What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Westinghouse Generator

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Westinghouse is one of the pioneering generator company that has been making a lot of advancement in the industry since as far as 1886. The manufacturing company itself was founded in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, by George Westinghouse. It has developed and patented over 28,000 electrical inventions and installations, including Westinghouse generator, across the United Stated of America and overseas.

westinghouse generator

For more than 150 years, the company has provided high-quality, reliable, and innovative products consistently, including outstanding customer service. It has joined the list of world’s household name and most trusted brand due to the combination of solid reliability and ground-breaking technology.

Aside from Westinghouse generator, there are also a wide range of innovating products, including smart temperature system that’s equipped with wireless control from smartphone devices, to HD televisions that set new standard in terms of performance and prices.

Manufacturing Locations of Westinghouse Generators

The first line of Westinghouse generator was launched back in 2018, by being backed up by the manufacturer’s experience in power industry for more than a hundred years. The models are designed and manufactured at Ohio facility, in Columbus to be exact.

Now they have produced various types of generator including portable, inverter, and dual-fuel generators. The generator models are still designed in USA to these days, but they’re being made at either China or Vietnam, to be sold at other countries all over the world.

Reasons to Choose Westinghouse Generators

There is a reason why Westinghouse as a company has thrived for more than one and a half century in industry with tight competition. Their products are made to be highly durable, user-friendly, and trustworthy. They have a reputation that hard to match up to by other competitors.

As a brand with solid credit to its name, here are some reasons to take into your consideration, as of why choosing Westinghouse generator might be the best way to go for you:

  1. The company has been a dependable brand in power generation industry for 150 years with a lot of experience.
  2. The generator lineup is developed to deliver better advancement and higher power.
  3. The models of their generators are designed with ergonomic and iconic look, which you can recognized at glance by looking at the combination of blue and black colors.
  4. The engines are made based on extensive research and development.
  5. They provide great and credible customer service.

Westinghouse Generator Products

Here are three types of Westinghouse generator that available on the market now:

1. Portable Generators

To suit with their purpose, portable generators have conventional open-frame design and features. They come with 4-stroke OHV engine and alternator unit. There are display information and LED indicators on control panel. To avoid overload, these generators are protected by main circuit breaker, whereas the generator cords, extension cords, and appliances are protected by separate outlets breakers. They have sensor for low-oil and automatic shut-down to prevent harm, mufflers to lessen produced noise, and exhaust system to prevent fire.

Build with durability and portability in mind, the Westinghouse generator models are designed with strong tubular frame and wheel kit. They all have accommodated with EPA and CARB so the generators are able to be sold and delivered to all states in USA.

2. Inverter Generators

Inverter generators from Westinghouse represent the most recent technology advancement in the world of generator by being fuel-efficient, incredibly quiet, and environmentally friendly. These make the brand really hard to be matched.

In average, most portable generators in North America power electronics, tools, appliances, and lightings by producing 60 Hz frequency and sine wave. They have to run at simultaneous 3,600 RPM to do so. Inverter generators yield almost-perfect waveform at demanded frequency with slightest distortion. The engine works at enough speed to generate required power by the current load, instead of using simultaneous speed. The Westinghouse generator engine’s speed match with increased loads, so it runs slower when you only use minimum load – which results in more durability, less fuel, and less noise.

3. Dual-Fuel Generators

Dual-fuel generators allow you to switch between gasoline and propane easily. The owners must have their own propane tank, or tank that is used on gas grill.

These high-technology generators have automatic voltage control called AVR. They also powered by 4-stroke OHV engines that provide fuel efficiency. The engine controls its speed as well as regulates the frequency. Just like their siblings, they come with low oil sensor and automatic shut off, along with overload protection at the breakers.

Dual-fuel Westinghouse generator models are already EPA and CARB compliant. Upon purchase, you will receive LP tank controller, battery and battery charger for models with electric start mechanism and remote transmitter for models with capability of remote start system.

Top 6 Westinghouse Generators

Features of Westinghouse Generator

Below are some of the best features that posed by most Westinghouse generator types and models:

1. Engine

The generators are accompanied with exclusive engine from Westinghouse brand. They are all created as 4-stroke, OHV (overhead valve), and purpose-based engines that comply with most countries’ standards of EPA emission.

2. Weight

The generators from Westinghouse are created to be some of the most lightweight in their respective categories. For example, 2,500W models can be easily lifted one person. To support portability, they have ergonomic handles (with multiple carrying spots for heavier models) and wheels kit. For the weight value for each model, you might refer to the detail information of specific generator at Westinghouse official site.

3. Noise level

Nearly all the generators produced by Westinghouse don’t produce unnecessary level of noise – but it’s especially the inverter generators. These models come with eco-throttle switch, sound mufflers, and double-insulated covers to make the engine operate silently at 51 dBA. It is barely audible and more silent than normal conversation at that level.

Most Westinghouse generator models get 4 out of 5-star ratings and an ample of positive reports, which make them amongst the best-rated products on the market. They are supported by excellent customer service and network of supports, as well as 3-year warranty. Above all, affordability is one of the best strengths of this company – that means you get great deals and money-value when buying their products.


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