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Why You Should Have a Generator Wheel Kit for Portable Generator?

Talking about wheel kits for generators, some people do not think about it while looking for a portable unit, or they simply did a second thought about it. Either way, it’s necessary to give some serious considerations to how essential a generator wheel kit is. However, not every manufacturer equips the units with wheel kits and need to be purchased separately. In this article, you will learn why wheel kits are critical for your device and what the best wheel kits available in the market.

What is Generator Wheel Kit?

While a fair number of manufacturers produce portable and lightweight generators, only few units have smooth-rolling tires that make you able to transport the device to wherever you want to go without hassle.

A set of wheel kit usually comes with four wheels and a steel handle. Some products also have rubber feet for stable positioning. It also already includes nuts, bolts, and other specific items you will require. Some sets are also pre-assembled so that the users will only need to load the portable generator and pull it anywhere to go.

Why Do We Need Generator Wheel Kits?

Even some of the most portable generators available in the market today will still weigh a lot, let alone when the units are filled with gasoline. That is why you should take into account a generator wheel kit when you plan to buy a new generator.

Even if the device is relatively light and has a compact design and already equipped with two sets of wheels and a handle, purchasing a wheel kit may be a useful addition if you would like to move your portable over a long distance. Additional accessories such as wheel sets for portable generators are available in order to make the transport of the device more manageable.

How to Choose Wheel Kits for Portable Generators

Purchasing a generator wheel kit can be a bit tricky. Many of these wheel kits are not suitable for any portable power-generating devices but are instead specifically manufactured for one particular brand or model. This is reasonable since the majority of generators come in a wide range of designs, styles, framing, as well as bracing.

To help you choose the right wheel kit for your generator, here are several factors you need to take into consideration:

1. Convenience

Convenience means a great deal to consumers in today’s rapidly changing world. This is the concept which also encourages many manufacturers to produce a set of extra attachments for their portable generator.

As a consumer, you can see how some of those manufacturers manifest the notion of how they create the wheel kits with heavy duty structures and never-flat tires that are bigger to help you transport the unit over rough surface. Some only features two large tires and some come with four free-flat wheels.

Some wheel kits come with plastic tires, and while it will never flat out, these types of wheels can be a tough trip over the rocky surface. On the contrary, pneumatic wheels will give you a smoother trip, but this one is prone to flat tires.

Be that as it may, there should be no doubt that both types of wheel kits will definitely make an excellent addition to your generator. Dragging the unit out of the storeroom, pulling it around the house or lugging it up into the vehicle will be much more convenient.

2. Safety

Safety is the next important factor to keep into account when purchasing a generator wheel kit. When you decide to transport the generator, the unit is less likely will be damaged by tip-overs, drops, and so on once you installed a right wheel kit. Opt for wheel kits that come with rubber feet and 10-inch flat tires. This will protect the unit from any kind of damage when you pull it around and place it on an uneven surface. 

Best Wheel Kits for Any Portable Generators

1. All Terrain Wheel Kit

All Terrain Wheel Kit

If you already have a Honda EU3000is portable generator, then this wheel kit will make a great addition to your device. The generator is relatively heavy, and it is a total pain to move it around without additional wheels.

As the name implies, All Terrain Wheel Kit comes with large tires and ideal for all kinds of rocky terrain. The package contains all the essential items you need. However, the downside of this wheel set is that you will not be able to steer these wheels.

2. Champion Wheel Kit

Champion Wheel Kit

This generator wheel kit is specifically coming for Champion portable generators. It is also one of the best generator wheel kits available in the market. The frame and tires are coming from sturdy materials so that it can handle nearly all types of surfaces.

This wheel kit also features 8-inch never-flat tires and a flexible handle that can be folded when the device is not in use. In addition, the kit is relatively easy to install and fits nicely with the Champion portable generators.

3. DuroStar Wheel Kit

DuroStar Wheel Kit

For your existing Durostar generator, this wheel kit will make an ideal option. It has a very convenient pull handle that makes it much easier to move the generator around the place. Coming with two sets of free-flat wheels, this generator kit works perfectly fine on any type of surface.

The DuroStar Wheel Kit is also relatively affordable. If you intend to buy a Durostar portable generator, you should have no second thought about purchasing this wheel kit. 

4. PowerBoss Portable Generator Wheel Kit

PowerBoss Portable Generator Wheel Kit

Looking for universal wheel kits is challenging. However, this wheel kit is perfectly suitable not only for PowerBoss portable generators, but also for other brands, including Generac and Duromax. This is a fairly universal generator kit which is likely to fit a compact generator of average size. However, it is always important to make sure it matches your existing generator. A large range of wheel kits is relatively easy to install, especially those specially designed for specific brands. This guarantees you will not need to change or adjust the generators on the generator wheel kit you purchased.

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