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How to Fix Generator Easily At Home

How to fix generator – We see you using your most dependable generator and hoping that you did invest a good amount of money for something that will work for a long time. But every technology has its old days and life span. Maybe, today is the day where your generator starts getting old and you just do not want to let go of your investment now. Well, no worries. Here we will show you how to fix generators easily at home with your tools

how to fix generator

Common Problems With Generator and How to Fix Generator

Before knowing how to fix the generator, you have to know the first common problems that surround the engine of a generator. There are at least 5 problems experts say are the most common. So, check this out.

1. Batteries failure

The first problem is battery failure. It might be because the battery has worn out, broken, or the cables and charger connections with the batteries are not in good condition anymore.

2. The generator fails to start

The next problem is the generator is failing even to start. This can be because the main control switch has been broken or replaced by someone or something such as pests and rats.

3. Generator leaking

The next problem is also pretty common among an old generator. An old generator tends to leak oil, fuel, or even coolant liquid. This requires a regular tendency and could not be done only once in a lifetime.

4. Generator running out of fuel

This problem might not be something really big to cause generator devastation. But, it is important to check on your fuel gauges properly and regularly to make sure it is working properly and not letting the fuel run out.

5. High fuel level

Getting run out of a generator is bad, yet overfilling a fuel tank is also bad. If you happen to find out your generator starts to overfill, an alarm will go making a very loud noise to warn you. Clean up the overfilling fuel and reset the alarm back to normal.

How to Fix a Generator When It Is Broken or Worn Out?

We suggest three basic ways to fix your generator at home. We will so much recommend you to get your generator to a mechanic if nothing of these steps works because it might cause more serious problems and you do not want to mess with any hazards.

1. Always Keep Your Oil Changed and Fresh

It is very important to keep your oil changed regularly in proper weight. Do not overspill the oil on your generator, but do not be too cheap by adding too little oil.

When the generator runs, it will work to heat the oil which will lubricate the engine. After a few uses, the oil will run out. It will then work less efficiently and require very soon oil changing.

Even if you have a modern generator, you should know that the modern engine never meant to run indefinitely with the same oil liquid. It will still require a regular check.

When you are getting your first generator, you shall receive a little information about the generator from the manufacturer spoken or via a manual owner’s book. Usually, it will tell how much you should change your oil, from the very beginning and it will keep increasing. It is better to follow the instructions because changing oil regularly is not a problem, but changing it late is.

An ideal oil changing cycle happens at least every year. It is solid, even if your generator does not work over hours. While changing your oil, never forget to also dust the generator off to prevent it from overheating or dirty.

2. Fixing your generator spark plugs.

The next thing you should know to fix your generator is to maintain the spark plug of the generator. Changing a generator spark plugs should be done regularly to make sure your engine works properly.

The tools you need are pretty simple, which are a spark plug socket and also a ratchet, to remove the plug off. You will also need a brush for the wires and gap coins that you can get in an auto part store.

Clean up the removed spark plugs using your wire brush and also use your gap coin to get the correct spark, which is instructed on your owner’s manual’s book. Reinstall the spark plugs, connect every wire and leads, and your generator is again, good to go! Clean up your spark plugs every season.

3. Do the storage and off-season protocols

The last tip we are suggesting is to put away your generator when off-season. It is important to do full maintenance when your generator is in off-season mode. During the off-use, you can keep your generator in the portable generator box or shelter.

Maintain your generator thoroughly, such as changing oil, spark plug, and you can also change the air filter and clean up the generator. But, it does not need over maintenance unless you find a hazard or something seriously wrong with your generator.

When you’re done, you shall keep your generator in its shelter for the next season, and make sure there are no pests or rats that can come closer that will ruin your generator or its wires. You will also want to lock up your generator shelter to prevent thieves from stealing it.

When you are keeping your generator inside a shelter during the off season, at least try to restart or reheat the engine once a month to prevent it from being off and froze too long. Or, you can empty the fuel tank as the alternative. Cold fuel inside an engine for too long is not good for both the engine and the fuel. Additionally, put some gasoline stabilizer if you are about to drain the fuel tank.

And, that is it! Those are five common problems with a generator and of course 3 very basic ways of how to fix generator, just in case you need to.

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