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Reviews of Energizer eZV2000P to Give Consideration Regarding the Portable Generator

Having a portable generator is good thing, and Energizer eZV2000P can be the good recommendation. When you often make long trip or doing activities outside, the generator is so useful to provide power of electricity. Bringing this generator from Energizer will give all things that you need, so there is no big problem to worry about. 

The name of this brand surely makes you safe and convenient. Energizer is not a new brand in term of devices for providing power. This product also provides the great benefits. Some features are available in the unit. Of course, its portability is not only the point to offer, and there are more details about the products that can give suggestions and references before you decide to bring the generator home. 

Energizer eZV2000P

Energizer eZV2000P Overview

When talking about the reasons, at least there are some considerations of taking the devices. The first point is about its portability. The design of the Energizer eZV2000P is quite simple. Even if it is called as generator, the dimension is quite compact. This will not be too difficult even when you bring it with car during the trip or activity outside, such as having camp. 

Then, its weight is only around 20 kilograms. This can be called as lightweight since it is not too heavy, considering the power that it can provide. The maximum power is up to 2000 watt as its peak power to provide, while the best power for continuous usage is around 1600 watt. This power is more than enough for you. 

In term of power, it uses oil and fuel as the source of energy. It is very handy, and refilling the fuel will not become big problems. In term of the duration, when using the maximum capacity of its gasoline, the generator can last up to 4.2 hours by using the 1600 watt as its optimal highest power output. When it only uses 400 watt, it can last up to 11.5 hours. This duration is more than enough when you want to use it outside. Moreover, when you are camping and it is only to charge the devices, it will only use around 400 watt. Therefore it is quite dependable when you are running out of power. 

Then, it is also perfect choice for outside function. It has weather protected panel, so some issues of weather will not be big problems. During the rain and under the peak of sunlight, there will not be serious problems that can affect the performance of the generator. It will keep working and you can still use this powerful generator conveniently. Of course, it is still always better to give protection since sometimes unexpected things can happen when you are outside in the nature. 

With these points, it seems that these are enough to make you a good consideration. Of course, the details of point above are not the full features. These are like the key points that can become some main reasons for you to pick or consider the product from Energizer. In case you still need more details, you can check further below. 

Energizer eZV2000P Specifications

After knowing some of the main reasons of choosing the Energizer eZV2000P, it is also necessary to know some points of the specification. These are the details. 

  • Maximum wattage         : 2000 Watt, 1600 Watt for optimal continuous function
  • Engine                          : 79cc, 2.7 horsepower
  • Power source                : gasoline 
  • Fuel capacity                : 3.4 liters 
  • Noise level                    : 50-59 dBA
  • Weight                          : 20 kilograms 

Energizer eZV2000P Features 

In addition to some key reasons of picking the generator, you may also need some more information about the device’s key feature. These are some of the points that can help you in having the consideration.

  • Dual Wave Technology – the device has its own system and mechanism that can control both the voltage and current smartly. This will be beneficial to protect the devices connected to the generator. 
  • Parallel capable – It can work in parallel system to provide bigger power. There is already kit to connect the Energizer eZV2000P to other model of eZV type. However, the kit is sold separately. 
  • Whisper quiet – When it works, it will not emit annoying sounds. Even if it still gives some sounds when the engine works to supply the energy, its sound is only around 50 dBA, so it is still convenient to hear. 
  • EcoMode – This is the useful features of the product. The EcoMode can be activated, and it will automatically work more efficiently in using the gasoline, so the engine can work well without consuming too much fuel. It is good to save the fuel. 
  • Built to Last – This is made to provide you with good durability. This comes with protective panels to deal with the weather. Then, it provides warranty up to 3 years. Moreover, it is very easy to repair, and its maintenance does not need much effort. All of the details are already provided in the manual book coming with its package. 

Package Contents

Inside the package, it is not only the generator of Energizer eZV2000P. There are also some other details, including: 

  • 1 User Guide 
  • 1 Spark Plug Wrench- Sleeve
  • 1 Spark Plug Wrench – Bar
  • 1 Multi screwdriver
  • 1 DC charging cable 
  • 1 Oil transfer tool

Pros and Cons 


  1. Lightweight and compact design
  2. Have less noise when the engine start working
  3. Great power and good durability


  1. In some products, there are oil and fuel leaking.
  2. The parallel kit is not available in the package.


In conclusion, this product can be the good recommendation of generator. This is great device with its portability. You will not have any issues to work outside when you have the devices. This is quite dependable.

In addition, its power is also great, and it is supported by the great duration of usage. The fuel economy should also be considered. There is EcoMode to boost the efficiency in certain cases. These are all great points to consider.  By considering these benefits and some issues that may appear, it is still a good product to have. If you often spend your time outside, and you love camping, this is the necessary device to bring. Energizer eZV2000P will make sure you will never run out of power. 

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