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Things You Should Know Prior to Purchase Honda Generators

Honda generators have set a high bar for the standard of independent power-supply units, by offering an array of quality product models with advanced features. These units are able to function as best as you want for various kinds of usage.

Honda generators

Honda is a legendary and trustworthy name, so there is no doubt that they put out ideal lineups of backup electrical sources. All of the models come with Honda 4-stroke engine in GC, iGX, or GX series that have earned their own reputation for being extremely fuel efficient, smooth, and silent.

What Is The History Behind Honda Generators?

The history of Honda as a whole started from a very longtime ago. Honda brand was founded by Soichiro Honda just a while after World War II had ended. Around 1953, which wasn’t until a decade after, he started to create simple engine for power generation. It was not until 1965 that Honda launched a portable generator, extremely rare equipment back then. It was E300 – that crafted by using fundamental concept of “Making things that haven’t been existed before priory”. This has become a philosophy even by Honda’s current generator series. E300 became successful product back then, earned more than 500,000 times of purchase.

However, it is worth to note that Honda actually had developed a portable generator earlier called E40 as the prototype of the future type. This unit already had lightweight quality and many more innovation technically. The E40 never hit the marketplace. It possibly due to the imperfect timing that didn’t allow a safe move for mass production.

What Are the Available Series of Honda Generators?

Almost all over the world have used Honda generators. The supplies come from Europe, North America, and various countries. They are shipped across the world like China, Japan, India, Thailand, France, and USA.

The broad lineups of generator unit models are targeted for wide range of needs, including power source in times in emergency times such as power outage and disasters, professional requirements such as construction, and leisure activities in outdoor area such as camping or tailgating.

Read about different series of Honda generators in the list below:

  1. Economy series

In this series, you’d be able to get generators that specifically made for residential and commercial purposes. They don’t have austere features due to relatively simple power requirements, but offer cost-saving benefit and enough reliability. The units in these series have capability to generate 4,000W to 6,500W.

  1. Industrial series

The generators that included in this series cater to heavy-duty demand and have ranked as the top products by companies and rentals. They come with full 3-year warranty. The units can provide electrical power that ranges from 3,000W to 10,000W, make them ideal for industrial purpose.

  1. Super Quiet series

With silent feature as its biggest advantage, the Honda generators series are perfect to use for domestic and recreational usage. They produce power between the ranges of 1,000W to 6,500W.

Why You Should Choose Honda Generator?

Here are some reasons why Honda generator makes the best possible choice in the marketplace:

Diversity of usage

The generator units from Honda each have a function for a specific application. Different person has different power needs, conditions, and purposes, such as emergency power for household, recreational uses for boating, RV, tailgating, or camping, or industrial usage like rental or construction jobs. That’s why it’s important to consider several factors when making buying decision.

Low noise level

Honda generator is famous with their silent performance. If you need an ultimately silent generator unit, then the company provides the series of Super Quiet generators. They have inverter technology and fully framed body, which make them able to run with noise level as low as 49 dBA to 60 dBA (equal to normal conversation).

Longer running time and better fuel efficiency

The recent ground-breaking advancement from Honda generators is the Eco-Throttle feature. This exclusive attribute lets the engine adjust its speed to suit with power demand automatically – resulting in optimum fuel efficiency. Due to this extreme efficiency regarding the fuel, the units can boast running time as long as twenty hours straight by using only a single gasoline tank. Another incredible feature from Honda is Auto Throttle, which able to raise RPM (Revolution per Minute) automatically when a user applies particular amount of load to the generator and make it reduce the RPM when a user lessens the load.

Cleaner power output

Having the engine produce consistent power is highly important, because unstable power may damage the unit or make its operation stopped suddenly. There are several features that Honda generators have such as Inverter Technology, Cyclo Converter, or Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). These features allow generator to yields clean power in order to make it possible to connect to sensitive devices like mobile phones or computers.

High craftsmanship quality and durability

It is critical to look for reliable and high-quality generator when you’re about to buy one. All of the components have to be made and put together well. Generators that produced by Honda has earned a deserving reputation for being durable and reliable. Each of them is using material with best quality and has been thoroughly tested.

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Are Honda Generators Worth It?

Honda has been and will continue to develop their immense generator lineups with enhanced and high value features. For the current times, their goal is to present user-friendly products but with exceptional grade, which is the reason why they have focused massively on putting out compact, silent, and portable, yet durable and sturdy generators that will suit well with sensitive electronic devices.

Purchasing a generator is quite a big investment for most people, so make sure that you do full research over the product. Don’t leave out service support and spare parts as your considerations when making decision. Each one of Honda generators come with trusted dealer network and extensive warranty to provide you only the best out of the products and services that comes with it.

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