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How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean and Last Longer?

How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean – I see it is your current time of using a portable generator, and you are still trying to figure out how to make its durability last longer. Well, there is one way that you think is not important when in fact, it is.

how to make generator power clean

To maintain your portable generator and hold its durability longer, you should make sure it is clean to prevent overheating and other problems that can cause damage due to pollution, clouds of dust, and pests. How to make portable generator power clean? We will figure it out here!

Why Should You Keep It Clean and How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean?

A portable generator, it works using the rotor and also stator. The rotor and stator are two main parts that are located in your generator. They work to produce electricity which your generator properly does. To operate, it usually catches dust and debris, also other pollution. Sometimes, pests even live around it and make extra dirt.

When it is getting too grim and dirty, both the rotor and stator will not work properly and efficiently anymore, due to overheating and less clean air catching. You will also create more heat damage to both of the parts faster than it should be.

Therefore, you will have to clean up the debris and pollution regularly, such as cleaning the air filters, for example. Also, even though you are not using your generator as much as other people do, it is still important to do regular check-ups and cleaning to your machine, at least once per two weeks.

If you live in a dusty area or tropical area, you will likely need to clean up your generator more often, because it will catch more dust, especially during the dry season.

But, not only dusting it off, but you should also clean up the system, which you cannot do with a dust feather or damp napkins. You should use such special tools that were designed to clean up a generator power, by converting voltage, electricity, and every other related thing. What are those types of cleaning? And how do you get the tools?

Cleaning Up the Generator Power: Steps and Tips

Now, we are getting to the steps on how to clean up the portable generator power. There are several tips you can try and do at home, and we would love to recommend 4 steps we use most of the time.

1. Cleaning up the generator power using an Uninterruptible Power System or UPS

What is a UPS? Simply said, an uninterruptible power system is a very simple tool where you only find a big and heft battery inside.

It is where the voltage and power stability of your electronics is controlled. It is where your portable generator electricity is stored.

If you are planning to clean up a UPS. You will need to do it very delicately and carefully because though it is a safe tool, it still needs a special treatment to clean it up and thus transferring more power.

If you are not on a budget, you can instead of cleaning up a regular UPS, purchase a smart UPS one where it can clean itself, and save your time from cleaning it up all by yourself. Easy!

2. Cleaning up the generator power using an inverter

The next way to clean up a generator power is to use a pure sine wave inverter. It supplies your electronic needs, for it is an inverter of converter DC to AC. It makes the power produced become smoother, safer, and overall, better for electronics.

To use or implement this, you should first connect your wave inverter to a battery with standard volt, which is 12V. Hook it up together using a charging system of 12 V. By doing this, you are delivering more power as a clean supply to your electricity and can be used for printers, stereos, or the output.

3. Cleaning up portable generator power with a conditioner of power line

The next method requires a power line conditioner, to clean the portable generator power. A power line conditioner is a very protective tool that was first designed to clean up the fluctuations of the voltage of generator power.

The latest evolution of the power line conditioner is pretty affordable yet made from a high-quality component and model, also very easy to use. Not necessarily flawless or perfect, you will have to treat this conditioner very carefully when you have one.

As an example, some of them are not working properly with AC gas generators. If you pick them up wrong for the stores, it will only be left alone in the warehouse for nothing.

4. Cleaning up a portable generator power with a separate regulator with a voltage

If you have never heard of a separate voltage regulator, it was invented a long time ago and since then, has been used for lots of applications which guarantee stable and very clean voltage. And, it is proven real.

The work by sensing an output of voltage that was produced by the generator, then adjust the field to make the right constant output. If you want to use a voltage regulator, make sure you get one with a good capacity.

Advantage of Cleaning Portable Generator Power Regularly

There are a few common advantages you can get if you are cleaning a portable generator power regularly instead of occasionally. What are those?

First, you will see that it will be safer for you even in an emergency. Generator power will behave properly, and when an emergency arrives, it is easy to control and repair.

Next, it is also preventing damage from overheating or electrical faults. If you are not cleaning up the generator power regularly, it shall create a very bad condition once worn out, and it takes lots of effort to fix it back to normal. Rather than facing it, you will want a regular check-up to fix little and minor damages.

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