from the children. Conceal it behind some stuff in the garage or someplace unreachable by the children.

Always Keep the Generator Inside Its Box

If the generator comes with its own box, a sort of case-like box for storing the machine, you have to use them. The box will protect the generator from dust and keep the machine safe and sound inside of it. The box is usually completed by locks as well to make sure that the content is not easy to being taken out by those without the keys.

The suggestions up there may sound like a handful of work. However, they must be done so that your generator for camping can have longer life and it will stand by you while camping for a long, long time. When they are not getting well-maintained, they won’t last that long. Considering that they are quite expensive, you do not want that to happen.

Safe Ways to Use Generator for Camping Trips

Now that you have bought a generator, you need to know how to use the generator for camping in your camping trips. Of course it seems to be easy because generators these days are completed by advanced technology and they do not seem to be complicated. However, for precaution, just take a look at these suggestions down below.

Choose a Level Ground

Place the generator on a level ground. Sometimes, when you camp outdoor, the ground is not always smooth and leveled. They sometimes are full of rocks and rugged structure. Placing the generator on such rugged surface is not a good idea. You will have to find the level ground to place the generator for camping and start them.

Keep Out of Water Source

Even though the generator is mostly waterproof, you need to keep that away from water source whatsoever. So, if you camp by the lake or river, make sure that the generator for camping is placed behind the tent or nowhere near the water source. It is just for the precaution to keep the generator from being exposed to the water.

Use Its Parallel Feature

Most generators these days are completed by parallel feature. It means that you can “team up” two generators and merge them into one. Essentially, they will provide double powers that will keep everything running for longer time. Surely it will consume more gas or fuel, but for camping, this feature is really needed.

Clean Up Regularly

When the generator is not in use, such as during the day, you can remove the generator from its place, turn it off, and clean the generator a bit. Remove any dirt that sticks on the machine and let the machine cool down. Also, check the gas or fuel and refill them before the generator is being used again later that evening.

You have a generator now and you have read everything about it. Now, camping trips won’t be something so gory to think about as you have the power source to run all the necessary equipment, gadgets and appliances that you need during the trip. This is where generator for camping comes handy and that everyone should get one at some point.

Now you have basically read everything about generator and its usage while camping, you can start preparing the purchase from now on. Make sure that you read all those suggestions up there carefully and do everything it takes to get you the best generator. By doing everything properly, you will surely end up with the best generator for camping possible.