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Predator 9000 Generator Comprehensive Review

Predator 9000 Generator – In the industry of backup power supply equipment, Predator is a renowned name due to their affordable, well-performed, durable, and long-lasting products. Their smaller generator units are mostly used for commercial purposes, while the larger units are often used to provide power for whole household.

The Predator 9000 generator is the largest model from their lineup yet. It carries the benefits of advanced inverter technology, such as operating quietly and safe for sensitive electronic appliances.

The article below will help you to know more about Predator 9000 generator. It covers anything from its specification, features, as well as the pros and cons of buying the said model, so you’d be able to make thoughtful buying decision.

Predator 9000 Overview

Predator 9000

Predator 9000 generator is mentioned multiple times on expert’s recommendation when it comes to discussions of solid generator. Up until now, the model is the most powerful and the largest unit ever from Harbor Freight lineup. It produces enough power flow to back up your whole house for a few days straight in times of emergency such as electric blackout. It allows you to keep on living comfortably until the power restored by supplying basic appliances like heating system, refrigerators, and lights simultaneously. Aside from household uses, it is also very suitable for outdoor and job site activities.

Predator implements four-stroke 420CC engine with 13 horsepower, which can yield 120/240V. It runs by gasoline fuel to deliver optimum starting power at 9000W and constant running power at 7250W. At full filled 8.0-gallon of tank, it will be able to operate up to 12 hours on half load. The efficiency rates at 0.62 GPH.

Predator 9000 Generator Has Many Outlets

There is six available AC outlets within Predator 9000 generator. They range from double 120V 20A GFCI duplex outlets and two receptacle outlets, at 120V 30A and 120V/240C 20A. There is a single 12V 8A DC outlet in the style of car power outlet to let you quickly charge batteries.

The unit carries two starting system features that help you to begin its operation quickly. The first is traditional recoil pull start mechanism, while the second is electric start mechanism that’s very user friendly and convenient. However, this generator doesn’t include battery upon purchase.

Predator 9000 Generator Has Reliable Control Panel And Safety System

Its control panel comes really helpful. It includes low-il level light indicator within. There is an implemented fuel gauge that allows you to inspect gas level easily and quickly just by a glance. The safety features also built properly with automatic shut-down in case of low oil and circuit breaker to protect overloading.

Predator 9000 is a Quiet Generator

The noise level for Predator 9000 generator is low considering its power and size, at 76 dBA. It has approved by EPA and complied with CARB regulation, that makes the unit allowed to be distributed in market across 50 states.

The frame is coming from typical open design to provide stability and support for the users to raise it over ground level. Its dimension is 26.9” x 22” x 22.8″ and weight is 194 lbs. This generator falls on the common range of weight for units that in 6500W to 7500W power capacity. Overall, the built is highly suitable to be used on challenging outdoor settings and difficult environments.

Lastly, even though Predator 9000 generator is technically marketed as a portable unit with mobility benefits, the fact that it weighs 194 pounds can make it very painful to lift and carry around manually. However, with the help of handle and wheel kit that sold separately, it is still possible to move the equipment around conveniently once it has set on ground.

Predator 9000 Generator Features

Predator 9000 generator comes with improved and upgraded features to give users better durability, higher reliability, and longer runtime. Here are several of its best features:

1. Massive fuel tank size

Having greater fuel tank capacity means that you are able to get longer run times. This unit itself poses 8-gallon tank that helps the engine to run for 13 hours at half a load.

2. Extremely powerful

The model offers a wide range of power supply from 4000W to 9000W, which is sufficient for multiple uses such as electrical source backup for household, supply RV air conditioning, or be utilized at job sites.

3. Maximum protection to support durability

The frame is made from heavy-duty steel material with cage design that provides enclosed protection.

4. Additional wheel kit

The wheel kit that sold separately from the unit offers easy portability on ground level.

Predator 9000 Specification Details

Below are some of the technical and specification details of Predator 9000 generator:

  • Running Watts              : 7250
  • Surge Wattage              : 9000
  • Fuel                              : Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity               : 8 Gallons
  • Run Time                      : 13 Hours at 1/2 load
  • Starting mechanism       : Manual recoil and electric
  • Noise Level                   : 76 dBA
  • Dimensions                   : 26.9 x 22 x 22.8 in
  • Weight                          : 194 lbs.
  • Handles                        : Yes
  • Wheels                         : Yes (Sold separately)
  • RV ready                      : No
  • Parallel capability          : No

Pros and Cons

Here are the lists of advantages and disadvantages that you get when purchasing Predator 9000 generator:


  • It’s a very powerful generator unit that can produce up to 9000W power, which is enough to supply power for the whole households especially the basic tools and appliances
  • It has great running time due as it’s able to operate for 13 hours nonstop when running at half a load
  • It’s not exactly the quietest, but it generates very convenient noise level at 76 dBA – currently the lowest compared to most generators that run at similar power rates


  • It is quite pricey when compared to other generators at 6500W to 7500W range of power class
  • It doesn’t have remote start, a very practical feature that allows you to begin the operation without walking outside
  • It’s rather heavy and can be tough to move around without wheels
  • It doesn’t include wheel kit and battery upon purchase


If you want to get a generator that’s very powerful and reliable in terms of performance, then you cannot go wrong with Predator 9000 generator. Being the largest model yet on its manufacturer’s lineup of units, it is designed to supply simultaneous power for various appliances, devices, tools, and lights. It even makes a great choice for big events such as fairs or festivals held outside.

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