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Reasons to Buy DuroStar Generators and Which Type to Choose

DuroStar generators might be your reference if you are looking for an affordable and efficient generator. Its name might be not that well-known, and it was established around three decades ago; but many people are head over heels in love with their products. Thanks to their good quality in combo with their affordable price, even for the same features. Besides, DuroStar generator has been known to offer noise level reducer, as well as high portability and safety. Interesting in delving more into their background? Check out the article below.

Who Makes DuroStar generators?

DuroPower is the company behind the manufacturing of DuroStar generators. It is owned by Dexin International Inc. As mentioned earlier, the company has been long enough in the industry, since the company is founded in 1992. So, in 2020, they have been 28 years manufacturing generators. The company sets their headquarter in California. But their wings have reached wider areas than just the county.

Durostar generators

Within those years, DuroPower doesn’t produce only power generating back-ups only for houses. They extended their product so that people in work can also use their DuroStar generators. This also includes the generators for recreational vehicles (RV) or camping purposes. That’s why their generators come with various wattages, ranging from the one suitable for households to those generators that are perfect for outdoor works.

Where Are DuroStar Generators Built?

With their affordable cost when compared to other ‘bigger’ names, such as Honda, Generac, or Yamaha, people may wonder where DuroStar generators are manufactured. Their generators are made in China. But wait, don’t let the stigma of made-in-China things are under-qualified. If that is the case, then their generators won’t come up well up to today.

Other business rivals, such as Champion and Westinghouse have their power supply engines manufactured in the same country too. Of course, there will be a certain procedure and standard their Chinese manufacturer must follow in order to keep the quality in its prime. Related to this, people may ask what may cause their unit price to be equal to a half of the big names’ prices.

The answer lies in their ‘factory outlet’ system. It means, they do the shipment directly to the buyers – without any help of other third parties. They keep the marketing cost pretty low. Hence, you may not find them advertising in big events quite often. Not even they sponsor a race. But still, people put their hopes on it, which means people know their generators quality.

Is DuroStar a Good Generator Brand?

In recent days, it’s quite tricky to get the market’s attention. Therefore, only the best can ‘survive’ the sales. People proved that DuroStar generators are sturdy in design and they also have good run time. Despite their one-year warranty, their cheap generators are worth purchasing as they offer similar features with those more costly generators.

As a result, no wonder that the generators’ review on marketplace like Amazon has been so good so far. Of course, customer support also plays its role pretty well to provide users good experience while using their products.

Why Buy a DuroStar Generator?

Despite their average brand name and not so bombastic marketing effort, DuroStar generators can still be exist on the market thanks to the reviews and people’s word of mouth. People’s reviews on sheer marketplace are showing their satisfaction after using the product of DuroPower. Those two seem to be effectively leveling up the demand.

As mentioned before that their minimum budget for marketing, as well as the company’s minimum money allocation for distribution enables them to keep an affordable cost range. Now, who doesn’t like to spend less money? Given that DuroStar generators have similar features and have proper reviews, no wonder people drift their way to buy the cheaper one. Interestingly, out of 100 reviews, many of their products accept rating as high as 4.8 of 5. Isn’t it outstanding?

Another reason people should buy DuroStar generators is because most of DuroPower’s generators are EPA-approved for use in national parks. The generators that do not have spark arrestor will not be approved by the EPA. For your information, spark arrestor is a device that prevents flammable debris to get emitted from the burning sources. This will include any device that works in combustion engines, wood stoves, as well as fireplaces. This device is important to prevent wildland fire and explosion.

As a wrap up, below are the reasons why people should buy DuroStar generators:

  • Versatile and is perfect to be used in eclectic situations, like in housings, camping, working projects, etc.
  • Quiet enough, as they tend to work under 70 decibels for smaller units. Larger units operate under 75 dBA – pretty much quiet for the class.
  • Low oil protection system
  • Great portability – some of them are equipped with wheels so they are mobile, and lastly
  • Cheap price to protect your wallet.

Features of DuroStar generators

Below you’ll see several best-selling generators manufactured by DuroPower.

1. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

  • Wattage                  : 4,000 watts (peak watt) and 3,300 watts (running watt)
  • Weight                    : 94 pounds
  • Noise level              : 69 dBA
  • Voltage                   : 120 V
  • Fuel type                : gasoline
  • Use                                    : mainly for household use but available for jobsites, camping, and RVs
  • Specialty                :
    • EPA and CARB approved
    • Lightweight
    • outlets

2. DuroStar DS10000E generator

  • Wattage                  : 10,000 watts (peak watt) and 8,800 watts (running watt)
  • Weight                    : 260 pounds
  • Noise level              : 72 dBA
  • Voltage                   : 120/240 V
  • Fuel type                : gasoline
  • Use                           : with such wattage, all purposes are fine
  • Specialty                :
  • Low oil shut off feature
    • Wheels available
    • Electric start
    • 5 available outlets
    • EPA and CARB approved

3. DuroStar DS4850EH

  • Wattage                  : 4,850 watts (peak watts), 3,850 watts (running watts)
  • Weight                    : 132 pounds
  • Noise level              : 69 dBA
  • Voltage                   : 120/240 V
  • Fuel type                : gasoline/propane
  • Use                                    : recommended for RVs
  • Specialty                :
    • Wheels available
    • 3 available outlets
    • Low oil sensor

That’s what you may need to know about DuroStar generators. Versatile, affordable, and having nice features make the generators are loved by many. Its name may not be heard much, but once you believe in it, the performance will make you awe.

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