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Honda EU3000iS Generator Full Review to Use as Buying Guide

Honda has produced some of the most sought generators out there. This Japanese-based manufacturer has gained well and truly earned reputation due to the quality products it put out. This time as well, Honda EU3000iS doesn’t come as an exception. This specific model is the latest portable generator from the lineups that has been receiving good reviews left and right, due to its powerfulness and energy efficiency.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look to Honda EU3000iS. By reading the reviews below, you’d be able to learn about its features, specifications, along with its strength and weaknesses as an inverter generator. Does it really live up to market’s expectation and is it worth for your investment value?

Honda EU3000iS Overview

Honda EU3000iS

Honda EU3000iS has been dubbed as a great option for numerous uses plenty of times – and it includes power supply for an RV trailer. The unit has ability to produce impressive power despite of its compact design, to deliver reliability and user-friendliness just like the other generator models from the manufacturer company.

This generator unit is capable to amp up maximum 3000W for its surging power and 2800W for its constant running power. It’s equipped with Honda GX200 196CC engine that runs on gasoline by 3.4-gallon tank. The convenient size of fuel tank, combined with its great fuel efficiency, make it possible for the unit to operate up to 20 hours on 25% load – makes EU3000iS a suitable choice if you want your generator to be able to run overnight.

Honda EU3000iS Has many Outlets

Various power outlets exist to allow you as a user to use it for various purposes and appliances. It comes with double 120V 20A outlets, single 120V 30A twist-locked outlet, plus single 12V 12A DC outlet in addition. Honda EU3000iS is powerful enough to supply energy for maximum 13,500 BTU RV AC unit, computers, microwaves, and stoves on separate occasions.

Honda EU3000iS is CARB-compliant

The model is CARB-compliant, so it is allowed to be used on all states in USA, including California. Moreover, it produces clean energy to power up sensitive electrical devices to add its versatility point.

Honda has been known to build some of the quietest generator units for a long time, and the Honda EU3000iS even comes out as its most silence unit to this date. It only releases 50 dBA of noise level at 25% and 57 dBA of noise level at maximum load, which just as loud as normal conversation. These numbers are so impressively quiet, even lower than other generators at smaller power categories. The silence feature is possible due to the advanced eco-throttle and noise cancelling technologies that implemented by Honda.

Honda EU3000iS Has Reliable Control Panel And Safety System

Control panel is another feature that worth mentioned, because it’s built to be extremely intuitive. It includes low oil sensor, circuit protector, engine switch, engine indicator, output indicator, and fuel valve. Together with electrical start mechanism, they make the unit very user-friendly.

Even though the design is made to show how compact the generator is at 25.9” x 17.6” x 22”, it still bears heavy weight at 131 lbs., that means it takes at least two people to carry the generator even when using handles. As alternative, it is possible to buy additional wheel kit for Honda EU3000iS to increase its portability.

Honda EU3000iS Generator Key Features

Read about the notable features of Honda EU3000iS in the following list:

1. High versatility

The model is able to power up a broad range of appliance types such as RV AC units, TVs, refrigerators, furnaces, blenders, microwaves, and others.

2. Impressively quiet noise level

No need to worry of using this generator on your neighborhood because it runs only at 50-57 dBA. These numbers make it also perfect to bring on outdoor activities that require low operation noise such as camping or RV travelling.

3. Extreme fuel efficiency

The unit has capability to perform 7 to 20 hours straight on full tank (3.4-gallon capacity), due to the exclusive Honda technology of eco-throttle. The long running time is very convenient if you’re going to use the generator to supply power overnight.

4. Excellent inverter generator technology

Enjoy reliability that this model brings, even for your sensitive devices. The inverter technology provides clean and stable power for smaller electronic devices and appliances.

5. Optimum safety

EU3000iS has low-oil sensor and alert that let the engine shuts off automatically whenever it detects low oil level.

Honda EU3000iS Specification Details

Here is the list of Honda EU3000iS specification details:

  • Surging Wattage           : 3000
  • Running Watts              : 2800
  • Fuel                              : Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity               :3.4 Gallons
  • Run Time                      : 20 Hours at 1/4 load
  • Noise Level                   : 50 dB at 1/4 load
  • Dimensions                   : 27” x 26” x 21”
  • Weight                          : 144 lbs.
  • Handles                        : Yes
  • Wheels                         : Yes
  • Parallel ability               : Yes
  • RV ready                      : Yes

Pros and Cons

Below are the benefits and downsides before you decided to purchase Honda EU3000iS.


  • It’s a highly efficient generator, considering the fact that this unit is able to operate for almost a whole day when running on 25% load with its full 3.4-gallon fuel tank.
  • It has convenient electric start system besides the recoil mechanism that requires much more effort to begin the engine operation
  • There is unnecessary noise as one of the quietest generators in the market, even when it has to release power at maximum rate
  • It comes with parallel ability to add the power
  • It has compact design despite additional battery and larger engine


  • It somehow has low portability compared other inverter generators from Honda and other models in its class, due to its heavy weight
  • Its eco-throttle technology can be very advantageous, but also limit the released power at the same time – a waste for the number of maximum outputs this unit can generate


With its various beneficial features, Honda EU3000iS easily climbs up as one of the most favorites amongst 3000W inverter generator category. The fact that it is the quietest model from Honda yet is a big plus, because you may bring it for outside trips without worry about producing annoying audible noise by other people. Sure, the price range might be considered as more expensive, but considering the high quality that it delivers, it has good money value.

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