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Wen Generators with Reliable Features And Budget-Friendly

Wen Generators – If you happen to read a review about WEN generators below, it’s very likely that you will be looking for a generator from the same brand. But maybe there’s a little bit of doubt whether this brand is the ideal one to be purchased. To clear the doubt, we have compiled everything you need to know about this generator brand, from its distinguishing features to its strengths and weaknesses.

Who Manufactures WEN Generators?

WEN generators

WEN is one of the most prominent brands of generators. This American manufacturer got its fame by combining equipment and electricity. Their research and development team had a crucial role in producing a range of popular household tools such as electric jigsaw, chainsaw, sharpener, and many more.

Apart from that, WEN has also applied the advancement of technology to their tools. Now, the versatility of WEN generators has increased to encompass a vast range of industrial appliances such as air compressors, grinders, hand equipment, and many more.

Where are WEN Generators Made?

All the components of WEN generators are manufactured in China. It’s also widely known that the motors are the same as those used in generators made by a major brand, Yamaha.

Even so, WEN is an American manufacturer established by Nick Anton. The headquarters are based in Illinois, US. According to their mission, they aim to help all craftsmen around the globe to execute their creativity.

Top 5 WEN Generators

To meet the demands, WEN generators have released five different units:

1. WEN GN9500: This unit has 6 gallons of a gas tank and can until 7,5 hours of the half-full tank.

2. WEN GN4750: This unit has 4 gallons of the fuel tank and is able to run until 10 hours of the half-full tank.

3. WEN 56380i: This unit has 2,2 gallons of the fuel tank and can run until 8,5 hours of the half-full tank.

4. WEN GN9500: This unit has 6 gallons of the tank and is able to run until 7,5 hours of the half-full tank.

5. WEN 6000: This unit has 3,4 gallons of the fuel tank and is able to run until 7,5 hours of the half-full tank.

Each of the models has unprecedented performance and design. It’s because the manufacturer using OHV engines to make their generators give the best performance.

The one thing that everyone will love from this brand is that all the five generator models will automatically turn off when the oil is low. This feature is able to reduce the chance of damage to the unit. 

Features of WEN Generators

  • Nearly all the models of WEN generators have strong frames and has a pair of wheels. There are just a few manufacturers that produce generators with a wheel kit. The non-flat tires are able to buy separately.
  • Some of the units come with a spark arrestor that is able to suppress the noise levels.
  • Each model has the capability to produce a wattage output of about 1250 watts up to 13000 watts, which is excellent for any home or industrial appliances.
  • A digital VFT meter is also available on several models that can be used to check the units’ frequency, voltage, and runtime.
  • Some of the recent models come with a versatile feature where the users are able to change the units’ fuel.
  • Nearly all the WEN generators are also CARB compliant. However, some models don’t have a CARB certificate, so they are illegal to be sold in California.

Is WEN a Good Generator Brand?

WEN made a number of generators with much more affordable prices compared to some of their counterparts with the same size in terms of price. The most expensive model is around $1600 and $200 for the most economical one.

The average cost for each model is approximately $540. Besides the affordable price, WEN also offers two years guarantee for the portable models. Even the best models have a minimum 90-day guaranteed period.

Although WEN gives longer or shorter warranty periods, they always prefer to make each generator functional but simple. This makes their products have reliable quality and performance.

It’s rare to find WEN generators with complex features that will otherwise raise their products’ prices. Most of their generators come with primary features that everyone wants in a simple and reliable power generator.

In terms of quality and efficiency, WEN generators can also be trusted. All the models come with a well-designed and robust frame to prevent any loose parts. The only disadvantage of having an open frame is that the units can be really loud. But some models have an eco-mode to lower the noise.

Why Buy a WEN Generator?

If affordability is your main concern, then WEN generators will surely make an excellent investment. These power generators have very low noise level in normal operation and have easy maintenance.

But if you are planning to purchase an emergency power either for your home or other electrical power when traveling, camping, or working in the harsh environment, all the generators made by WEN above can give everything you need. By using their portable generators, everyone will find a perfect solution for all kinds of power needs. Each unit is compact, well-built, and has vital features to fit all types of users.

The downside of generators manufactured by WEN is that some of the units are not CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified. Consequently, some non-CARB compliant products will not be accessible in California. It is also illegal to use them in several areas, such as forests or national parks.

That is not without reason. A number of generators from the WEN manufacturer are illegal to be operated in open space due to the amount of sound level when the unit is running. Also, the pollutant emissions level of the generators can be harmful to the environment.  That particular issue is not something to make the WEN generators are excluded from the list of the most recommended generators. Each generator model has reliable features with reasonable prices that make them an excellent solution for electrical needs.

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