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How To Choose Small Power Generators

When the needs in terms of electricity demand are small, up to 3-5 kilowatts we can orient ourselves in the purchase of small power generators. Usually they are petrol up to 3kw while diesels start from 3000 watts to go up. The price of the former is around 200-300 euros while for the diesel models it starts from 500 euros.

Small power generators, which ones to choose:

it depends on the use we have to make: if we have to connect light bulbs or electric cookers for cooking or other not particularly sophisticated electrical appliances, we can choose the cheapest models. We check the type of plug that can be connected, almost all have the 230v Siemens type, and the power supply, whether petrol or diesel. Some models have a power saving function that puts them on standby when no power is required. A low energy consumption 20 watt bulb produces enough light to illuminate a room of approximately 25-30 square meters so a power generator under 1 kw of power is sufficient for this purpose. In any case, we check the electrical absorption of the utilities that we will have to connect.

If we use PCs, computers, televisions, DVDs or slightly more delicate electrical equipment, which do not withstand voltage fluctuations, we make sure that the small current generator is of the type with inverter technology or that it has a voltage stabilizer to produce an electric current. “Clean”.

A model that we recommend is these portable generator . It has a built-in inverter so it can also power PCs, televisions, etc., or sophisticated electrical equipment.

Another thing to check is the tank capacity , 15-20 liters of petrol give us a lot of autonomy, even 12 hours or more, obviously it depends on the connected users.
We also check the noise, expressed in db, the higher this value the greater the noise, even if on the market there are silenced power generators that lower this threshold, even if slightly.
Finally the weight. The small power generators are portable, but the weight is felt, 40-50 kq is the norm, usually they are equipped with wheels for transport.

Starter: some power generators have a pull starter with a cord, others an electronic one that starts operation with the simple push of a button.

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