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Suaoki Generators for Safe Energy and Portable Power Supplies

Suaoki is a manufacturing company that is specialized in producing power supplies that also combine energy saving ability and other modern features. If you want to find out more about this generator, the following paragraphs will discuss more where the Suaoki generators are made, how to charge and maintain the Suaoki generator, and why you should buy this product.

SUaoki generators review

Where are Suaoki Products Made?

Suaoki generators are from Japan and it was established in 2015. The main goal of the Suaoki brand is to ensure customers’ satisfaction as well as to maintain eco-conscious values. Not only providing eco-friendly products, but Suaoki generator also become one of the best solutions in the future. Particularly for facing emergencies or disaster preparedness. 

How Do You Charge Suaoki Generators?

As mentioned before that it is a portable and rechargeable generator, there are several recharge methods you may apply for Suaoki generators.

  1. Recharge the Suaoki generator with a wall socket of AC 110v. This method will enable the generator to be fully recharged after seven to eight hours recharging. 
  2. In the previous paragraphs, Suaoki is mentioned to be an eco-friendly brand that also safe energy. Therefore, Suaoki also provides a solar panel kit that could be connected to the solar generator to recharge using sunlight power. One of the valuable features added to this device is a built-in MPPT solar charge controller for a faster recharge. 
  3. Car cigarette socket with 12V or 24V power is also available to recharge the Suaoki solar generators. 

What Are The Advantages Of Suaoki Solar Generators?

As a solar-based power supply machine, Suaoki generator provides many advantages compared to other conventional gas generators. Here are the important advantages you should know about this solar power supply. 

  1. Save more energy and cost less as it could take energy from the sunlight power using the solar panel power recharge device. 
  2. Eco-friendly and renewable energy. Compared to the conventional generators that require gas which could cause any effects to the environment around. 
  3. Solar generators won’t produce any disturbing noises. The components are also not as much as the conventional ones. So you may find it has chances of low maintenance. 

Why Should You Buy Suaoki Generators?

If you still feeling unsure about this product, read again and find out the important reasons why you really should buy this, especially as a power supply for any outdoor activities. 

  1. Suaoki generators have compact and efficient designs that are very suitable for traveling or moving around. To make it even easier to carry around, two foldable handles are ready to use with only 2.90 lbs for their weight. 
  2. The lithium battery equipped in Suaoki generators could hold up to 150Wh which can connect to many electronic devices, such as:
  3. Laptop
  4. Tablets
  5. Walkie-talkie
  6. Power phone
  7. Camera
  8. GoPro
  9. Drone
  10. Camping and festival bulbs
  11. GPS and many other adventurous devices
  12. It is highly recommended to use this product because it is safe and reliable. The Suaoki generators have passed the UL certifications for their engines, batteries, LED flashlights, and other important components. In other words, if it is used properly, it won’t cause any serious damages to your devices. 

If you still have any questions dealing with the product, the Suaoki customer service is always ready for 24/. It also provides 30 days guarantee to return your money back and up to 2 years warranty to ensure the customers’ satisfaction in using each model series. Once you purchase the Suaoki generators, you will be able to get three types of charging cables, user guides in multilingual languages, and a service card.

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