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Onan Generators Review from History to the 3 Best-Selling Generators

With its black and green appearance, Onan generators don’t go slow on sales. From its first invention around 1920, it keeps coming back with new techs to provide people the best generators as their electrical back-up machine. Now that the generators have different owner, its sales are still outstanding. Even people are using their generators for many purposes; like in marine, recreational vehicles, residential standby power back-ups, as well as commercial mobile and for portable applications. With such broad use, are these generators good choice for you?

Who Makes Onan Generators?

It all started back then in 1920 – David Onan started a company which focused on vehicle electrical systems. On an occasion, he started to design and work on a generator. That time, his invention was able to light up ten lamps, each 35 watts.

The year 1927 marked his spirit spurt to start producing generators. His friend, who lived in his lake house, is first man who used and reviewed the generator. He told Onan that the generator still lacking something to make the lamp not flickering. After discovering and solving the problem, it comes the birth of Onan generators Ten-Lite. That time, the product was a hit within people in rural areas.

Onan Corporation kept making generators even after it became the subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company (now known as Cummins Inc.) in 1986. Up to this day, the Cummins Inc. still produces Onan generators, including its maintenance parts. The company has the headquarter in Elkhart, Indiana and has been one of the major players of power generation equipment in America.

Where are Onan Generators Built?

The products of Cummins Inc. is very popular not only in America but also in many countries. No wonder their popularity rises even outside the origin country.

Wondering where their generators are built? You are not the only one. It is very common that people are asking where their products are coming from. The generators are manufactured and assembled in several spots, like Beijing (PRC), Fridley – Minnesota (USA), Singapore, and Ramsgate (UK).

Onan generators

You don’t have to worry about its quality, since there is a certain standard the company applied. Also, following the manufacturing process, there will always be a quality check. So that the minimum standard is met and the customers will get the product in its prime condition.

Is Onan a Good Generator Brand?

It seems like our market today is very selective. Hence, customers will no longer continue on buying a product if the product is not satisfactory for them. In the case of Onan generators, well, it seems impossible to continue the business if the quality is bad, doesn’t it? Moreover, it has been more than 80 years since its establishment.

In the United States itself, the generators provide about 85% of the market share especially for RV and commercial generators. Every year the company produces about 100,000 generators for both purposes. Since there are generators for other purposes, then it can be assumed that Onan generators are like the ‘persevered player’ of power generating equipment.

Why Buy an Onan Generator?

Are you still unsure about its performance? Below are several reasons why you should purchase Onan generators. Feel free to determine your choice and specific generator type to buy, but here is the basic aspects you might need to know in order to know Onan generator better.

Cummins Inc. makes themselves proud by producing reliable, innovative, and innovative RV generators. RV generators with the highest sales on the market are produced by this manufacturer, including gasoline, liquid propane, and diesel generators.

Besides RV generators, as mentioned earlier, Cummins Inc. also produced generators which suit many purposes. You may choose a certain type if you want to buy the generator to make it as your house’s standby power generating equipment. Interestingly, they set it to be a quiet generator so that its buzzing sound will not disturb its users and neighbors nearby.

Wattage-wise, you can depend on these generators varied wattage. The highest one ever produced in Cummins is what you have in the portable Onan Dual Fuel generator (it produces 9,500 peak watts on gasoline and 8,550 peak watts on propane). As its name suggests, switching fuel is available – from gasoline to propane or vice versa. The machine also lets you to run smoothly for many hours at its 25% load.

Onan Generators Features

  • Remote starting

Leave the conventional way and run your generators with the remote starting. Aside from the electric and recoil starting as the back up, the generator will offer you a remote control to enable you to engage with the engine.

  • Microprocessor control

Along with the installation of this microprocessor, you will find the generator equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities. It also allows you to regulate the voltage.

  • Sound-attenuating feature

This feature offer two functions: to protect the inner generator components, as well as to make sure that the machine operates as quietly as possible. They are also known to have muffler, making their generators to run in lower decibels.

Best 3 Onan Generators

You will find many types of Onan generators on the market, but below you will see the sum up of 3 types of their generators, chosen merely based on its wattage.

  1. Onan 1119 LP Generator
    • Wattage            : 5500 watts
    • Fuel type          : liquid propane
    • Use                  : mainly for house or recreational applications
    • Noise level        : 67 dBA
    • Specialty          :
      • microprocessor controlled with self-diagnostic capabilities
      • prevention of voltage spikes
      • noise-reducer enclosure
  1. Onan RV Gasoline generator
    • Wattage            : 4,000 watts
    • Fuel type          : gasoline only
    • Use                  : mainly used in RVs, camping, and outdoor activities
    • Noise level        : 68 dBA
    • Specialty          :
      • Sound-deadening features
      • Automatic choke is available
      • Decent fuel efficiency
      • There’s a set diagnostics
  1. Onan portable dual fuel generator
    • Wattage            : 9,500 watts (gasoline), 8,550 watts (propane)
    • Fuel type          : gasoline, propane
    • Use                  : recommended for outdoor events
    • Noise level        : 74 dBA
    • Specialty          :
      • Considered quiet
      • Fuel level gauge
      • Remote starting
      • Long running hours (25% load gasoline: 16 hours, propane 8 hours)

That’s the information you need to know about Onan generators. The product is a good deal as a power-supplying device for many purposes. There should be no doubt about its quality since they are the pioneer of generators manufacturer.

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