SUAOKI Portable Power Station S270 Full Information and Review

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For you who want to get SUAOKI Portable Power Station, you better read this information first. Indeed, one of the best products of portable generators or power stations is this one for SUAOKI. There are so many great things about the products that you need to know, especially on its exceptional features and great specifications. They will be written here as your guide before buying the product.

Product Overview

SUAOKI Portable Power Station S270

SUAOKI Portable Power Station is considered as the best portable backup source for those who love working outdoor or doing something like camping, tail gating and many more. This type of small generator or power station is also useful for those who travel a lot. It has 3 different ways to charge the entire thing, including by using solar panel and good old fashioned wall outlet.

SUAOKI Portable Power Station is also completed by a lot of output ports that you can use easily to charge smart phone, laptop, and even small cooler. By using this product, there is no way that you won’t run out of power during a camping trip and any other outdoor situation. Now, let’s find out more about this SUAOKI product and read its features, specs, pros as well as its cons.

Key Features

There are a lot of features that you can get from SUAOKI Portable Power Station. Some of the best features will be explained here so that you won’t find it difficult to decide whether or not you should get this amazing product. Here are some of the best features from this SUAOKI S270 power station that you need to know.

  1. 3 Ways to Recharge – In this modern age, everything has to be flexible. In the term of charging, this product is highly flexible. It has 3 different ways to recharge the power station. The first one is by using wall outlet. The second one is by using solar panel and the last one is by using the charging station inside your car. Each charging method takes 5-8 hours in average to complete.
  2. Small Size for 150Wh – The power station can produce the power up to 150Wh. This is considerably massive for portable type of power station. However, you do not need to carry a bulky one as the design is very compact and small. You can carry it just like a small handbag. It won’t add more burdens to your camping trips and more.
  3. Very Lightweight (2.9 lbs.) – This power station is very light. You can bring it easily as the weight of it is less than 3 lbs. Yes, it is that light and probably your bag is heavier than that. This is why the power station can be packed easily into any bag or any container.
  4. Compact Design with Hideable Handle – One of the best things about SUAOKI Portable Power Station is the fact that it has a very ergonomic design. The handles on the top of the power station is flexible. It can be folded and concealed. It can be turned easily as well.
  5. Various Output Ports – You do not have to worry about the outlet ports as this product has tons of them. It has everything, starting from AC outlet to USB. The USB ports support USB 3,0 as well. Charging laptops to emergency light will be possible using this product.
  6. Flashing Light Integrated – Do not get afraid of the dark as this portable generator can be used as flashing light as well. There is a flashing light integrated inside the machine, making it possible for you to just light everything around you.
  7. Status Indicators Available – There is no way that you will find it difficult to check over the status of the SUAOKI Portable Power Station. It has the panel on the design as well as small display to show the status, including the battery level and the charging time.

Specification Details

If you need the information of its specs, both on its physical appearance or on its power, you can read the brief specifications down below. This is basically what SUAOKI Portable Power Station S270 is all about. Here they are:

  • Dimension                    : 7.26 x 4.31 x 4.67 inches
  • Capacity                       : 150W
  • Weight                          : 1,45kg/ 2.8 lbs
  • AC Continuous Output   : 100W
  • AC Peak Output            : 150W
  • DC Port                        : 4x DC output ports
  • AC Outlet                      : 2x AC outlets
  • USB Port                      : 1x 3.0 USB, 3x USB ports (2.0)

Pros and Cons

To make a comparison or an eventual decision, surely you need to know the plus and the down sides of something. This SUAOKI Portable Power Station is no exception. There are pros and cons of the products. They can be read below.


  • It can be charged anywhere
  • The car charger adapter cable is included in the package
  • It has carry-on design, making it’s easy to carry
  • MC4 cable to charge via solar panel is included in the package
  • It can work as flashing light as well
  • It works quietly
  • It can charge sensitive electronic appliances and gadget
  • The product is very lightweight and easy to carry
  • It has fast charging feature
  • It is easy to control


  • The warranty is not discussed


The conclusion is pretty simple, actually. This SUAOKI Portable Power Station is indeed great. There are tons of things that you can find beneficial for the daily use. This is why you should be able to ease your mind whenever you have this power station with you. In full charge situation, the power station is going to provide you with more than 5 hours runtime and give you the power source you need. This product is also very affordable and everyone can bring home this amazing power source with ease. The design is highly ergonomic and the handle can be concealed and turned for 180 degrees. Therefore, you won’t find it hard to carry the whole thing away. You can just make sure that the power station is going to get you the best source of power. This is why buying SUAOKI Portable Power Station seems to be necessary.

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