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How to Buy Cheap Portable Generators: the Ultimate Buying Guide

The question on how to buy cheap portable generators (cheap generator) should be in everyone’s mind when they need to get a generator. A generator is always needed in every household. It produces backup electricity to the whole household. Some generators are indeed expensive, but you can get the portable and affordable one. This is further information.

Cheap Portable Generators Buying Guide

How to Buy Cheap Portable Generators

There will be the information about the ultimate buying guide to get the best portable generator for you. That way, you won’t regret every single penny you have spent on the generator. There are several points to consider when buying the generator. These are the tips on how to buy cheap portable generators (cheap generator).

The Amount of Power

A good generator should have at least 900 to 10,000 watts of power. It helps the generator to work longer and more stable throughout the time.

Portability Feature

Make sure that the generator you are about to buy has a great portability feature. It should have puncture-resistant wheels and a handle for a grip.

The Runtime

Check the generator’s features and make sure that the generator can run at least 10 hours. The longer runtime produces more reliable power. It will also keep the generator working all night long without re-fueling.

The Number of Outlets

One of the most important considerations when you ask how to buy cheap portable generators (cheap generator) is the number of outlet. Make sure that it has multiple AC/DC outlets and some USB ports as well.

Weather Protected Features

Generators will be used mostly outside. This is why it has to be completed by weather protected features, such as a plastic casing over the control panel.

Types of Engine

Choose a generator with OHV (Over Head Valve) engine. This type of engine is capable in producing bigger power without wearing the generator out.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Next, you need to take a look at the fuel tank capacity. Make sure that it is at least 1.2 gal. The bigger the tank, the more power you will get without having to re-fuel every now and then.

The Sound

The last consideration is the sound. You do not want to use buzzing generator all night long. Choose a generator with quiet technology along with a muffler or silencer available. This will reduce the buzzing noise and the overly load sound produced by the generator.

List of the Best Cheap Portable Generators

There are numerous types of generators out there coming from different brands. They can be used for many purposes, and they are different in sizes and prices. These are some of the best products when it comes to portable generator with affordable price. In the market, they are sold starting from $500 to $800 only. After understanding how to buy cheap portable generators (cheap generator), you need this list.

Westinghouse iGen2200

The first example here is the generator from Westinghouse. It is called the iGen2200. The generator has wattage of 1,600 Watt (2,200 peak) and can run up to 12 hours. This is a reliable generator that everyone needs to power up the appliances and electronic at their house. The pros and cons of the generator can be seen below:


  • It is extremely lightweight (46 pounds only), making the generator easy to transport.
  • It has compact design with suitcase-like handle for easier storage.
  • It operates at 52 dBA, which is very quiet
  • It produces clean and stable power, hence safer for delicate electronic including smart phones and laptop
  • It has parallel feature, producing double power by connecting one generator to another.
  • It runs up to 12 hours, producing more reliable source of power.
  • It has its own USB port.


  • The warranty is not disclosed


Yamaha is one of the biggest names when it comes to generator manufacturer. This Yamaha generator is called the EF2000ISV2. It has 1,600/2,200 wattage and it is incredibly compact, lightweight and full of great features. They are just perfect to be brought outside to camping, outdoor jobsites and more. Here are the pros and cons:


  • It has Oil Watch Warning System, preventing low oil-related damages
  • It weighs just 44 lbs, extremely light and easy to carry
  • Smart Throttle features are available, allowing the generator to run quietly.
  • Parallel function is also available, allowing two generators to get connected and produce bigger power.
  • It has 10.5 hours of run time (quarter load on the gas tank), which is more reliable and can be used all night.
  • It uses OHV type of engine
  • It has easier control access with ergonomic control panel


  • The warranty is not disclosed

WEN 56200i

Last but not least, there is this generator from WEN. It is called the WEN 56200i. The generator has the wattage of 1,600 watt with 2,200 watt peak. It has a lot of helpful features and it produces eco-friendly, more delicate power to make sure that your appliances won’t get damaged. Learn the pros and cons here:


  • It uses OHV engine with eco-mode feature.
  • It works quietly at 53 dBA, perfect for quieter environment.
  • It produces the clean power, which is safer for sensitive electronic and equipment, including phones, televisions, tablets and computers.
  • The carrying handle is available, making the generator easy to transport
  • 3-in-1 switch is available for easier operation and control.
  • It has three indications lights (oil indicators, overload indicators, output indicators)
  • Parallel connection is available, increasing the total wattage up to 100%.
  • 9.4 hours run-time is only at quarter load of the tank.
  • It is completed by 2 years warranty


  • Some parts of the generator are made out of plastic.

Those are some of the best examples of generator. They are incredibly affordable, and you can totally use them for a long time with a proper maintenance of course. Well, surely you know how to buy cheap portable generators (cheap generator) by now, and you will be able to get the best generator for the household.

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