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Quiet Generator Ultimate Information: Top 10, Buying Guide and More

Quiet generator is something that everyone wants to purchase. This machinery will surely come handy when blackout happens too often in your area of living. Using generator to get a backup power source is simply handy, especially when the generator does not make any noises at all. Learn more about the generator below.

Top 10 Quietest Generators in the Market Today

Top 10 quiet generator
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There are tons of brands out there trying to sell their product of quiet generator. However, not all of them are the best. Below is the list of best 10 products of generator with quiet sound. They come from variations of brands, including the best one, such as Honda and Yamaha. For full information, you can get them below.

1. Honda EU2200i

Honda EU2200i - quiet generator

The first quiet generator on this list is the one from Honda. The generator’s name is Honda EU2200i. This is a very efficient product that everyone will love. The machine has the ability of generating 2,200 Watts. The fuel efficiency is great and on a fuel tank, the generator can last for 10 years or more. It is perfect for long-term usage, such as for jobsite or outdoor camping.

The parallel feature for this generator is available as well, giving you the chance of getting 4,400 Watts combined. You can also enjoy numerous other features on this quiet generator including the light weight feature and of course its quiet operation. The generator can operate at 50dBA or less. Therefore, It allows you to hear less noise coming from the generator. This is the reason why the generator is one of the best of its kind today.


  • It operates at 48 to 57 dBA, making the buzzing sound is less noticeable.
  • It is capable in producing 2200-Watt.
  • Parallel feature is available, allowing two generators to work together at the same time.
  • It can last up to 10 hours non-stop, making its fuel efficiency really great.
  • It is smaller in size and more lightweight.


  • Customer service is not widely available.

2. Honda EU3000iS

Honda EU3000iS - quiet generator

This quiet generator is from Honda once again. It looks like the upgraded version of the EU2200i that has been explained up there. This one is Honda EU3000iS. This generator almost has all similar feature to the last version. However, a lot of things have upgraded, including the wattage. The wattage produced by the generator is around 3,000 Watts.

The quiet generator allows you to use the machine easily. It has an automatic shutdown feature when the oil is low. It will prevent the engine from getting damaged easily. Of course, the operation is almost full silence as the machine will work just around 50dBA. You won’t even notice the buzzing sound.


  • It has automatic engine off mode when the machine detects low oil, preventing the engine from getting ruined.
  • It comes with though engine to produce 3000 Watt.
  • It’s very versatile and compatible to power up furnace, TV, microwave and more.
  • It operates at 49 to 58 dBA, making the noise won’t be noticeable by the neighbors or surrounding.
  • A single tank of fuel can be used to generate power for 20 hours.
  • Inverter technology is available, making the generator safe to power up sensitive equipment.


  • The warranty is not clear.
  • No customer service information.

3. Westinghouse iGen2200

Westinghouse iGen2200 - quiet generator

The next quiet generator on this list is from Westington. When it comes to heavy, electrical machinery, Westington is one of the top dogs. They have been around for a while and their products are always satisfying. This generator’s name is iGen2200. From the name, you can tell that the generator can indeed generate 2,200 peak Watts.

Several other things that you need to know about the generator is its super quiet operation (only at 52dBA) and its parallel feature. The feature allows you to combine to generators to work at the same time. The casing and design are very elegant with its lean, easy-to-grip handle. Surely this is one of the best quiet generator options available today.


  • It is very quiet during operation (52 dBA), perfect for sound-sensitive environment.
  • The large 1.2 gallon fuel tank can power the generator for 12 hours.
  • It is completed by Westinghouse Parallel feature, allowing two generators to get teamed up and used together.
  • It can produce 1800 rated Watts and 2200 peak Watts.
  • Eco inverter technology makes everything cleaner, safer and more efficient.
  • It is safe for sensitive electronic due to its stable power.
  • It is only 46 lbs in weight, and completed by suitcase-like handle.
  • Tech support is available.


  • The recoil is not that easy to get retracted.

4. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Without a doubt, Yamaha is one of the finest manufacturers for machinery and electrical components. This is why Yamaha EF2000iSv2 becomes one of the best options when it comes to quiet generator. This generator is really easy to use. It has the ability of producing 1,600 to 2,000 Watts. It also has high fuel efficiency.

This quiet generator comes with AC cables and there are indicator lights on the display as well. The operation is real quiet and the generator can be used immediately without having to wait for the machine to warm up, thanks to the auto-warm up feature coming with the machine. So, It is really helpful to start the machine quicker.


  • It is easy to start with its auto decompression system, allowing anyone to start the generator effortlessly.
  • It produces 1600w-2000w during operation.
  • Auto warm-up feature increases the engine speed, and allows the machine to start immediately.
  • Smart Throttle on the engine makes the fuel efficiency really great and suppresses the noise.
  • It lasts for 10-12 hours from full tank to empty, providing more powers longer than any other generator.
  • It operates at 51.5 dBA, providing quiet operation.
  • Oil Watch Warning System is available, preventing oil from overflowing or damages due to low fuel.
  • It has car AC cables.


  • The price is a bit expensive.

5. Generac 7172 iQ3500

Generac 7172 iQ3500

Even though the brand Generac is not as famous as Honda or Yamaha, you can still get the best type of generator from this generator. The Generac 7172 iQ3500 is powerful generator capable in producing more than 3,500 Watts in one operation. It has power dial and smart LCD on the casing.

Controlling and using this quiet generator is surely easier. It allows you to get backup power source all the time. The best thing about this product is the fact that it has USB port available directly on the box. So, It will give you the chance to charge any smart phone, tablet or anything else easily.


  • USB port is available, allowing you to charge smart phone and gadget directly.
  • It has casing and enclosure made of steel, enforcing the durability of the generator
  • Using Smart LCD to control, you can check the wattage meter and fuel meter easily.
  • It is capable to produce 3500 Watt.
  • Power dial to start is available, no need to pull anything with force.
  • Parallel mode is available; connecting two generators into one power source is easier.
  • 40% quieter in oration than other brands, less than 30 dB(A).


  • Self-shutting down often happens

6. WEN 56125i

WEN 56125i

This quiet generator is from WEN. Its name is WEN 56125i. The generator is extremely quiet while running. It has the ability to produce 1,250 Watts surge and it will generate around 1,000 Watts when it is running normally. On the machine, USB port is available, making smart phone charging available all the time. Surely it comes handy when you are leisuring outdoor. Everyone should try using this generator.

The quiet generator is easy to operate. It does not have complex design. In fact, there are only a few levers and switches on the generator. It makes everyone can operate the generator with ease. The current produced by the machine is clean one. So, It does not make sensitive electronic prone to damage. So, it is safe to power up PC or to charge laptop, phone and more.


  • It’s extremely quiet operator, safer from noise-sensitive environment.
  • It produces clean power, preventing damage to sensitive electronics including phones and computer.
  • It has sleek design and easy to carry.
  • The machine can generate 1,250 surge Watts and 1,000 rated Watts.
  • There is USB port.
  • It is easy to operate, using only a few levers and switches.


  • Parallel mode is unknown

7. Champion Power Equipment 73536i

Champion Power Equipment 73536i quiet generator

For those who are looking for reliable and sturdy generator, this quiet generator from Champion Power Equipment is the answer. You can tell that this 73536i generator is the best of its kind due to its innovative design. The design allows the generator to get stacked easily. Also, the generator has automatic idle mode to save more fuels and durability of the machine.

There is no doubt that this quiet generator will come handy. It has ergonomic handle and it has RV ready outlet. So, if you have the hobby of travelling across the country in RV, you have to get this generator. The safety features are including the overload protection and the fuel tank protection.


  • Innovative design makes stacking easier and more efficient on the storage.
  • Automatic idle mode is available, saving more fuel and making the machine more durable
  • Overload protection is available, preventing overloading on the fuel tank
  • Ergonomic built-in carry handle allows you to move the generator easier everywhere.
  • It is capable in producing 2000-watt in one operation.
  • RV Ready outlet is available; powering any moving vehicle becomes easier.


  • It is slightly heavier in weight.

8. Atima AY2000i

Atima AY2000i quiet generator

The generator is easier to use and everyone can definitely use the generator for years. It has 2 years warranty and moving the generator is also easier due to its high portability. The design is sleek and has handles and also looks sophisticated as well, making its look improved all the time. This quiet generator is really one of the best one of all.

Atima AY2000i is the one generator from Yahama’s co-company. Yes, Atima is established under Yamaha and that is why this quiet generator is using genuine Yamaha engine. It will last longer and surely capable in generating lots of power. The electricity that can be generated using this generator is around 2,000 Watts. It surely is a lot of power and it can power the entire house or job site for hours.


  • It uses Yamaha Genuine engine.
  • The machine can generate 2000 Watts electricity.
  • It operates quietly at 51.5 dBA to 61 dBA, so it won’t disturb the surrounding neighborhood.
  • The lighter and more compact design with easy-to-carry handle makes it highly portable.
  • It works perfectly for almost 5 hours at full load.
  • It is completely by 2 years support and life time service.


  • It is only available in white casing, easier to get dirty outdoor.

9. Energizer eZV2200

Energizer eZV2200 quiet inverter generator

Energizer is not only famous for its battery products. It is also a great manufacturer for generator and heavy machinery. For those who are looking for fuel-efficient generator with large power to generate, they will have to get the eZV2200 quiet generator from Energizer. It has the capability to produce 2,200 Watts in one sitting.

One of the best features of this generator is the fact that it has extremely large tank fuel capacity. It is around 7L. The generator also has ergonomic design with handles and everything you need to carry them easily. This is why this quiet generator is very popular in the market today.

The generator also has numerous other features to highlight, including the durability and its lightweight features. To lift the whole thing, you won’t get any difficulties at all as it weighs only 15-16 lbs.


  • Fuel-efficient mode allows the generator to last longer and more durable.
  • The machine can generate 2,200 Watts peak power and 2,000 Watts rated power.
  • Large fuel tank capacity (7L) provides longer usage for camping trip, tailgating and more.
  • It has 2 years warranty.
  • It has ergonomic design and completed by handles.
  • It’s lightweight, around 15-16 lbs.


  • No customer service information.

10. Briggs and Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart

Briggs and Stratton 30545 P3000 quiet generator

The last item on this list is the one from Briggs and Stratton. The name of the product is the Briggs and Stratton 30545 P3000 Power Smart generator. The quiet generator has numerous great features, including powerful engine to produce 3,000 Watts at max. Also, this quiet generator has QPT or Quiet Power Technology to improve its engine durability, fuel consumption and noise.

The quiet generator has twin handle design. You won’t find it hard to move the generator alone as the whole thing can be lifted easily using the two handles. You can surely get numerous benefits from using this generator, including the easiness to operate the generator and many more.


  • QPT (Quiet Power Technology) is available, adjusting the engine speed automatically to reduce fuel consumption as well as noise.
  • Twin handles design makes the mobility of the generator easier.
  • It works quietly at only less than 60 dbA, allowing the noise to blend in the background and less noticeable.
  • It generates 2,600 to 3,000 Watts.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen is available, displaying all needed information (oil level, maintenance status, and more)
  • Parallel connector port is available, pairing two generators is easier.


  • Warranty information is unclear

Those products are the best as they have powerful performance and tons of features. They come from well-established brands as well that will make sure that you can always count on them whenever you need electricity source or when there is a blackout in the area where you live. They are totally reliable and will last for good.

Types of Quiet Generator

One of the most important things to understand about quiet generator is the type of it. In general, the generator can be divided into three types. If you are considering buying the equipment right now, wait until you understand their types properly. The full information about the types of generator with less noise like you are currently looking for is here:

Standby Generator

Standby generator is your good, old-fashioned type of the equipment. It is meant to be stuck in a place for good without being able to get moved around. The generator is like the safest protection from blackout. The figure is massive and the most common power source for its 7,000-12,000 Watts operation is natural gas, like propane.

Portable Generator

Portable generator is the simpler version of that standby generator. It can produce huge power. However, its size is mostly compact and they are a carry-on. It means that moving them around won’t be a problem anymore. This is the kind of generator to bring on leisure activities. The power is around 1,000 to 10,000 Watts.

Inverters Generator

Inverters generator is smaller in capacity but it has massive advantage. It is quiet when running. This is the reason why you have to get this kind of generator when you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated to use as a power source. The power ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 Watts at most.

Now you have understood the three types of the generator. Based on the explanation above, it is quite understandable that the best type is the inverter one as it is more compact and it produces almost no noise at all. Next, you will learn about the reason to get the best quiet generator in the market. Keep reading to understand the information.

Why Buying a Quiet Generator?

why buying a quiet generator

When you think about quiet generator, mostly you will figure out that the price of this kind of heavy machinery is not too cheap. Well, money talks anyway as this kind of generator gives tons of benefits. What should be the reasons to buy the generator? You will find numerous reasons to buy the generator on the list down below:

Less Noise

One of the most popular reasons why people need to buy the generator is the fact that it produces less, if not no noise at all. The equipment has a muffler on the inside to press the noise and reduce the buzzing sound that you may often hear when a generator is running. The sound is less noticeable and definitely softer.

Less Fuel Consumption

Another great reason to buy a quiet generator is considering its fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is very low and a full tank of fuel will probably help generating electricity for a whole day. It is surely beneficial for a generator working in outdoor jobsite or a business that needs constant electricity.

Easier to Use

The generator of this kind has the latest technology of muffled, noise suppresser and Its advanced technology allows the generator to be used easier as well. It is related to fact that the size of the equipment is generally smaller and more compact. The generator does not have a lot of levers and tools to deal with. It is usually just one switch or one click away to operate it.

Won’t Disturb the Surrounding

It is no secret that generating electricity using generator will produce heavy buzzing sound. Sometimes the noise is so loud that it can be heard from afar. Using generator with quiet feature allows you to generate power without noise polluting the surrounding. This generator usually produces only 75dB. The noise is only noticeable within 1 meter.

From the explanation above, it is obvious that buying the quietest generator in the market will give a lot of great things for you. Whether you use the equipment will be used for regular power backup or to power trailers and RVs, they will perform at their best and won’t let you down. To figure out more about the advantages of quiet generator, you should read the next explanation.

Quiet Generator Advantages

There are tons of advantages that will be gained from using quiet generator. Basically, it is like getting the function of a regular generator without having to deal with the buzzing noise that may bother the surrounding. The full list of what advantages you will get from using the generator is going to be shown right now.

1. Have a Reliable Backup Power Source

Having no electricity around the house is something really awful. There is no chance to power up your gadget or do your activity normally. This is why having reliable backup power source, such as a generator that works quietly, is something that you will surely have to do all the time.

2. The Structure is More Compact

Generator is used to be massive and it is almost impossible to carry them casually. However, quiet generator is now basically portable as they are designed with simplicity and sophistication. The size of the generator is made compact in order to give less space for noise to get around. This is why the generator of this kind is efficient for sure.

3. Prevent the Inhalation of Debris and Dust

Quiet generator is often built with less massive fan that will spin vigorously during its operation. They stir debris and dust and if you happened to be around the generator, inhaling the debris and dust is inevitable. When using a generator with quiet feature, you won’t face this kind of problem and your lungs are perfectly safe.

4. They are Mostly Waterproof

As there are mufflers inside the generator, the casing covering the inside of the equipment is mostly built waterproof. This way, you do not need to worry when you have to use the generator outdoor and the weather is unpredictable. The waterproof feature allows the generator to remain working properly.

Those are the greatest advantages that you will get from using the generator. All you need to do now is considering how to buy the best quiet generator. If you are a first time buyer, you will have to consider several things that you may have no idea about. The buying guide will be shown to you on the next chapter. You have to read them before getting to the store.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Generator

quiet generator

Considering that quiet generator is not something too cheap to buy, you need to make sure when you get to the store, you will have the chance to bring home the best product available. So, what to consider when buying the generator? The list will be shown down below and it is going to prevent you from ending up buying the wrong kind of generator.

Know Your Brand

It is probably too cheeky to consider that the bigger the brand, the better the quality. However, sometimes they are true. One of the things to understand when buying the generator is to make sure that it is from established brands such as Honda, Yamaha or Energizer. They have been around for decades and their products are surely in high quality.

Set a Budget

In general, the price for the generator is more expensive than regular generator. However, setting a budget may help you prevent buying the wrong product. The range of price of a generator of this kind is around $300 to $1,000. You need to set how much money you are willing to spend on the generator and then look for the product within the range of price.

Learn the Features

Features are incredibly essentials to consider before buying the generator. Surely the number one feature to consider is the suppressed noise. However, there are also several other things that you need to consider the fuel efficiency, the wattage amplifier, the lightweight and portable feature and many more.

Warranty is Important!

Spending money on heavy machinery like generator is not something to take for granted. This is why warranty is going to come handy. The warranty will at least keep you at ease when something wrong happens to the generator. Make sure that generator is completed by at least 3 years warranty.

Of course, you need to consider the tips above way before getting to the store and get the generator. There are numerous things that can go wrong when you buy something that expensive and important. This is why you want to prepare the trip to the store as best as you can. Those tips above are going to get you the best quiet generator available in that store.

Standard of a Quiet Generator

We have talked about plenty of things about quiet generator. However, you have not figure out the actual things that make a generator considered as “proper”. Down below, there are several things that can be considered as the standard of the generator. When your generator at home meets the standard down below, its performance surely won’t let you down.

The Wattage

The wattage must be the number one standard as the power and performance of the generator heavily depends on the wattage. In order to make sure that the generator can work properly, it has to be completed by at least 1800 running Watts and at least 2200 starting watts. That way, the generator will be fully functional.

The Size

The standard size of the generator is quite large. However, getting a compact generator seems to be a better idea. The quiet generator is considered “compact” when the dimension of the product is within 20x12x18 inches. It should also weigh no more than 50-55 pounds. It will make sure that the generator can be brought around with ease.

The Features

Unique features are useful for generator operation. So, having the ability to produce less noise (52 dBA at most) is not enough. Some other features that you will have to look for when buying a generator like this is the alarm and control panel. Make sure that the generator can notify you when the gas is low or the fuel is overloading. Control panel allows the user to figure the levers and switches easily.

The Power Source

The standard power source for a generator of this kind is gas or fuel. You need to make sure that the generator you are buying is completed by fuel efficiency feature so that the power source for the equipment can last longer. Consider these aspects and using the generator won’t be so hard anymore.

As there are numerous things to consider as the standard for a quiet generator, it is not so wise to take the buying preparation for the equipment for granted. At least you will have to know the good things about the product that you are about to buy. You will have to make sure that they meet the standard and can be used for a long, long time.

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Common Uses of a Quiet Generator

If you have not figured out the usage of quiet generator, there will be a handful of them down below. Make sure you read them well so that you understand what this equipment is really about. By reading the information, everyone can tell that the generator is really useful and it is highly versatile. Here is the list of the common usage of the generator.

– Emergency Power

Blackout is surely something dreadful that no one wants to experience. When no electricity is available, it is not possible to do the daily tasks easily. This is why generator is made. It is like the backup source for electricity during blackout or shortage and can be used for life-saving and surely in emergency situation. It helps you staying calm and getting proper electricity even though the power is out for hours.

– Recreation

A lot of people love having fun in the outside. Sometimes, they do love camping or doing things outdoor, far away from their home. However, say for example you are camping in the middle of a forest. It will be no way that electricity can be found there. The only possible way to get the electricity is by using the generator.

– Outdoor Jobsite

There are numerous jobs that have to be done outdoor. They are including venue management, field inspectors and many more. If there are workers outside and the job must be done in large scale, electricity is surely needed. You will have to figure out how to bring electricity to the jobsite. The generator is the best method possible.

– Mobile Houses

Numerous people adapt the lifestyle of moving from one place to another frequently. They usually travel the road using their mobile home or their RV (recreational vehicle). Both types of vehicle need electricity and there is no way that they will get as they keep moving. Generator, especially the quiet one, is the answer to get the electricity in the mobile houses.

There, you can see that the quiet generator obviously has numerous functions. If you run a business and a blackout will be something so dreadful, you surely need to get a generator and it has to be the quiet one so that no buzzing noise will bother everyone around. Now you have seen almost everything about the generator. The last thing to understand here is the upkeep of the equipment.

Quiet Generator Maintenance

It does not matter how expensive the quiet generator that you buy. If you cannot give them the proper maintenance, they will get ruined within a year or so. You need to make sure that the equipment will last as long as possible by properly operating, using and storing them. The full information about it can be seen down below.

The Operation

The operation of the generator is totally essential to understand. When operating the equipment, you have to make sure that it is not used indoor and in any enclosed area, including in garage or basement. The safest place to run the generator is in outdoor area or in semi-enclosed area with proper, sufficient ventilation.

The Fuel Tank

The fuel tank should not get overfilled. Fuel expansion is real and if you fill the tank to the fullest, it may expand and oozes all over the place. Also, you need to make sure that when the generator is not used, the fuel tank must be emptied beforehand. Leaving fuel in the tank in a long time can trigger problems such as rust and corrosion.

The Placement

The placement of the generator when it is being used is something really important. Make sure that the generator is placed on level surface. Do not attempt to place the machinery on something that is rugged and full of excessive dirt and dust. Also, avoid placing the generator on something too moist and wet. It will get the generator rusting and crumbling down eventually.

The Storage

Storing the generator must be done properly. When the generator is done being used, make sure you have cleaned up the whole thing and emptied the tank. Then, cover the generator with a protective fabric and store in a dry place. Also, before the generator is cleaned up, make sure that the engine is already completely cooled out.

By maintaining the generator properly, the tool will surely last for good. As the backup power source, it is so important for them to last long and be reliable. It will be possible when the maintenance is done properly. You are supposed to do all those things suggested above to make sure that the quiet generator of yours will last for decades.

Now you have read basically everything about the generator. Once again, if you need to buy one, make sure it is not a last minute thing as you have to prepare for a lot of things, including the product research and setting a budget. Follow the tips as well as instructions up there to make sure that you will end up with a durable quiet generator.

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