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What You Have to Know about Portable Generator Shelter

What is a generator shelter? Generator shelter is keeping a generator inside, to make it safer and expand the generator durability. It helps prevent such pollution. Besides pollution, generator shelters also help to avoid termites. Among every type of shelter for generators, there is a portable generator shelter, which is pretty common lately for the public. For its functionality and flexibility. Now, what do you have to know about a portable shelter for generators?

What Is The Importance of A Portable Generator Shelter: Function

A generator shelter shall shield your generator from any pollution to weather conditions. It prevents raindrops on generators which can cause electrical damage and corrosive, or clouds of dust that make overheating engines.

portable generator shelter

Seeing there, a material of shelter should be waterproof, such as aluminum or steel, the one that should be inflammable and resistant towards rust. At the very least, a shelter should be protective towards generators from rain, snow, wind, and outside heat.

Also, the better generator shelter can prevent rats and pests from the generator. Rats and pests are dangerous animals since they can eat wires and cause damage to the engine or the motor.

How to Choose the Best Portable Shelter for Generator

First, the shelter should be portable and flexible for placing. Better if it is easily packed in case you need to move it somewhere. But, do not forget that however, it is important to keep your shelter thick and strong thus not easily damaged. For example, is a portable tent shelter. It is compact, since it is a tent, yet it was made thickly to protect a generator.

A shelter should also be able to reduce the noise of the generator. A generator tends to make loud noises when it comes to working. A good quality shelter usually has a part of voice reducing that stops and reduces noises.

Then, if you are looking for good shelter for your generator, try to find a shelter that has cooling properties or ventilation properties. At least, you can find an air hole around the shelter as an air circulation gate. It is very important since a too small air circulation around the generator will cause an overheated engine thus major damage.

Tips if You Are Going to Get One

If you need a custom-built generator shelter, it is important to take a closer look at its: utility, size, and shape.

Your generator should work properly and be made from a good material since it will be a shield to your generator. Also, it should be bigger than your generator so that the generator can easily be accessed and put in, but not too big that it will be hard to carry somewhere.

Last but not least is the shape of the generator shelter, a box shelter shall do better than the tent one if you are only using it around your dwell place. But if you are a traveler with a generator, it is really important to get the tent shelter instead.

What Should You Get When You Buy a Generator Shelter?

When you get to buy yourself a generator shelter, especially the portable one, what should you receive?

  1. First, is the right measurement size of the generator shelter. You will want your generator to fit inside the shelter easily but not too big since space will be useless. When you buy a shelter, especially from online stores, make sure it is the right size just like what you ordered.
  1. Next is a good amount of ventilation or air circulation spot. Air circulation spots or holes should be enough to let out heat air, yet not too exposed to raindrops or other weather conditions.
  1. A sound-reducing shelter Your shelter should be the first barrier to your generator’s loud noises. Especially when your generator is older and making more and more sound. If you get yourself a thin and easily pick up shelter, compact, and beautiful designed but it does not reduce noises, you just lost an important feature,
  1. Your shelter should be easy to install, that you can do it all by yourself, even though with a little help from YouTube. We are talking about portable shelters that should be compact. Imagine traveling with a hard-to-install shelter. Most of your travel time will be wasted on setting the shelter.
  1. The shelter should be equipped with good security. For example, the exhaust fans should be guarded with a cage that will protect your hand if you are trying to fix the generator one day. The wire place should also be guarded with something inside the shelter, to prevent electricity struck. Security should not only be inside but also the outside, such as strong locks, to prevent thieves from stealing your generator.
  1. Aside from everything, make sure you get a shelter that has good durability and of course, affordability. Make sure you get what you pay for and not spend bucks on something that is not worth it.

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Can You Design Your Shelter?

But if you are on a budget, or just have a lot of free time, you might be asking, “Can I Design my generator shelter?” well, you can.

The very first thing to do is to design the shelter. What do you want it to look like? Is it going to be a tent? Is it going to be a box? Where can you put a door to access the generator?

Then, design on the anti-theft locks and features. What kind of locks do you want? In which door are you going to put the locks? Is it the same for every door?

Do not forget to also put or mark a place in the design of where you are going to install an exhaust fan.

Last but not least is the material of the shelter. What do you want? Is it inflammable? rust-resistant? waterproof? too light to carry? When it is all done, you can order it to customize shelter online.

And that is it! Important things about portable generator shelter you have to know.

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