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Ryobi Generators: Review and Customers Guide

If you are planning to buy Ryobi generators, it is necessary to know which types are best to buy. However, the most essential points to know are the generators’ performance, durability, and capability. With these goals in mind, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about this brand. Therefore, you’ll know which type to purchase in the market.

Ryobi generators review

Who Makes Ryobi Generators?

In fact, Ryobi is one of the leading manufacturers who produce power equipment. Although since 1943 they are very popular as an automotive and electrical producer, they recently gain attention for creating generators. Many of their generator types are in the same rank as the world’s largest manufacturers such as Honda and Yamaha.

Where is Ryobi Generators Built?

Ryobi produces its power generators in mainland China, and these units are not as expensive as the other brands. But, being budget-friendly generators doesn’t make the company not give the best service for the customers. With Ryobi generators, the customers will get a two-year guarantee which is actually much better than another significant brand like Honda.

One thing that everyone would love about this manufacturer is that they have succeeded in producing portable power generators that make them stand out from the other brands. For example, one of the Ryobi generators has feature to the user to monitor its operation by using Bluetooth connection.

Are Ryobi Generators Good?

Ryobi produces a number of generators with different specs. To find out which one is the best for the needs, read on the review below.

1. RY9065005 Portable Generator

As already mentioned above, Ryobi is stand out from the other brands due to the portable units they produce. RY9065005 is one of Ryobi generators that comes in a portable frame with surge wattage in 6,500 watts and widely used for homeowners, food truck owners, and any professional who require high power.

This Ryobi RY9065005 is able to run for 10 hours with a half-full of the tank. Regarding the capacity of the fuel, this unit is able to carry six gallons of gasoline. The excellent point about this unit is that the user only needs to turn a breaker board when there is a power cut.

One of these portable Ryobi generators has an open frame so that the user has an easy time to lift the unit from the ground. That is why this power generator is excellent for outdoors.


  • RY9065005 has a sensor for carbon monoxide
  • Pocket-friendly
  • 5 powerful outlets


  • Non-CARB compliant generator
  • Lack of electronic fuel injection

2. Ryobi 2200 Digital Generator

Ryobi generators

Talking about Ryobi generators that come with lots of advanced features, the Ryobi 2200 might be the ideal one. This digital inverter is an excellent choice in terms of power cuts, but also a decent option for workplaces and emergencies.

The things everyone will love about this Ryobi 2200 are the portability capacity and the affordable price. Since this unit runs on a 106CC OHC engine, this inverter is excellent for tasks with not much power.

As the name implies, this Ryobi generator produces a power output of 2200 watts which is excellent to handle several domestic appliances. It also generates a clean output and is fuel-efficient so that it won’t harm any sensitive home appliances.

Ryobi generators are best known for its parallel capability where the user is able to connect it with other generators if the output watts are not big enough. Ryobi 2200 doesn’t come with a fuel calculation. Even so, it has a monitoring panel that will let the user know about the output measurements such as low oil notification and electrical signal.

One thing that may become a concern for the user is the runtime of the Ryobi 2200. In a full tank, this inverter generator is able to run for 5 until 6 hours.


  • Fuel-efficient generator
  • Affordable price
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great for any home appliances
  • The best inverter generator in its class


  • No electronic fuel injection

3. Ryobi 2300 Bluetooth Power Generator

Ryobi generators are best known as power generators with advanced design. By adding Bluetooth to the power generators indicate that the company tries to differentiate itself from other companies.

Ryobi 2300 is the first Bluetooth generator from Ryobi that won’t be a concern for its user. Therefore, this unit comes in a beautifully designed plastic frame. Compared to the other inverters in the same power class, Ryobi 2300 has a compact and efficient built.

This gives the user convenience in lifting up the unit. Although it has two small wheels, this generator might not be ideal for the harsh environment since it might sink into a soft surface.  

Ryobi 2300 also comes with a Bluetooth connection where the user can focus on the other tasks while monitoring the inverter through a mobile app. Instead of coming with a DC power outage, this unit comes with 2 USB ports. Although it’s not the first in its class, Ryobi 2300 is more affordable than the other brands.

As the Ryobi generators which produce 2,300 watts of power output, this inverter only works well in appliances with low power supply. The best feature of this unit is its parallel ability where it can be connected to another inverter if the user wants a double power output.


  • Parallel ability
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lightweight body


  • Lack of power outlets

All the generators manufactured by Ryobi above should be able to fulfill the needs for low to medium power on home or industrial appliances. In terms of price, Ryobi generators are more budget-friendly compared to the other major brands such as Honda and Yamaha. The main thing that everyone will surely love about all the electrical equipment made by Ryobi is that their machines and power equipment have advanced and high-quality features. By having the same considerations in mind, it is believed that their power generators also have the same innovative features.

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