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Things You Should Know about Firman Generators

Firman generators were originally from North America. It is a portable supply power that has been used worldwide for many kinds of purposes. Until now, Firman generators have received many satisfying reviews from the consumers, particularly for their powerful performance and durability. Moreover, this generator is also available in many kinds of types that you may choose.  

Who makes firman generators

Firman generator is created by SUMEC Group which is based in Nanjing China. SUMEC group is under the Sinomach that creates millions of generators for 17 years. As a result, there are many kinds of high-quality products which one of which is the Firman generator. Specifically, in 2015, the expertise in electronic devices and engineering of Sinomach decided to create a new brand under the name of Firman generator. 

Where are firman generators manufactured

Firman generators logo

Firman generators headquarter was built in Nanjing China. Since 2015, the company introduced and developed the industry in North America which today it is available to order around America and worldwide. For those who are interested in order or getting to know more about this product, you may visit the official website of Firman generator and directly send messages to the online chat to communicate with the customer service officer or directly call the provided numbers. 

Firman Generators types

If you still have no idea about which generators suit you the best, then read the following article below about the best Firman generator types.

1. Firman W03083 3000 Watt

W03083 3000 Watt

For those who are looking for a durable and reliable generator for your home, Firman W03083 3000 Watt is one of the recommended products as it offers many kinds of benefits. First, it can handle kinds of house appliances such as microwaves, air conditioners, lightbulbs and many others. Besides, it is pretty easy to use with a user-friendly control panel and well performance. 

2. Firman P03601 3650 Watt

P03601 3650 Watt

The second recommended product is suitable for RV camping activities or job sites. Besides, it is also a compatible generator to back up the whole electrical appliances at home. Firman P03601 3650 Watt could last up to 14 hours depends on the use. Another interesting thing about this product is that it contains unique and useful features such as the oil indicator and the built-in multi-monitor system to indicate the voltage used.

3. Firman W01781 2100 Watt

W01781 2100 Watt

Firman W01781 2100 Watt is a portable generator that makes it easy to carry. It is also one of the best generators for small to mid scales appliances such as laptops, phones and speakers, chainsaws, drills, and boats. The built-in muffler makes it work without producing any disturbing noises. Its parallel ability enables the generator to produce double power when connected to other generators. 

4. Firman H03651 4550

Firman generators H03651 4550

Looking for an ideal generator for outdoor activities? Firman H03651 4550 is designed with an open-frame feature that makes it a great generator for supporting outdoor usage. Another main point from this generator is that is a fuel-type generator that works for both propane and gas. As a result, it would last up to 14 hours. 

5. Firman H03652 4550

Firman H03652 4550

Firman H03652 4550 features the Whisper Series Muffler and Phoenix FatHead Block for its quiet and durable machine. Not only easy to set up, but this model also offers a great design with an emergency feature. In other words, it would run either with propane or gasoline. It is one of the most durable generators with 14 hours long run time which becomes a perfect choice for tailgating and camping activities. 

Those are the important things you need to know about Firman generators. If you need more information dealing with the order and shipping, directly go to the official page to book your chosen model and consult with the customer service officer. 

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