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Honda EU2200i Generator with More Power and Advanced Technology

You need generator to get more electricity. One of the best choices is Honda EU2200i. This is the new version with more engines than previous mode. Furthermore, Honda also increases the capability, technology, and features. Well, this generator can be your savior when doing camping even for RV.

Honda eu2200i

Honda is known for better technology in term of fuel efficiency. After long development, the company introduces the new generator that’s suitable for the latest situation. You can get rid of the old one, and buy this product to supply more power. More review related to Honda EU2200i will be explored in the following sections.

Product Overview

The product name is EU2200i, and it means the power capacity is up to 2200 watt. It is 200 watt more than previous model that has been the top selling. At the first glance, you may not see much change because Honda keeps the compact and similar design. After looking closely, you will recognize the new additional controls and features. They are one of several improvements that customers will receive.

With 2200 watt in Honda EU2200i, you can supply the electricity at home when the blackout happens. Based on official guide, this generator is safe to power the electronic devices and appliances, such as microwave, television, AC, refrigerators, computer, laptop, LED lights, door opener, and blender. Anything with electricity is compatible with this generator.

With more power, it also brings better safety features. You do not need to worry about this one. It has circuit breaker and solid protection. Anything which goes wrong will be cut and the network is safe. Manufacturer also provides accessories to support more features.

The best thing about Honda EU2200i is fuel-efficient. With one gallon, it can last up to 8 hours even more when you use only minor appliances. It is good news when you do camping. Outdoor activity becomes fun and enjoy with enough electricity.

Key Features

The next section will explore the key features you get from Honda EU2200i.  They are the selling points that make this generator the top choice. Moreover, you may justify whether it is worth to buy or not.

  1. More power and engine – The previous model was only 2000 watts. Honda continues with basic engine and structure, but the new one comes with more power. As you know from its name, the base power is 2200 watts. With this capability, you can receive more electricity to power your house, even the entire floor building with full LED lights.
  2. User friendly access and control – You will get the control with simple signs and instructions. Everyone can turn on and off this generator easily. User-friendly access is also the main reason why many people use Honda EU2200i.
  3. Inverted and clean power – The generator has technology called inverted power. It maintains the clean and less trouble power when you connect it to computer. As you know, some appliances are sensitive to change. Therefore, it avoids the sudden voltage change for additional protection.
  4. Fuel efficient – You only need one gallon, and the generator will go along for up to 7-8 hours. Fuel efficiency is at the top level when you buy the product from Honda. This company is known in this field as the best one.
  5. High durability construction – Manufacturer produces this product with high quality material. The construction is solid with high endurance and durability. You can prolong the usage for long period. This one is good option when you want generator for outdoor purpose.
  6. Lightweight – The weight is 45 lb. without fuel. It is lightweight, so you can carry and put it easily. The design is also compact and portable. People may move it around to place in the right spot. Honda also provides additional frame and wheeler.
  7. Super quiet – The good thing about Honda EU2200i is it’s designed in super quite. The noise level is better than previous model. You can keep this one in the corner, and no one will bother with its sound. For outdoor use, you just add the extra outer layer, and the generator is extremely quiet.
  8. Electronic circuit breaker – When it is overload, electronic circuit breaker will protect. It is the feature to avoid sudden break. You will feel safe when unexpected situation happens.
  9. Double power parallel capability – Two devices of Honda EU2200i can be connected into single power. It generates double power, and you must utilize specific cable. This feature is useful when you need more 4400 watts from single sources.

Honda EU2200i Specifications

To know more about technical specs, check list at the below section.

  • Product name: EU2200ITA
  • Displacement: 121cc
  • Receptacles: Duplex 20A-125V
  • Engine: Honda GXR120
  • DC Output: 12V, 100W (8.3A)
  • AC Output: 120V-2200W
  • Fuel Capacity: .95 gal
  • Run Time: 3.2-8.1 hours
  • Starting System: Recoil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.0 inch x 11.4 inch x 16.7 inch
  • Dry Weight: 46.5 lb.
  • Noise Level: 57 dB(A)

Pros and Cons

At first, Honda EU2200i seems to be the most reliable generator. You should understand every product has pros and cons. Here is the review of this product.


  • It has more power with bigger engine that can supply almost anything even for RV, outdoor events, and camping.
  • The product is better in term of fuel efficient and less noise, including lightweight and high durability.
  • Safety features are better than previous model. This one is even at the top-level compared to others from different manufacturer.
  • Fuel efficiency is definitely the winning point because it consumes less 10% than previous model.


  • The price is quite high, but it is still reasonable after you see the specs, techs, and features.
  • You must buy the accessories separately.
  • The fuel tank is only 0.95 gallon that’s not enough for longer use, unless you refill it constantly.


You already know Honda EU2200i from the product review, key features, and specs above. With 2200 watts, you can do many things. Outdoor and indoor activities are no issue anymore, especially if you need the inverted power.

From the features and specs, Honda EU2200i has impressive resume. It is reliable generator as the backup power source or for emergency. You can also get excellent technology that makes the product is easier to operate.

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